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Thursday, March 31, 2005

And so the fun begins...!

As of today there are 46 days left to this school year, and now is when the fun begins. Yesterday I attended the team leader meeting, where we were given the requesite information on paperwork needed, deadlines for such, etc. I gave each of my team members a 4 page list of what we have coming up. All of a sudden I (we) feel so overwhelmed. What happened to that promise by the school district that our paperwork load would be diminished? HAH! On a good, a GREAT note... I thought I would have to qualify not retaining MANY of my students who were not meeting the criteria for promotion. These are ESOL (English speakers of Other Languages) children who have learned so much, speak English fairly well, but still think in their languages. Their comprehension and expressive language skill are below that of other students. So I tested them in one of the categories that promotion is based on and...THEY DID GREAT!! I was so happy...I cried! I just have three students who will might not quite meet the criteria, but who definitely don't need to be in kindergarten again, so I will submit their names to the committee and qualify their need to be promoted.
I had planned to leave school by 3 today to take care of my phone, but after the meeting with my team ran until 3:15, I had to set up my room for April, which begins tomorrow. I've decided to go into the school on Saturday (yuck) to catch up on things, and THEN I can go to the phone store.
Tomorrow is one of my team members last days in kindergarten. He was the interim sub for Shawn, who is returning to work on Monday. Therefore, we are having a short little Thank You get together for Julio. Just our team, the administrators and the specials teachers who worked with his class. We chipped in for a nice Barnes and Noble GC and I bought a Carvel Cake (bet you would love to have some of this, Alison - I know it's your favorite).
What a nice night we had tonight. We met my cousins on the Avenue at one of our favorite restaurants where we eat outside. It was a nice, leisurely dinner. Afterward we walked down the Avenue, which here in Delray Beach is almost always busy with people, but especially on Thursday night. We stopped to watch the Elvis impersonator at Elwood's, a local outdoor biker/local hangout. Then we browsed a few shops and followed the guys to the cigar shop. My cousin Donnie brought Gerry a cigar, for which Gerry was delighted. They have "bonded" over their mutual habit.
When I got home I read Alison's blog ( She wrote about two packages she received, one from her SP4 and one from me. She wrote such lovely things about me, it made my whole week!!! Thank you, sweetheart!
I offered a bunch of books to people in my FiberRAOK group and all but one have been requested. I am mailing out the last 3 packages tomorrow. I felt so good being able to RAOK people with things they will like.
OY - I am tired, so I am off to sleep. Busy weekend...what else is new!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just When You Think You're Almost Done!

I eagerly went to my SnB group Tuesday night. I had questions about the two projects I was working on. First...the half sweater. I was unsure of how to decrease the sleeve. Judy, the proprietor of the store where our group meets, made a correction on the pattern and I started the sleeve. I got half way through and it looked weird...the "body" looked too short, the sleeve - too wide. So we determined that I needed a thinner sleeve, 7 " instead of 9" wide. So....a froggin' I did go! Then I remeasured the "body" was 2 inches too short. Now I have to open the bind-off and add those two inches before I start the sleeve. Ya know how you work on something and then it becomes unappealing? Well, I am no longer thrilled to do this but I did buy the yarn and so will have to persevere. NEXT!!!! My WOW! chenille cardigan. I am working on the left front, have done all the decreases and the instructions tell me to work it up w/o any more increasing for 8 1/4 inches. But the front is already longer than the back. So...Judy said to take off about 3 or 4 rows (so the front will equal the back), as it appears to measure 8 1/4 inches already. HOWEVER....I now see that if I do that, I will be INCREASING the stitches on the front shoulder (because those last 3 or 4 rows have decreases). I think I should open the back and make it a little longer!!! OY - I HATE problems like this!!!

Another bummer! I loaned my size 15 birch needles that are 9" long to a coworker who was planning to start knitting funky scarves. She returned from our spring break with the news...she lost them! Left them on the airplane with her work still on it. As a consolation, she bought size 15 bamboo needles that are about 14 inches long. A nice thing to do but I LOVED my little needles. Then she asked if I would pick up the SMALL needles for her when I went to my SnB group. And of course, I did. They were the same as the ones she lost. I was going to get myself another pair but I do have the size 15 that she gave me and didn't want to lay out another $10 for mine. I wish she had just offered me the money so I could get myself a pair of the 9" needles!

