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Wednesday, November 29, 2006




I can't seem to get more than 3 pix on my blog posting. When I went to Photobucket it was "different" - it no longer has the button to click on to "Blog" my pictures. So...this is a test. I am hoping that putting this a url into my post will upload pictures. If not, I'll delete it (but probably not until one or two of you have read this). So, here goes....pix of the remaining items purchased yesterday:

Oh, yes - I did get to use my coupon at Bath & Body works and bought adorable red sleep socks (in microfiber) for all my work friends, got a free scarf (for my niece out west) and bought their big quilted overnight bag for $25 (retails for $65 and it really IS nice!).

A Shopping I Did Go!

What do you do when you have 2 1/2 hours of FREE TIME, some discount coupons, and there is a FABULOUS mall next to where you have to be at a certain time? You go shopping, of course. I was to meet Adam, my son, at the restaurant where he works. I planned to have dinner there before going to knitting. I was fortunate to have gotten all my planning done at work and was able to leave by 3:15 (most days I leave at 5 - so much for "teacher's hours!"). In Boca Raton there is a wonderful mall called Town Center. It's pretty upscale (Nordstroms, Saks, Bloomies, etc) but has affordable stores as well! I had a discount coupon to Bath and Body Works and to The Children's Place. While in B&BW Alison happened to call. We talked about "things," mostly about Avi. I told her I was right across from The Children's Place. She is all about saving money and doesn't want me to spend, and if I do, it has to be a REALLY good bargain. Well, I am all about that too, but after all, I AM a Grandma now!!! So, after a 20 minute phone call and another 20 minutes perusing the store, I came out with some goodies to bring to Atlanta when I visit in two weeks. And I DID get a 15% discount PLUS another 15% discount for opening up an account there (hey - why not? - I'm sure I'll be back many more times). I was very practical and did not get anything frivolous - just some very cute, adorable, useful items:
Isn't this sweater cute? It has little suede patches on each sleeve. I will have to try to post the pix of the other items separately, as this post doesn't seem to want to hold more than 3 pix.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ms. Procrastinator

Today I promised myself to work on a very important paper that I am doing for school. I had not worked on it in over two weeks (becoming a grandma took precidence, ya know). Gerry was going to sleep for most of the morning (today was his treatment day), so I figured I would have plenty of time to myself to get down to business. First, however, I just had to watch Grey's Anatomy that I had TIVO'd last night. Oh, it was sooo good (love Dr. McDreamy, don't you?). Then I couldn't resist watching one of the two episodes of Desperate Housewives that I had missed and TIVO'd. Of course, once that was over, I figured, "What the heck. I'll just watch the other episode, since it's less that an hour because I can speed through the commercials." By now it was almost noon. I took my shower, dressed (staying in pj's is just not conducive to getting work done) and sat down to work. About 20 minutes later, Gerry was up, kind of groggy, and hungry. Well, so was I, so I stopped to make and eat some lunch. Then it was back to the ol' grindstone. Now it doesn't help that I sit at my desk with my laptop, while facing my desktop computer and the temptations of whoever pops on line. But aside from IM'ing with two (or three) friends, I DID manage to get a lot done on the paper and was able to e-mail the draft off to my mentor, who checks it out for me. By this time, Mom, Jon, and Gianna had arrived. We all went out to dinner, then returned here to watch Keeping Up With the Steins, a very funny (and so typical) story of outdoing others when making a big affair, and family relationships. After the movie, I put on Comic Relief, which I had TIVO'd last weekend. To my disappointment:
1. the comics were not that funny
2. I didn't know it was to be on HBO, and so recorded from TBS. There were so many censored lines that we heard very little of most of the stand-up comedians. But it's really funny how they mute out the curse words, but allow the so-called jokes of other comics that are raunchy to the Nth degree, but kept in as long as they are not using the "F" word.

It's now after midnight and everyone has left. Tomorrow I am going to the beach with Jon in the morining. No water for me. It will be too early for the air temps to be right, and besides, I don't go in the water if it isn't bathtub temp. But he wants to sit on the sand, so I'll "humor" him. In the afternoon we are all going into Fort Lauderdale to the IMAX theater to see Happy Feet. Even Gerry is looking forward to it (I think he secretly wants to review it with the intent of purchasing it for future viewing by our grandson, Avi).

