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Monday, March 09, 2009

To Donna S

I tried once again (for the third time) to e-mail you but keep getting it returned with error messages. So here is what I was writing to you:

hi Donna - I hope this goes through to you as I keep getting every other e-mail to you returned.

I am SO excited and on a HIGH from the race. It was GREAT!!! Of course, the car ended up costing me over $550....alternator and battery but...what the heck...stuff happens!! But the weekend was GREAT! And so was yours, huh? How is Anderson doing? I am sure that he has changed a lot since you were last there. Ok,, please!!!!

I have no idea why my e-mails to you are returned. Does anyone else have the problem I am having with your e-mail address?

(to anyone else who reads my blog...please allow me this interlude so I can contact this lovely lady).

Sunday, March 08, 2009


What a great weekend had. Becca and I had signed up to do the first Disney Princess 1/2 marathon in Orlando. I have been training (grudgingly) since October. Finally the time had come. Mom and I drove up to Orlando Friday night and Becca/Phil arrived really later. The next day Bex, Phil, Mom and I went to check in for the race and went thru the Expo. I got a cute t-shrt that says I DID IT!!! so I can wear it to work on Monday. As I was paying for it I saw that the cashier had a pin with his name and under it where he was from...Bronx, NY. I questioned him as to where and with each question/answer the world was getting smaller...he lived where we used to live, same building at the same time. I told him I taught in the school there...he asked if I knew the principal...of course, I said...the principal is now my investment advisor. He said he knew the AP - of course, so did I. He told me that he had been President of the PTA - I asked his kids names....and it turned out that I WAS THE K TEACHER FOR TWO OF THEM!! I don't remember all my kids but I remember them (even described them for him) for they were one of my favorite families. He was so thrilled to learn who I was, said his wife will be thrilled when he tells her who he met. Imagine that!!! That made the trip to Orlando SO worth it - besides seeing Bex and Phil and doing the race!

The race was AWESOME. Bex and I were there at 6:15 AM. There were women in just short shorts and tanktops. I had on a light, long sleeved zippered sweatshirt over my running clothes. Alison told me to get a cheap one and toss it to the side of the road when the weather (or I) got too hot. The Disney people pick them up and donate them. There were women dressed in Disney princess outfits, Tinkerbell wings, and lots of cool t-shirts. I wore the one Becca had on last year. On the front it said "This seemed like a good idea three months ago" and on the back it said "Do Not Pass...Race Official". My headband said, "Run like a Mother." Becca's t-shirt said, "I know I said I would never do this again" and I can remember what her headband said. We ran together for the first 3/4 mile and then I was out ahead and gone. I listened to my iPod audiobook while I ran, only turning it off as I passed the bands and DJ's that were helping us along with their music.

The weather was great, comfortable to run in, and all the women were so cheerful and pleasant and the people on the sides cheered us on. When I got to mile marker 11 I thought, "I wanna do this again." When I got to 1/2 mile from the finish I started to cry because I realized that I was actually going to complete this race, but I quickly wiped my eyes because I didn't want anyone to think I was in tears due to being unhappy. Mom and Phil were on the side near the finish line and Phil got a great pix of me as I ended the race.
After I finished and got my BEAUTIFUL medal I waited for Bex. She came in about 1/2 hour after me and we hugged and were just so thrilled. Then we had our pix taken - alone and together.

After we went back to the resort to shower and dress, Bex and Phil took us to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch before they drove to Ocala to see her dad and we left for home. I had planned to spend the afternoon at the resort in the jacuzzi, but Phil noticed a problem with my car when he took it to the race earlier, so I didn't want to chance getting stuck on the Turnpike in the dark. Sure enough, we were half'way down when...the problem started and died. Luckily I had gotten the car to the shoulder. We got out, set up chairs so we wouldn't be in the car, and I called AAA. They were there in 20 minutes. The driver was SUCH a good guy. He drove MOM home, then stopped at MY house to unload my luggage and stuff, then took me to my mechanics where we left the car and THEN drove me back to my house!! AND...I found out that HE was originally from the Bronx, too and grew up down the block from where I raised my kids (though he is now as old as my children's father).
I had to orchestrate getting to work tomorrow, so the only teacher who lives sort of near me will pick me up at 6:30, my neighbors will drop the key for the car at the mechanic's (as the garage was closed tonight), and my friend (who actually lives 12 miles south of me, closer to school) will drive me home. I am not complaining about the car problem though... it was too good a day for that! (I think it's the alternator...the battery light was staying on, then the airbag light came on and the radio and it's lights stopped working...and finally, the car petered out). However...I don't care about the car. It will get was just a minor technicality in an otherwise FABULOUS weekend cause...Bex and I DID IT!!! And when Alison does her next 1/2 marathon next year... I want to be right there with her (and hopefully Bex will be with us,too).