I wish that I had a picture of some of the scarves that the women at the group are making. They are GORGEOUS....they use about 8 - 10 different textured yarns in fabulous colors. The yarns cost about $125, but the work is just so beautiful. I would love to make myself one but 1) I don't go out to places where I would wear something like that 2) and so why would I want to pay that kind of money. But oh, I so admire the scarves. And these are women who are BEGINNERS!!!!

On a good daughter Alison called to tell me that she got the results of her MRI on her knees. She thought that she might need surgery on both knees but the dr. said that while she has a cartiledge tear, she does not need surgery, just therapy. And she can continue with all her activities...running, skiing, biking, etc. That's good news! Tonight Suzzette, my step-daughter, left a message that on Monday she has a dr. appointment to have a high definition ultrasound done to check on her baby and to determine the baby's gender. Can't wait!!

More on the phone saga....I stopped into Circuit City today to switch the phone info from my old phone into my new one. As I waited for service, I looked at the phones NEW phone, that I just received yesterday, is $100 cheaper. AND....they have a newer model for the same price as mine!! It has a better camera, speakerphone and higher capabilities and features. I called my cellular company and after explaining the situation I was told that I could send mine back, purchase the newer model and it would all be equal. However, the man in the store could NOT do the deed because, since we have OnStar connected to our service, I have to go to a retail store and have their customer care dept take care of it. So....more time spent tomorrow on this. I should let it go, pretend that I had the phone for over the 15 day exchange period,'s the PRINCIPAL of the matter. Sometimes I wonder how I even live with myself. Gerry? He just thinks I'm a bit nuts!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Doggone Good Weekend (mostly)

What a nice weekend! It was so good to be back from our mini-vacation, just to be able to do things around town. On Thursday afternoon I got to go with my step-daughter Suzzette to help her register at Babies R Us. She is due in August. Her mom lives in Atlanta, so I felt honored being asked to help out.

On Friday I just did errands but got alot done. Friday night we went to get Gerry's new cell phone programmed at the cell phone store. We both had a 2 yr.contract with the provision to get a $100 allowance toward a new phone at the end of the contract. Gerry had his eye on a Samsung i600 that works in conjunction with his laptop to do scheduling, etc. I love my phone but had wanted a camera phone. I hemmed and hawed, looked at all the phones (for the third time), and had the manager help with the comparisons. I started to get excited about getting a new phone and finally decided on one. When it was my turn, the woman did all the calculations and then told me that the cost was $200. With the allowance, I knew it was supposed to cost $150 (then get a $50 mail-in rebate). When I questioned the price, the woman told me that because I had switched to the FAMILY PLAN last August, only one of us gets the $100 allowance. I was NEVER told this when I switched to the family plan. I was told the only change would be the minutes and joint payment. The manager said, "we can't give you $100 allowance on a $9.95 phone" (the cost of picking up an EXTRA phone on the family plan). I did not pay $9.95....I had bought this phone two years ago. I was furious...smoke came out of my ears, I am sure I felt it. I apologized to the woman, noting that it wasn't her fault, but I felt I was being cheated. she and the manager looked at me as if to say, "sorry, there isn't a thing we can do." So I walked out (furious!!!!). I got into the car, did some deep breathing (LaMaze comes in handy even after 23 years) and called my cell phone company. I apologized up front, because I was sure my voice was upset, and then explained to the woman on the phone what my problem was. She was SOOOO nice. She listened, and then spoke to the supervisor on my behalf. Now, as I was hanging on, Gerry said, "Hon, just take the phone and you can have MY $100 allowance." But that wasn't the point...I work hard for my money and so does he and I didn't want to be cheated out of each of us getting the allowance. Now, of course, he was getting a little upset but didn't say too much. We all know that if he was in my position, HE would be furious too. The woman came back and said that I could have the phone, minus the $100 allowance, and they would take off the $50 rebate right then and there (good, I hate waiting for it in the mail). They are FEDEXing the phone to me and I should have it by Monday. The only thing I did that wasn't smart was to take myself OFF the Family would cost me so much more for minutes usage. So when I get my phone I will call up and put myself back onto the plan, this time KNOWING that in two years I do NOT get the $100 allowance (although Gerry promised to let me use his at that time as well).'s just the principle of the matter!! (Right, Alison??)

Saturday we had no plans, so I did some things around the house and then went to the gym, walking 45 minutes no the treadmill (puff, puff). We got our tax return so went out to dinner, then returned home so Gerry could set up his new toy, I mean, phone.

