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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just When You Think You're Almost Done!

I eagerly went to my SnB group Tuesday night. I had questions about the two projects I was working on. First...the half sweater. I was unsure of how to decrease the sleeve. Judy, the proprietor of the store where our group meets, made a correction on the pattern and I started the sleeve. I got half way through and it looked weird...the "body" looked too short, the sleeve - too wide. So we determined that I needed a thinner sleeve, 7 " instead of 9" wide. So....a froggin' I did go! Then I remeasured the "body" was 2 inches too short. Now I have to open the bind-off and add those two inches before I start the sleeve. Ya know how you work on something and then it becomes unappealing? Well, I am no longer thrilled to do this but I did buy the yarn and so will have to persevere. NEXT!!!! My WOW! chenille cardigan. I am working on the left front, have done all the decreases and the instructions tell me to work it up w/o any more increasing for 8 1/4 inches. But the front is already longer than the back. So...Judy said to take off about 3 or 4 rows (so the front will equal the back), as it appears to measure 8 1/4 inches already. HOWEVER....I now see that if I do that, I will be INCREASING the stitches on the front shoulder (because those last 3 or 4 rows have decreases). I think I should open the back and make it a little longer!!! OY - I HATE problems like this!!!

Another bummer! I loaned my size 15 birch needles that are 9" long to a coworker who was planning to start knitting funky scarves. She returned from our spring break with the news...she lost them! Left them on the airplane with her work still on it. As a consolation, she bought size 15 bamboo needles that are about 14 inches long. A nice thing to do but I LOVED my little needles. Then she asked if I would pick up the SMALL needles for her when I went to my SnB group. And of course, I did. They were the same as the ones she lost. I was going to get myself another pair but I do have the size 15 that she gave me and didn't want to lay out another $10 for mine. I wish she had just offered me the money so I could get myself a pair of the 9" needles!

I wish that I had a picture of some of the scarves that the women at the group are making. They are GORGEOUS....they use about 8 - 10 different textured yarns in fabulous colors. The yarns cost about $125, but the work is just so beautiful. I would love to make myself one but 1) I don't go out to places where I would wear something like that 2) and so why would I want to pay that kind of money. But oh, I so admire the scarves. And these are women who are BEGINNERS!!!!

On a good daughter Alison called to tell me that she got the results of her MRI on her knees. She thought that she might need surgery on both knees but the dr. said that while she has a cartiledge tear, she does not need surgery, just therapy. And she can continue with all her activities...running, skiing, biking, etc. That's good news! Tonight Suzzette, my step-daughter, left a message that on Monday she has a dr. appointment to have a high definition ultrasound done to check on her baby and to determine the baby's gender. Can't wait!!

More on the phone saga....I stopped into Circuit City today to switch the phone info from my old phone into my new one. As I waited for service, I looked at the phones NEW phone, that I just received yesterday, is $100 cheaper. AND....they have a newer model for the same price as mine!! It has a better camera, speakerphone and higher capabilities and features. I called my cellular company and after explaining the situation I was told that I could send mine back, purchase the newer model and it would all be equal. However, the man in the store could NOT do the deed because, since we have OnStar connected to our service, I have to go to a retail store and have their customer care dept take care of it. So....more time spent tomorrow on this. I should let it go, pretend that I had the phone for over the 15 day exchange period,'s the PRINCIPAL of the matter. Sometimes I wonder how I even live with myself. Gerry? He just thinks I'm a bit nuts!


  • At 12:49 PM, Blogger Maureen said…

    Sorry to hear about your lost needles. I know what you mean about liking the smaller length. I have knit plenty of things on the 14 inchers years ago. It is so much more comfortable with the smaller. Wow ...$125.00 to make a scarf. I guess I am thrifty too.

  • At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that stinks about your needles. if i were you i would NOT BUY ANOTHER PAIR ;)

  • At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    whoops, that comment was from me, your secret pal!


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