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

What a lovely Thanksgiving Day we had, and so much to be thankful for!
Last night my brother Jon and my niece Gianna arrived from CT. It's always a treat to have them here, and I am always amazed at how lovely Gianna is - plus - she's sweet, smart and well behaved - amazing for a 15 year old!

So #1 - I am thankful that they came down to visit (and they stayed with Mom, which made my Friday do-able, but more on that later). Before picking them up at the airport I had time to make cranberry-orange relish (tastes SO much better than canned cranberry sauce), two apple pies (one for Thanksgiving dessert and one for my DH), and Alison's recipe for maple-pecan pie - mmmm, it was fabulous!

This morning I got up and watched the Macy's TG Day parade on TV. It's a habit I've had for many years. I always reminice about the years when I took my kids downtown to see the parade in person. While watching I got in some family/friends phone calls and sewed the sleeves onto the blue Fisherman's Rib sweater that I am finally almost finished with (for Avi, of course).

In the afternoon we all went to my cousin Ann's house (with her hubby Ray) for dinner. Already there were my Aunt and Uncle and of course, Ann and Ray's little girl, Genia. They adopted Genia from Russia this past summer. She is simply wonderful. She is pretty, very well behaved, loving, entertains herself, and smart as a whip. We all enjoyed watching her as she took apart and put together her puzzles, tried to lace up my Uncle's shoes, and enjoyed dipping the crackers into the cheese. She's almost two so she captures everyone's attention. #2 - I am thankful that Ann and Ray were able to become the parents of this darling little girl, opening their home and their hearts to her. They are a beautiful family!
Ann had made a delicious dinner. Gerry, my DH, made a toast of gratitude, thanking all for their prayers and support during this past year (re: his bout with cancer), and gave his thanks to me for being there for him through it all. #3 - I am thankful that Gerry is now cancer free!WOOHOO! We also gave thanks #4 for the birth of our beautiful and healthy grandson, Avi, who has already found a place deep within our hearts.

After dinner Gerry went home and Mom, Jon, Gianna and I (with my aunt along 'cause Jon was driving her home) went to the Holiday Inn where my son Adam tends bar part time. When speaking to him that morning, I said that I was sorry he couldn't join us at Ann's (though I didn't think he would have come even if he wasn't working). He had been estranged from my mom and brother for over 6 years. Adam said, "Stop by on your way home from Ann's." I was shocked that he said that, as he knew I'd be with Mom and Jon. So....we did, and he was friendly to all. I know it was strange for Mom and Jon, but at the same time they welcomed the opportunity to finally have Adam receptive to them. When I came home, Gerry suggested that Adam join us all for breakfast Sunday morning (when I asked Adam, he happily agreed). #5 - Happy to have my family on good terms at last. I am such a Pollyanna, I just want EVERYONE to get along and be happy.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Proud to be a Mom and Grandma

Sorry I have not posted in over a week. I was gone from Wed until Monday for Avi's bris (circumcision). We (Gerry, Mom and I) drove to Ocala, spent the night at my daughter Becca's house, then with Beca added in we drove to Marietta, GA. We were there from Thursday through Sunday, drove back to Ocala, spent the night and then home on Monday. I have had lots of work to catch up on, but thought I would make an appearance here for a quick update.

The bris was amazing. You can read all about it here. My daugher Alison and her hubby Michael were so very gracious, and honored each of us with a role in the ceremony. I was given the choice of Sandak 1 or 2 (I think there is usually just one, but they wanted Michael's father and I to share the honor). Sandak 2 was to be the person to hold the baby's legs open when the deed would be done. I accepted that position...who better than Grandma to soothe an upset little boy. It wasn't so bad. I didn't look (too much) and spent the entire minute and a half cooing to Avi. He was quite the trooper (some Jewish wine helped immensely...the baby, not me!) and as soon as his diaper was replaced he stopped crying and drifted to sleep.

Now, I just have to do a slight bit of mom/new grandma bragging. I am so proud of my kids. Alison and Michael have a wonderful relationship. They are very good to each other, helping each other out, anticipating each other's needs. I can see that they are going to be terrific parents because they have great communication and will work together for Avi's benefit. Michael is soooo good with Avi, too. He is a champ at diapering, swaddling and calming. Alison is a very warm, loving mom. It makes me smile to watch their new little family take shape. And I can't say enough about my other daughter, Becca. She surprised Alison by attending the bris (she didn't think she'd be able to take off of work, but she got the time and came up with us). She was so helpful to Alison and Michael. She stayed with them, took the baby at night in-between feedings so A&M could get some sleep, and was invaluable in setting up for the bris.