Today was Easter, and although I am Jewish and don't celebrate Easter, I have always gone to or made Easter dinner (having been married to and now married to ...Irishmen!). I made a delicious (if I say so myself) dinner...fresh ham, gravy, white and sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus, & salad. Suzzette, Brian, Mom, and our friend/tenent Steve joined us. Well, not really us at first, for Gerry spent almost ALL DAY with tech support for his phone. But it was still a lovely day, ending with Gerry, Mom and I going for ice cream (no, I didn't really splurge...mine was one scoop of low fat, no sugar, but good tasting chocolate ripple. And so....back to work tomorrow...yuck!

I was so busy, I didn't knit at all this weekend. But tomorrow is another day, and so I will begin again on my WOW! chenille cardigan, and on Tuesday, at my SnB group, I can get assistance on working the sleeves on my half-sweater.

Oh, yes...this morning I made the Dog Biscuits that Karen, Alison's mother-in-law and my e-mail buddy, sent to me for Valentine's Day. It was so easy to do and they came out great. The dogs loved them! Thanks, Karen!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Orlando Vacation

We started our vacation, as I wrote about before, in The Villages. Here are Becca and Phil in front of their new truck. It's a beauty and SOO comfortable. It certainly didn't feel like a truck, and I was sitting in the backseat. Aren't they cute?

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After lunch we went for a walk through the shopping area in The Villages, and they were having a sidewalk sale. There was only one place that interested me....the yarn store. Outside they were selling yarn in zip-loc bags, so I bought this one. It's called Reynold's Paris...80% Viscose (whatever THAT is), 20% cotton, 50 grams. I have NO idea what I will use it for...I just thought it was pretty

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A day well spent in Universal. We went on almost every attraction we wanted to....Back to the Future (which I have been on many times before) and Shrek 4-D had lines that were just too long to wait on. We did get to ride The Mummy!, which is a roller coaster inside, and was great!

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On Tuesday night we went back to Universal CityWalk. Most restaurants were wait-listed for 2 1/2 hours...NOTHING is worth that wait. So we were able to dine in Pastamores, a good Italian restaurant, and only waited 10 minutes to get in. Afterward we went clubbing...sat and listened to music in Bob Marley's Reggae club, listened to the piano players in Pat O'Brian's (a replica of the one in New Orleans), danced in City Jazz (first ones on the floor, and then others joined us), and dancing in Margarettaville (Jimmy Buffet's place) and once again we were the first on the dance floor, giving others the courage to get up and have some fun. Had a delicious raspberry margaretta. It wasn't strong at gums never got numb, as they usually do after just 1 drink ( which is one reason why I don't usually drink)

I got LOTS of knitting done on this trip - in the car, watching tv, in the car. Here is the back of my chenille cardigan. I also finished most of the left front side. My only complaint about using this yarn (WOW! by SIRDAR) is that the cut end of the chenille frays and little fibers come off onto everything. But the knitted garment is SOOO soft and looks so pretty. Can't wait to finish it. I did do the back of my half sweater but won't post a pix of it here cause it looks like NOTHING. When it's done, then I will post it.

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It is really nice to be home, though. Tonight we went to dinner and then to the movies to see The Upside of Anger with Kevin Costner. It was a really good movie about mother/daughter relationships (hmmm, think you might like to see this one, A. Talk about a difficult mother!!!) and it's also about how anger and bitterness affects one's life and relationships (hmmm, think H. should see it too).

Now, no apologies from me for being a mom tonight. Although the term "nagged" may be used by some, I did have to step in and request (not nag, request) that my daughter call the dr. because she hasn't been feeling good for a few days and nothing she has taken (over the counter stuff) hasn't helped (even the smoothies didn't soothie). So I gently pressed for her to call a dr. and perhaps get antibiotics. So, to please me (so she was really the little push she needed), my daughter called the dr.,  went in and was given strong cough medicine and an antibiotic. Hopefully she will get a good night's sleep and start to heal before she gets onto the ski slopes on Friday. Ok - listen, I can only do so much...she is, after all, an adult and cannot be told by me NOT to ski (although I really think she should stay in this weekend, but I'm not going to say a word, not one word!!).


Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh, Boy, Orlando!

