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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WOW! What a GREAT SP I have!!!

And what a great day it was! After two days with 14 students present each day, today I had only 10 students - half my class was absent. Lots of colds and fever going 'round. The kids were great, and I was able to do some extra fun activities that I ordinarily would not be able to do with all of my students present.

After work I went for my monthly one hour massage. Ah, that Sarina is wonderful. She gives a great massage, so good that I nearly fell asleep. I can't remember when I was that relaxed before.

Tonight was movie night. After a nice hamburger dinner at Grangers, our favorite local place, we went to see Being Julia. This was the only major movie that we had not seen this year. The movie was good, tho I liked it better than Gerry did, but Annette Benning was "the whole show." Yet, while her performace was definitely Academy Award worthy, I still think that Hillary Swank truly deserved it for her performance in Million $ Baby.

When I finally arrived home, a package from my secret pal (4) was waiting for me. The card read: "Here is your first installation..." and inside was:

2 skeins merino sock yarn ...I LOVE that yarn. In fact, I am making my sockapalooza socks from the same yarn, different color. SP4, this yarn will be used to make socks for ME!!

2 skeins Rowan wool cotton..."great for baby booties." ....good idea. Since I will be a grandma soon, I can get started on them.

1 skein soy silk...I LOVE the silks and such from SW Trading Co....and the color is wonderful!

Jasmine so very thoughtful - I am into herbal teas these days.

But the BEST, the very BEST....2 packages of chocolate covered raspberry jell JOYA! From BROOKLYN, NY!!! I am from the Bronx and so have a very strong affinity for New Yorkers. My mom used to buy these rings for me for one cent each at the candy store, when I was very little. They are my FAVORITE CANDY! And I have very good will power - I would only eat one a day (better for my thighs).

So to my SP - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are the GREATEST!!!! I love every item in that box!

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  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger illanna said…

    Hmmmm speaking of Jelly Rings.... They were awesome. Too bad I devoured them with my boyfriend's help... Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for thinking of me and sending me them. They are my favorite candy too. I WANT to stock up when I go home in May, but then again, my waistline doesn't want me to. Thank you for such an unexpected special treat. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  • At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you are very welcome, jody! any time you need a jelly ring fix, let me know - i'm your girl. they sell them at the bodega down the street from my apartment (don't think that's giving too much away). i'm glad you are excited about the yarn, too. i got some of the sock yarn as well, in a different colorway. let me know how you like using the soy silk!

    your secret pal

  • At 1:04 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    Jody, I'm glad you have such a great secret pal!!!
    I'm back to reading your blog daily..I've just been too tired to write.
    Won't it be nice to have a "normal" weekend this weekend?!?whatever normal is!
    When I was teaching (I shouldn't admit this)I loved the few days that absences were high.It was such a treat to do special things with the kids that I couldn't do when everyone was in attendance.


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