I am so happy that my girls, who are 6 years apart, are getting closer and loving with each other. Now I have not forgotten Phil, Becca's husband, who I dearly love as well. He and Becca also have a wonderful life together, and he is nothing short of wonderful, too.

Had dinner with my son, Adam on Tuesday. He and I have re-established our wonderful relationship. I am so happy that he is working hard to reach any goals he makes for himself. Right now he is hoping to move back to NYC, as he misses the city and his friends. I hate to see him go, but I do understand his being homesick for NY, and it's not that far away anyway!

This weekend we head to Key Largo. It's NASCAR race weekend in Homestead, FL, and so we'll make a weekend of it. I have a lot of work to do for school. I'll take my work with me....yea, let's just hope I get to it - I'm SUCH a procrastinator (you get it from me, Alison).

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Heeere's Avishai!!!

This is Avishai Reilly Fox, my beautiful little grandson I spoke to Michael (his daddy) this morning and could "hear" the smile in his voice. He told me that Alison was a real trooper and that the birth was amazing. Last night I wrote an e-mail to everyone I know telling them about Avi, and today I sent out his picture. I was kept busy today with reading responses, phone calls, etc. I went out and purchased (per Alison's request), various magazines and newspapers so she can make a baby time capsule, to one day show Avi what was happening in the world the day/week he was born. I spoke with Alison tonight and she filled me in on her labor and delivery. I am so thrilled for her and Michael, and so proud of them. They will be wonderful parents (if I am repeating myself I apologize...I am tired and have no idea what my last blog said).

My ex's brother and wife were here for the weekend. We have a good time together, but unfortunately, this was one of Gerry's "not feeling so good" weekends. But Jim and Pat are great - after a breakfast out they "did their own thing" while I ran my errands. This afternoon Jim and Gerry watched football games (when Gerry wasn't napping), and tonight I picked up my mom and we went out to dinner - Mexican food, yum - but Gerry stayed in. Now Mom is home, Pat and Jimmy are in the guest room, and I am ready for bed. I am so tired but still so keyed up...I hope I fall asleep fast and stay asleep for at least 8 hours. Tomorrow they will leave around noon...then I have to organize what I will bring to Atlanta - we are leaving Wednesday - and have to type 3 days of lesson plans out to leave Monday, as I will not be at work Wed, Thurs and next Monday (thankfully, school is closed Tuesday and Friday this week).

Ok...I have to FORCE myself to stop looking at Avishai's picture and GET TO BED!!! But I just know I'll dream about him all night long.

He's HERE!!!

The phone rang at 11:30 PM was Alison. She wanted to know if I wanted to come up to Atlanta next Saturday. I knew IMMEDIATELY what that GRANDSON had been born. Avishai Reilly Fox made his entrance to the world at 11:01 PM this evening. He weighs 8 lb 3 oz and has a full head of hair. Alison and I only spoke for about 3 minutes. She said she was sore and that it had been a long day. Then I heard him cry...oh, he's calling his grandma!!! Alison said he came out crying. I can't wait to hear all the details, but it was late, and she had to go nurse him (for the first time). I am soooo excited. Gerry got up, kissed me and said congratulations. Then he went back to bed. "You aren't calling people now?" he asked. "You can call in the morning."....he's kidding, right? I called my mom - Great Grandma Ruth, my younger daughter Becca, my brother Jon, my dear friend Cheryl - all were up and so excited. In the morning I have LOTS of calls to make, and then have to work out our travel plans to Atlanta for the bris next Saturday. I already checked airline fares and they are over $350. So we'll drive up. The good thing is that I have off next Friday so it's one less day of work to miss. The bad thing is...we have tickets to see The Rat Pack, a Broadway show on our subscription here in S. Florida. If it's playing for more than a week, maybe I can switch the tix to a day when we are back. WOW - I still can't believe it. My little girl, my first child, has had a baby of her own. I know she'll be a great mom, and I have no doubt that Michael will be a wonderful father. And Gerry and I will be ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC Grandparents!!!!!