How can you possibly NOT have a good time in Orlando? After two nights in The Villages - an entire senior CITY south of Ocala, we came to Orlando for a 3 night stay. This visit was MUCH needed after our ordeal of getting to the Villages. Now, the Villages is only about a 3 1/2 hour ride from our home in Delray Beach, but it took us 8 hours!!!! Why, you might ask? First, we hit traffic leaving Palm Beach County. Next, a dinner stop for an hour in Jupiter. We then headed up I95, intending to switch to the Turnpike around Ft, Pierce. Weeellll - we were so busy "playing" with our new car, chatting on the phone with family and friends, that we missed the one and only sign to the Turnpike. So we headed up I95 to the BeeLine Highway, which takes you across Florida from east to Orlando. As we rode the BeeLine, in the middle lane, we passed the ONE sign, right at the entrance to the Turnpike. Ok - we decided to get off at the next exit, John Young Pkwy, and find the Turnpike. Again, though we were headed in the right direction, no sign. So we stopped at a convenience store (Gerry is really good at stopping for directions).He came out a few minutes later with a confused look on his face. The guy behind the counter, while nice, had an accent so thick that Gerry barely understood him. However, we went in the direction that he was told. As we did, there was a sign for the Turnpike....but with no indication as to where it was. We drove about a mile past, then u-turned, stopped for directions again, and drove down the road. No sign indicated the street where we were to turn, so of course, we drove past it (by only 2 or 3 blocks), u-turned again and found the turn. YEA - onto the Turnpike. Now it's after 11 PM (we left Delray at 5:30). The last time we were at THe Villages we promised ourselves that we would try a different exit the next time we came up. SOOOO - of course, we chose this night to do it. We got off the exit after the usual one (not realizing that we should have gone TWO more exits). guessed it....we drove SO far out of the way...right route, wrong direction. After driving through BFE (beyond $@%#$@& eternity) we found I 75 (which at some point connects to the Turnpike) and got on it....GOING THE WRONG WAY. We were on our way to Tampa. And the exits are far apart....of course! Got off AGAIN and got back on, then off at the correct exit. Once again, we stopped at a convenience store for directions. Almost got lost with those as the woman gave the correct rte. number but the wrong landmark. So Ger saw a police station, went in and was given directions. Finally, we were on the right road. bad....we saw a sign that pointed to where we wanted to so, as an alternative, and I suggested we take it. YUP - out of the way AGAIN. 3 miles and a few turns later, we were on the right road and got to the house at 1:30 AM. Now all of this would have been wonderful for me if it were daylight and I could have continued knitting! Lucky for me, though, that Gerry, while annoyed and frustrated, didn't get nuts or really angry, and even laughed about it at times. Is this a mortal man??? He didn't seem so that night (thank goodness). The next morning, Gerry called On-Star, which our car is equipped with, and set up Directions and Connections, which assists you with directions from WHEREVER you may be. Boy, could we have used that Friday night. The rest of the visit at the Villages was great. My daughter Becca and her husband Phil joined us for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon with us. I just love being with my kids!
Back to Orlando. We arrived Sunday afternoon and in the evening we met Shawn one of my coworkers (kindergarten teacher) and his fiance, who were also in Orlando. We went to Dolly Parton's Dixieland Stampede. It was so much fun! We rooted for the North and the North won! Go Yankees! Afterward we all went for ice cream. And another coincidence...while talking, I mentioned that I used to work with BBYO (Bnai Brith Youth Organization) and that my kids were members. Turns out that Michelle, Shawn's fiance (who I have met on more than one occasion) was one of the kids when I was with BBYO. In fact, she remembers being at my house, knows Becca and many of the other kids we knew. One of those "kids" will be at Shawn and Michelle's wedding in May, which we are attending. SMALL WORLD!!!
Today we went to Universal Studios and went on several attactions. We only missed Shrek in 4D and Back to the Future (have seen that about 10 times anyway). A hint....for those rides that have the single rider feature....take that option. We did so and were either in the same car or one right after the other, and cut about 45 minutes off the wait.
A nice nap - man, were we tired (probably a left over from Friday night) and then dinner, followed by watching Meet the Fockers on the hotel TV. We had seen it in the movie theater but it's just as hysterical the second time around.
With the driving to and around Orlando I finished the back of my half sweater. Wish I could post a pix of it here but I don't have the capability to do so with Gerry's laptop so it will have to wait till I am home. I also forgot to bring the last skein of yarn so I am stuck with just completing what I have. However, I DID remember to pack chenille and needles for the WOW cardigan and have started that. I am halfway to completion of the back. I love the feel of it, but have to be pretty careful cause the chenille can fray/unravel if I pull too hard on the yarn. I am so excited about this cardigan. It feels so soft, and it's for ME!
Now it's almost 2 AM...see what a nap does to you? Who's tired? Ok, so Gerry is...he's already conked out. But not me, so I will have to read myself to sleep, which won't be easy as there is no lamp on my side. Maybe I can move the floor lamp closer. Hmmmm. I am finally getting past the middle of Sea Glass by Anita Shreve. I love her books but I am so busy on computer or knitting at night that I seldom read. So, enough talking. Time to take advantage of the quiet and free time. 'night!

