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Thursday, March 31, 2005

And so the fun begins...!

As of today there are 46 days left to this school year, and now is when the fun begins. Yesterday I attended the team leader meeting, where we were given the requesite information on paperwork needed, deadlines for such, etc. I gave each of my team members a 4 page list of what we have coming up. All of a sudden I (we) feel so overwhelmed. What happened to that promise by the school district that our paperwork load would be diminished? HAH! On a good, a GREAT note... I thought I would have to qualify not retaining MANY of my students who were not meeting the criteria for promotion. These are ESOL (English speakers of Other Languages) children who have learned so much, speak English fairly well, but still think in their languages. Their comprehension and expressive language skill are below that of other students. So I tested them in one of the categories that promotion is based on and...THEY DID GREAT!! I was so happy...I cried! I just have three students who will might not quite meet the criteria, but who definitely don't need to be in kindergarten again, so I will submit their names to the committee and qualify their need to be promoted.
I had planned to leave school by 3 today to take care of my phone, but after the meeting with my team ran until 3:15, I had to set up my room for April, which begins tomorrow. I've decided to go into the school on Saturday (yuck) to catch up on things, and THEN I can go to the phone store.
Tomorrow is one of my team members last days in kindergarten. He was the interim sub for Shawn, who is returning to work on Monday. Therefore, we are having a short little Thank You get together for Julio. Just our team, the administrators and the specials teachers who worked with his class. We chipped in for a nice Barnes and Noble GC and I bought a Carvel Cake (bet you would love to have some of this, Alison - I know it's your favorite).
What a nice night we had tonight. We met my cousins on the Avenue at one of our favorite restaurants where we eat outside. It was a nice, leisurely dinner. Afterward we walked down the Avenue, which here in Delray Beach is almost always busy with people, but especially on Thursday night. We stopped to watch the Elvis impersonator at Elwood's, a local outdoor biker/local hangout. Then we browsed a few shops and followed the guys to the cigar shop. My cousin Donnie brought Gerry a cigar, for which Gerry was delighted. They have "bonded" over their mutual habit.
When I got home I read Alison's blog ( She wrote about two packages she received, one from her SP4 and one from me. She wrote such lovely things about me, it made my whole week!!! Thank you, sweetheart!
I offered a bunch of books to people in my FiberRAOK group and all but one have been requested. I am mailing out the last 3 packages tomorrow. I felt so good being able to RAOK people with things they will like.
OY - I am tired, so I am off to sleep. Busy weekend...what else is new!


  • At 7:50 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    Sorry there is so much work all at once at school. I was so glad to see that Shawn is able to return. That must mean that he is recovered from his accident. Perhaps with him back you will be able to go full speed ahead, since he knows your routine.
    You have a second fulltime job keeping up with all your knitting extra-curriculars. Sounds like fun!

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