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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Tonight Gerry, Mom and I went to the movies and saw a terrific one....The Diary of a Mad Black Woman. What fun! It ram the gamut of laugh (hysterically), cry and get angry, then you cry and laugh some more. I saw the stars of the movie on Oprah and decided that this was a must see, and I was not disappointed. So go ASAP to see this movie.

Tonight I am going to watch Halle Berry in Their Eyes Were Watching God, based on an Oprah book-pick. And while I am doing so, I plan to cast on and begin the second broadripple sock. I am loving it! ...but can't wait to finish so I can start on something for ME!


  • At 7:42 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    I'm going to start a movie "to do" list. Lennie and I usually watch movies at home. But, we appreciate good recommendations.


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