Friday, March 18, 2005

What a WONDERFUL Coincidence!!

I was waiting for my package from Sockapalooza and it arrived today! As soon as I saw the return address, I had to laugh. My sock "pal" was none other than my daughter's friend Illana from Arizona. She was given my name by the Alison (knitsmits) who is in charge of Sockapalooza and Illana and my daughter Alison kept the secret the whole time. What makes it even funnier is that I was reading Illana's blog some time ago and  commented to her that I loved the socks she was making, as displayed on her blog. Those were the socks she sent to me!!! She also sent more of the same yarn and three adorable stitch markers, two that look just like my socks. How wonderful! I can't wait to do sockapalooza again!!!!!

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Gerry and I are heading to Central Florida RIGHT NOW! In the NEW CAR!!! I have my knitting packed, and another project, too, in case I finish the first. Tomorrow I get to see my younger daughter Bex and her  husband Phil - we are meeting for brunch near Leesburg. Gerry and I are spending 2 nights at his brother's house (ours for the using). Then Sunday we go to Orlando. My friend/coworker Shawn will be in Orlando with his fiance Michelle. They just called and asked to see us Sunday night. Since we are going to their wedding on May 1, I guess it would be nice for them to meet Gerry, huh? So I said yes, details to be worked out later.

Ok. ok.....listen, gotta go. Ger has the car parked, motor going....guess he's eager to get out of town. Me too! Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oh! What a Wonderful Show!

Tongiht we went to see the Broadway series show Oliver! at the Kravis Performing Arts Center. It was a wonderful production. Gerry had never even seen the movie so it was fresh for him. We first went to eat at a steak restaurant in CityPlace,  West Palm Beach, an area with many stores and restaurants. Then we walked back to the theater. We have a subscription this year and really good seats. We are debating as to whether or not we will renew it for next year. Any show that I don't want to see I can easily sell the tix at face value.

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We took the new car up and I got to make my first (2) phone calls using OnStar. It's hooked up with our Verizon cell phone accounts. So of course I called my daughters Becca (who was not home) and Alison (who called back). It's such a cool system - you press a button on the rearview mirror and the radio talks to you, asking what you want to do..."dial"...and the phone number. I love techology.

A big thank you to Noreen ( ) who is in the FiberRAOK that I am in. She offered to make a pair of socks to the person who wrote an "essay" that said why they are deserving of the socks, and I "won." She was so sweet about it and I am looking forward to getting a handmade pair of socks. Speaking of....I am also expecting my sockapalooza socks any minute now. My "pal" wrote and told me to expect them. I sent the broadripple pair off to my "pal," yesterday. Can't say more about that until I know that she received them. This is just so much fun!

Went to my SnB group yesterday and as always, had a good time. I started the half sweater using Debbie Bliss Angora Cotton. I tired out the bamboo needles but the yarn doesn't slide well on it. I switched to circular, which was ok, but when I came home I found that the aluminum was pretty good. I hope to finish it this weekend on our ride to Central Florida, for my spring break. I will also bring along yarn to start another project, maybe the chenielle cartigan by WOW! We have reservations to stay in Orlando Sunday night until Wednesday, but we are leaving Friday after work and staying at Gerry's brother's house in The Villages until Sunday. Becca and Phil will join us for brunch on Saturday...can't wait. I always love seeing my girls. Phil has a new Ford 150 pickup truck so we will introduce our new cars to each other.

Thursday is a half day for my students. After our little Spring party, they leave at noon and I get to go to lunch with my coworkers/friends. Then it's back to school to fill out report cards and do other things for my class. Friday morning is a 3 hour training (where I will sit, listen and knit), finish up in my room and for a week!!!! Gotta love teaching!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Last night at midnight I finished the second to the pair of broadripple socks for sockapalooza - right on time! I am not posting a pix because I already posted the picture of the first one finished, so just multiply that by 2. Tonight I start my half sweater using Debbie Bliss Angora Cotton.

