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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh, Boy, Orlando!

How can you possibly NOT have a good time in Orlando? After two nights in The Villages - an entire senior CITY south of Ocala, we came to Orlando for a 3 night stay. This visit was MUCH needed after our ordeal of getting to the Villages. Now, the Villages is only about a 3 1/2 hour ride from our home in Delray Beach, but it took us 8 hours!!!! Why, you might ask? First, we hit traffic leaving Palm Beach County. Next, a dinner stop for an hour in Jupiter. We then headed up I95, intending to switch to the Turnpike around Ft, Pierce. Weeellll - we were so busy "playing" with our new car, chatting on the phone with family and friends, that we missed the one and only sign to the Turnpike. So we headed up I95 to the BeeLine Highway, which takes you across Florida from east to Orlando. As we rode the BeeLine, in the middle lane, we passed the ONE sign, right at the entrance to the Turnpike. Ok - we decided to get off at the next exit, John Young Pkwy, and find the Turnpike. Again, though we were headed in the right direction, no sign. So we stopped at a convenience store (Gerry is really good at stopping for directions).He came out a few minutes later with a confused look on his face. The guy behind the counter, while nice, had an accent so thick that Gerry barely understood him. However, we went in the direction that he was told. As we did, there was a sign for the Turnpike....but with no indication as to where it was. We drove about a mile past, then u-turned, stopped for directions again, and drove down the road. No sign indicated the street where we were to turn, so of course, we drove past it (by only 2 or 3 blocks), u-turned again and found the turn. YEA - onto the Turnpike. Now it's after 11 PM (we left Delray at 5:30). The last time we were at THe Villages we promised ourselves that we would try a different exit the next time we came up. SOOOO - of course, we chose this night to do it. We got off the exit after the usual one (not realizing that we should have gone TWO more exits). guessed it....we drove SO far out of the way...right route, wrong direction. After driving through BFE (beyond $@%#$@& eternity) we found I 75 (which at some point connects to the Turnpike) and got on it....GOING THE WRONG WAY. We were on our way to Tampa. And the exits are far apart....of course! Got off AGAIN and got back on, then off at the correct exit. Once again, we stopped at a convenience store for directions. Almost got lost with those as the woman gave the correct rte. number but the wrong landmark. So Ger saw a police station, went in and was given directions. Finally, we were on the right road. bad....we saw a sign that pointed to where we wanted to so, as an alternative, and I suggested we take it. YUP - out of the way AGAIN. 3 miles and a few turns later, we were on the right road and got to the house at 1:30 AM. Now all of this would have been wonderful for me if it were daylight and I could have continued knitting! Lucky for me, though, that Gerry, while annoyed and frustrated, didn't get nuts or really angry, and even laughed about it at times. Is this a mortal man??? He didn't seem so that night (thank goodness). The next morning, Gerry called On-Star, which our car is equipped with, and set up Directions and Connections, which assists you with directions from WHEREVER you may be. Boy, could we have used that Friday night. The rest of the visit at the Villages was great. My daughter Becca and her husband Phil joined us for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon with us. I just love being with my kids!
Back to Orlando. We arrived Sunday afternoon and in the evening we met Shawn one of my coworkers (kindergarten teacher) and his fiance, who were also in Orlando. We went to Dolly Parton's Dixieland Stampede. It was so much fun! We rooted for the North and the North won! Go Yankees! Afterward we all went for ice cream. And another coincidence...while talking, I mentioned that I used to work with BBYO (Bnai Brith Youth Organization) and that my kids were members. Turns out that Michelle, Shawn's fiance (who I have met on more than one occasion) was one of the kids when I was with BBYO. In fact, she remembers being at my house, knows Becca and many of the other kids we knew. One of those "kids" will be at Shawn and Michelle's wedding in May, which we are attending. SMALL WORLD!!!
Today we went to Universal Studios and went on several attactions. We only missed Shrek in 4D and Back to the Future (have seen that about 10 times anyway). A hint....for those rides that have the single rider feature....take that option. We did so and were either in the same car or one right after the other, and cut about 45 minutes off the wait.
A nice nap - man, were we tired (probably a left over from Friday night) and then dinner, followed by watching Meet the Fockers on the hotel TV. We had seen it in the movie theater but it's just as hysterical the second time around.
With the driving to and around Orlando I finished the back of my half sweater. Wish I could post a pix of it here but I don't have the capability to do so with Gerry's laptop so it will have to wait till I am home. I also forgot to bring the last skein of yarn so I am stuck with just completing what I have. However, I DID remember to pack chenille and needles for the WOW cardigan and have started that. I am halfway to completion of the back. I love the feel of it, but have to be pretty careful cause the chenille can fray/unravel if I pull too hard on the yarn. I am so excited about this cardigan. It feels so soft, and it's for ME!
Now it's almost 2 AM...see what a nap does to you? Who's tired? Ok, so Gerry is...he's already conked out. But not me, so I will have to read myself to sleep, which won't be easy as there is no lamp on my side. Maybe I can move the floor lamp closer. Hmmmm. I am finally getting past the middle of Sea Glass by Anita Shreve. I love her books but I am so busy on computer or knitting at night that I seldom read. So, enough talking. Time to take advantage of the quiet and free time. 'night!


  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    Gerry must be a gem!Oh how evil L would be doing extra driving!! But at least you had plenty of time to enjoy the new car....and car phone.
    Glad you are having such a nice time. Grown kids today are so busy ,it is very special when you have a chance to get together. I can't wait for M&A to get here....even though I will only get to see them for a short time!
    I look forward to seeing your pics of your new knitting projects.
    Haven't seen Meet the Fockers yet...waiting for it at Blockbuster!
    Have a safe trip home.


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