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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back to the Hard Rock

Tonight I met my brother in law Eddie and sister in law Billie for dinner, along with her brother and two friends. Afterward Billie, Eddie and I went to the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino (same place as two nights ago) to the casino. It only took 45 minutes for us to realize we weren't going to come out winners (I found that out in the first 10 minutes). We walked around the shops for a few minutes where I bought some scarves and headed back to where my car was parked. It was so nice to spend time with them. Eddie is Gerry's brother, and they are and always will be part of my family.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Concert Night

Last night I went to the Rod Stewart concert with our school nurse. I didn't know her well but one day in conversation, we were talking about Rod Stewart. She said that she would love to go to his concert but had no one to go with so I volunteered. We had so much fun. We ate at her local sushi restaurant before the show, which was at the Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Hollywood, FL. I had been there once before but had NO idea that they now had an area with shops and restaurants. We walked through there for a few minutes. The show itself was ok. Our seats were on the top level, almost in the corner where the stage was. We could see RS but not the big video screen behind him. After the third song we climbed over the rail to get out of our seats, moved back a few sections and sat in some empty seats where we could see better. RS was excellent, but I was disappointed as he never did any songs from his American Songbook collection, which I really was hoping he would do. However, I still had a good time and got to spend some time with a really nice person.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Alison wrote a few days ago:
We told Avi that we were going to watch our New President take the oath of office... President Obama ... would he like to go watch. He said "yes, Avi want present Obama... now please, open please" LOL The more we said "PRESIDENT" the more he heard "PRESENT" LOL It was too cute! We are chuckling at Avi's disappointment that he couldn't unwrap "Present" Obama. Poor kid has no idea that this is one of the best gifts we could have given him!

Six Months Already?

Today is the 6 month anniversary of Gerry's passing. I can't believe it's been 6 months already. I was fine all day - worked till 6 (so much for teacher's hours) and decided to take myself to the movies. We used to go once or twice a week and I am SO behind in movies that I have to start seeing some. I saw The Reader with Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes. I had read the book years ago but only remember that it was about someone who reads to someone. It was a really good movie, and of course, I cried some.
After coming home and getting on the computer, my brother Jon popped on IM. We chatted and then he told me that he had put a video onto Facebook but he would remove it if I wanted him to, as Gerry was in it. Of course, I told him to leave it (I don't have a problem with stuff like that). However, when I watched the video (which is pretty funny because my brother donned a crazy, long black wig and was goofing around) it made me cry. This was taken July 2000. Gerry and I had been dating for almost two months. Two weeks before I had moved up to New Jersey from Florida (where we met). He came up a week later and we stayed first with his family (who were wonderful) and then spent a few days on our own. Gerry heard that Jon was having a get-together the day that Gerry was due to return to FL, so he extended his trip by a day so he could come to CT and meet my brother. In the video Gerry is sitting on the porch, watching some of my family and myself dancing, when in pops Jon in the wig! Gerry got hysterical (well, we ALL did). I always say I am amazed that Gerry kept dating me after seeing THAT! He really thought we were so much fun ( yea, we are). But seeing him there, as if looking through a window, brought the tears to my eyes. Gerry, I love you honey, and I miss you. You brought me lots of fun and good times, and taught me a lot about people. I do believe that wherever you are you hear me when I talk to you and see me, too, so you know I am doing ok!

I Can't Believe I Won!!

Every morning as I get ready for work I listen to the radio...Sunny 104.3 FM (S. Florida). At 6:10 AM they give "the impossible question" and I often try to call in with the answer (and often have it right) but can't get through. I had won about 6 years ago - also won by putting a raffle in the box at their booth at a street fair... as well as that beautiful basket that I won at Pretty In The City, sponsored by the same station. This morning I was listening and heard them mention an event in my city but I didn't get the date. They said you could get more info on their site, so I went to it - and, got the info. I then saw "The Impossible Question" link on the side and clicked on it. Lo and behold, there were two, I recognized as yesterday's. The other I had not heard all week so I made a mental note of it. A few minutes later they announced it on the radio. I pre-dialed my cell and had my house phone ready, too. When they gave the question I immediately made the call(s).! I GOT THROUGH!! Of course, I had the right answer, which stunned the DJ's... and when asked how I knew the answer, I had to be honest. Well, it seems that the staff was not supposed to post the answer for another 3 hours. As a "Sunny 104.3 Loyal Listener" I was able to access the window that had the early information. So... I won TWO TICKETS to see Heart in concert in Pompano on March 29th. I am taking my dear, dear friend Lily (her birthday is just 3 weeks prior to the concert). How cool is that!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Come and Hear, Those Dancing Feet!!!

I was invited to come to the dance studio tonight to meet the new business partner (and have a free lesson). I met Eric, who used to own many Fred Astaire studios in NY, trained champion dancers, and more. He was my new instructor (Richard is working at another FA studio). We danced Swing, Rhumba and Cha-Cha and he seemed really happy that I kept up with him. I LOVED dancing with him (because I LOVE dancing). Now he will be teaching me routines and such, good technique, etc. What fun!!!

Atlanta Wasn't Burning THIS Weekend!

I flew up to Atlanta for MLK weekend. My poor daughter Alison...she was SOOOOO sick. Michael had the same thing a few weeks ago and it lasted several weeks (he still wasn't fully over it). It's a virus going around. Alison didn't have fever but had chest congestion, a horrible cough, which made her throat RAW, headache, etc. She was living mostly on tea with honey and lemon. Being pregnant there isn't much she can take. I arrived earlier on Friday by taking a standby flight (which in contrast to the full flights the rest of the day, was half empty, and so I had a 3-seat row to myself). I got to enjoy Shabbat with the family - Avi is just so cute as he mimics his parents as the blessing is said. He is amazing... just 2 and before every meal he says the Hamotzi, and before bed, the Shem-a. Alison took advantage of my being there on Saturday by going out and doing a bunch of errands. Avi and I didn't care... we read, played, read, read and...yup, read some more. He also loves to look at garbage trucks and construction vehicles on the computer. Saturday night Becca arrived with a PACKED car - Phil packed every last stitch of clothing that she has, for her arrival in GA. The official move won't be for a few weeks, but Becca was starting work in two days. On Sunday Alison was worse so she stayed in bed almost all of Sunday, and Monday. Michael was wonderful and took care of most of the meals. The temperature was very low...I was FREEZING there! Since Avi had not been out for a few days I took him out on Monday. We went to the North Springs Mall where there was a carousel (which he didn't want to go on) and a "soft play" area. He played for about 30 minutes and then we had lunch - pizza, a treat for me!!! It was wonderful to have him out with Grandma for a few hours. No pix...didn't bring my camera with me this trip! BTW - Becca LOVES the new job!

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Move is On!

Becca got the transfer and is moving to Atlanta. She starts work on the 19th. I will be at Alison's from the 16 - the 19th so will get to see her as she will probably get there on the 17th. She will live with Alison & crew until she finds a place for her and Phil to rent. Not only am I happy that they are moving close to Alison and Michael, but I am happy for A&M that they will have family in town - family they REALLY like, that is (lol). And no, Donna S. - I never got your e-mail... wish I did!!!