Gerry is loving his new "toy." He set up OnStar and found out that it works with Verizon (our cell phone company)so we now have, in addition to each of our cell phones, a number for the car. The mike is in the rear view mirror and the voice of the person you are talking to comes out of the radio. How cool! I can't wait to try it out!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

AH!!! I love the smell of a new car in the morning (or at any other time). yup - you guessed it....we got a new car. Gerry has been talking about getting a sedan for some time now. He owns a Ford Explorer and I own a Sunfire Convertible (red, of course). Both our cars are free and clear. He decided to keep the Explorer as we use it for trips and he needs it for work sometimes. But the new car, also to be used for work, would get better mileage than the Explorer and....feel SO good! After spending some time at a local dealer yesterday and walking out when we didn't get the deal we wanted, we went to another one today, to a friend of a friend. This dealership is where I used to bring my car for servicing a few years ago and I like them alot. Bottom line...after 6 hours there, we drove out in a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I love the radio controls on the steering wheel (my car has that too). This car has satellite radio, so Ger can get his beloved baseball ALL THE TIME (except during Football season!

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It has OnStar tracking system - well, for a year. We'll see if we really want to keep it at the end of the year. The car is burgundy with beige leather seats, driver and front passenger seats heat (separate controls), 3.8L, 6 cylinder supercharged engine (VROOOM), driver side has power lumbar control...and we just found out that he can hook his Verizon phone up to the OnStar phone system so he will have a built-in hands free unit in the car. It was so cute to watch Gerry's face as he went thru the emotions...disappointment yesterday at not getting a car, anxiety today - should he buy it now or wait till summer?...excitement in test driving the car....frustration during the wait at the dealership....elation as he drove out with his new toy...I mean, car! I would like to take this mood, bottle it and save it for use one day in the future when he is not so cheery. To celebrate, we went to dinner (to Roadhouse - don't order hamburgers there...they are NOT as good as the steaks), then drove to show off the new toy to Suzzette, Gerry's daughter, and to our dear friends John and Melinda. Gerry has already decided that the car needs "breaking in," so we are taking it on the drive to Orlando next weekend for our little Spring break trip. One other good outcome from being at the dealer for all those hours...I almost finished the broadripple sock! I didn't waste one minute by just sitting there....kept my hands busy all the time!

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I have not posted for several days because, well...there is nothing new or exciting going on. Work is good, home is good, life is good. I am still working on my broadripple socks for sockapalooza. I hope to finish this weekend so I can meet the March 15 deadline for sending it out.

Last night we went to a restaurant in Boca Raton called Maggianos. It was opened in what was a movie theater, so it's quite large. As the name indicates, it's Italian food, but you can order individually or family style. We went with our friends, his grandmother and my mom. The food was FABULOUS. On the family style menu you get to order two of each course: appetizer, salad, pasta, entree, veggie (ordering veggies is $2.00/person extra, but our pasta and entree was with veggie so we didn't bother) and dessert. If you finish a platter and want more, all you need do is ask. And whatever is left on the table, you get tins to take it home. Needless to say, we all walked (or I should say, waddled) out of there stuffed to the gills, and with doggie bags! I was full until about now, and it's time for dinner!

Tonight we are attending the high school's annual Spring musical. They always put on a Broadway show and it really rivals Bdwy in sets, costumes and even talent. Tonight we will see Damn Yankees! I buy a row of 12 tickets and sell them to my friends and coworkers. They love the shows too. This year there is a new teacher in charge. I hope she does as well a job as the previous one, who finally retired this year after threatening to do so for the past 5 years.

Now I am off to cook supper, which is already prepared - just needs to be cooked. I like to make things as easy as possible when I can.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Do I sound bored? Well, I'm not really. Just that it was an uneventful day. Most people relish those days and I guess I should, too, but I actually like days when SOMETHING is going on. Work was problems, no excitement. I went to SnB tonight and worked on the mate to the Broadripple sock. There were a few new people at the group. We are a core of 4 women plus the two or three who work at the store (it's held at my LYS). Tonight there were two new women, both really nice. But it was quiet (Renee, our own personal funny lady, was not there)and we ended up leaving about 45 minutes than usual. So I came home, reheated what I didn't eat last night (and it was STILL good) and I am. See - uneventful...blah, blah, blah!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tonight Gerry, Mom and I went to the movies and saw a terrific one....The Diary of a Mad Black Woman. What fun! It ram the gamut of laugh (hysterically), cry and get angry, then you cry and laugh some more. I saw the stars of the movie on Oprah and decided that this was a must see, and I was not disappointed. So go ASAP to see this movie.

Tonight I am going to watch Halle Berry in Their Eyes Were Watching God, based on an Oprah book-pick. And while I am doing so, I plan to cast on and begin the second broadripple sock. I am loving it! ...but can't wait to finish so I can start on something for ME!

A Not Quite Relaxing Day!

Saturday started out to be a relaxing day. As you can see, even Rusty, the hyper-dog, was doing his best to get some R&R on the futon.

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Then we got a phone call from Gerry's son-in-law Brian that Suzzette was at the dentist for emergency teeth extraction. We drove right over...good thing, as I was needed for support. The dentist, who as a practitioner really knew his stuff, had a serious lack of bedside manner. First, he would not give Suzzette anything orally as she is pregnant...ok, good move. But he also would not prescribe any medication as he is not her doctor. Ok - another good move BUT it took Suzzette to explain to him that all he had to do was contact her ob-gyn for that option, which he reluctantly did. Now when I go to the dentist for painful work and need a shot to numb my gums, my dentist puts a topical ointment on the gums to numb it first. Well...this @&$^ didnt' and WOW! Suzzette hit the ceiling. Of course, then I was called in to calm her down. I did so,but she didn't want him to continue and the moron kept telling her, in a quiet but gruff way that he had no time for this, he had to work while the novacaine was working, etc. All he had to do was to shut up and let me calm her, which he finally did and she calmed down. To his credit, the extraction of 2 teeth took all of 60 seconds, and the stitching took another 30 seconds. When he left the room I told his assistant that I was surprised that he didn't use the topical numb-er, and she said that she always tells him that he should but he refuses. After it was all over I went to the dentist and asked him about it...he said he injects into the "main block" and so the other stuff wouldn't work. WHATEVER!!! Poor Suzzette! And all the while I was holding her hand I was brought back in time to when my daughter Alison, at around 8 yrs old,  had a bad time with a jerk of a dentist. I wanted to rip out that guy's heart!

     After we left S & B we went to a very early dinner and then ran some errands. I got lots of knitting done in the car, and then at home after we had gone to see the movie Be Cool with John Travolta (cute movie, not great, but has some very funny parts). I finished one of the socks that I am knitting for sockapalooza. I am so thrilled with how it came out - so much nicer than the first sock I knit (the one I frogged after having completed it). I am sure I will be able to start and finish the mate to this one in time to send it out to my sock buddy.

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Laundry prevails today, as well as some computer work. A dinner date with friends has been cancelled due to illness on their part, so I think we'll take mom to the movies. I want to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I saw the coming attractions as well as watched the actors on Oprah. Looks REALLY good!

Oh - big excitement. One of my kindergarten students from the fabulous school I taught in while living up North in 2000-2001 is going to be on the Ellen Degeneres show on Thursday, March 10th. Chelsea is a very talented pianist, but also just a sweet, warm, loving 4th grader. So if you get the chance, try to catch the show.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WOW! What a GREAT SP I have!!!

And what a great day it was! After two days with 14 students present each day, today I had only 10 students - half my class was absent. Lots of colds and fever going 'round. The kids were great, and I was able to do some extra fun activities that I ordinarily would not be able to do with all of my students present.

After work I went for my monthly one hour massage. Ah, that Sarina is wonderful. She gives a great massage, so good that I nearly fell asleep. I can't remember when I was that relaxed before.

Tonight was movie night. After a nice hamburger dinner at Grangers, our favorite local place, we went to see Being Julia. This was the only major movie that we had not seen this year. The movie was good, tho I liked it better than Gerry did, but Annette Benning was "the whole show." Yet, while her performace was definitely Academy Award worthy, I still think that Hillary Swank truly deserved it for her performance in Million $ Baby.

When I finally arrived home, a package from my secret pal (4) was waiting for me. The card read: "Here is your first installation..." and inside was:

2 skeins merino sock yarn ...I LOVE that yarn. In fact, I am making my sockapalooza socks from the same yarn, different color. SP4, this yarn will be used to make socks for ME!!

2 skeins Rowan wool cotton..."great for baby booties." ....good idea. Since I will be a grandma soon, I can get started on them.

1 skein soy silk...I LOVE the silks and such from SW Trading Co....and the color is wonderful!

Jasmine so very thoughtful - I am into herbal teas these days.

But the BEST, the very BEST....2 packages of chocolate covered raspberry jell JOYA! From BROOKLYN, NY!!! I am from the Bronx and so have a very strong affinity for New Yorkers. My mom used to buy these rings for me for one cent each at the candy store, when I was very little. They are my FAVORITE CANDY! And I have very good will power - I would only eat one a day (better for my thighs).

So to my SP - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are the GREATEST!!!! I love every item in that box!

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I am going to try this again. Here are the pix that didn't "take" the first time around. The first is the pair of socks made with Wool-Ease worsted weight, white with the shimmer thread running through it. They are for my sockapalooza pal, as a consolation gift in case she doesn't like the pair I am making for her.

Next is the belt that I made from hand-dyed suede. Brings me back to the late 60's (of course, I was only 2 years old then .

And last, I FINALLY received my first copy of Creative Knitting (YEA) and the Patternworks catalog:

Ok - will log off and see if this works. If it does, as Arnold said, "I'll be back!."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wait! What's that I hear? Can it be?'s....aaahhhh....quiet! No disrespect to my guest, who were ALL wonderful, but it is nice to have the house back to ourselves, just two people, three dogs, and Steve our tenent (in his own space). I don't think it would have been bad at all if we had not gotten two guests immediately after our whirlwind weekend. But as I said before, they were really good guest,! And so with our departing guests, the next day Luckily the day was good. I had 7 students absent, so running a kindergarten class with only 14 children was HEAVEN!!! The dreaded FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test) is being given this week to grades 3 - 5, and so we do not have specials (art, music, p.e.), nor do my students have their ESOL pull-out class in the afternoon, so it afforded me the opportunity to do some mini-projects and extra writing lessons that I could not usually do.

After work I got to go to my pilates class at the gym. I weighed myself before the class started and was SO happy to see that contrary to what I had thought, I had not put on any weight over the weekend....yipee!! The pilates teacher is away so we had a "sub." She was very good, bottom felt sore when we had to balance on our buns (and believe me, I have a cushion there). When I got home and showered...OW!!! At the tip of my spine it was as if I had a rug burn. I can't even imagine how that could be...I use a yoga mat, towel, and wear undies under my workout pants. About 5 years ago I was 15 lbs. lighter (and according to those who love me, WAY too thin) and I was taking TaeKwonDo, sitting on the rug to exercise, and never had this problem (and my butt was all bones then). I think I will call up Alison and ask to borrow the cushioned pants that she wore for ice skating practice years ago.

Because I had gone to the Yanni concert on Sunday night - oh, it was FABULOUS!!!! I TIVO'd and watched the Oscars last night. What a pleasure to be able to zip right through the unexciting parts. We also watched Oprah's after the Oscars show, which was soooo good. I did well this year..I picked every one of the winners in the top categories. It wasn't easy. They were all terrific. We had seen every major movie except Being Julia, which we are going to see tomorrow night.

Today, once again, I had only 14 students, so it was another good day. I stayed at work and did grades and lesson plans, then went to my SnB group. It was really fun. I am working on broadripple socks for my SP4. I had to use 5 DP needles, but then it goes down to 2 and up to 3 after the heel flap. While at SnB I bought some really pretty mercerized cotton for my SP. I can't show the yarns here in case she reads my blog (though I doubt that she does, but hey, you never know). I am going to put her package together in a day or so and send it off. I already sent her several small packages. I am excited, too, cause I was told by the woman who has me for a SP that she was shipping my goodies out yesterday, so I should have it in a day or so.

Made some summer flight plans already. Gerry and I are going to OKC to see my dad in June for Father's Day weekend. I have been with Ger for 5 years this May and he has never met my dad. He did get to meet my brother Randy who also lives in OKC, at my mom's 80th BD party. Now he will meet Randy's family as well. The week before I am flying to AZ to visit with Alison and Michael. Alison might need knee surgery on BOTH KNEES so I told her that she might want to try to schedule the surgery for when I am there and then I can help...laundry, cooking, hand-holding (I don't do windows, tho). I was thrilled when she said that Michael had suggested that as well. Well, that's what Mom's are for, aren't they?

I am also a little sad. Alison wrote that Blue, one of her little maltese dogs, is sick and needed bloodwork and maybe x-rays. I hope he's ok. I love those little dogs (Blue's brother is called Orange...ok, so my kids are strong Gator fans). And I know it's not an easy decision to spend lots and lots of money on your pets...where do you draw the line. But Alison is taking it one step at a time, wisely, so we'll wait and see what step one results in.

Well, the bed awaits. Time to enter dreamland.