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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Those Freebies

Tonight we went to see a preview of Gridiron Gang, starring The Rock. Adam had given us free passes, so we invited my dear friends Lily and Pete to join us. We had to arrive about an hour before showtime, as it's a first come, first served situation. But it was worth the wait. The movie was really good. It's a true story about Sean Porter, a man who worked in a jail setting for teenage offenders. He realized that 75% of those released end up back in jail or dead, so he decided to do something about it. He started a football team! This was truly a feel good movie, and also another eye opener to the situation that many underpriviledged youth find themselves in. I highly recommend it. If you go, make sure you stay in your seats when the credits roll, because the actual people on who the movie is based, are shown.
I also recommend the movie Invincible, which we saw last weekend. It starred Mark Markham (sp?) as Vince Papale, a "regular" guy who was a major Eagles football fan. He was given the chance to tryout for the Eagles team. It's another "feel good" movie...doncha just love those?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Tropical Storm Ernesto turned out to be nothing more than a big rain with some strong winds but nothing to worry about - at least, not here in Delray Beach. I know that some people in Broward County, where I work, had lost power for awhile, but to my knowledge, this was not a "pull out the generator and get the debris out of the street" kind of storm....thank goodness. Of course, we don't know what's around the bend, but for now, everything is good.
During my two days at home I did get to have a lovely lunch out with my son Adam on Tuesday.. We went to Brewzzis, a restaurant he used to work in in Boca Raton. After eating some delicious ahi tuna, we sat and talked first at our table, then outside on the deck area, for 3 hours. That boy love to talk (hmm, wonder where he got it from?). I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together.
On Wednesday Adam came over and sat with Gerry and I awhile. Then Gerry took us all out to eat at Grangers, a small local bar/restaurant with good food. We eat there once or twice a week (Gerry LOVES their meatloaf special on Saturday nights). Afterward we came back to the house and Adam watched the first 3 or 4 innings of the Yankee game with us. He is a MAJOR Yankee fan - gotta love him for that (sorry, Heather). Oh, and for Heather....don't fret over the Star....eventually, they do grow up and become productive members of society! Wanna know the best part of all? Everytime we part, Adam gives me a really nice hug! Can't help it....this Mom is very touched by stuff like that!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Here We Go Again

Welcome to Florida, home to late summer/early fall hurricanes, panicked people, and ....YEA! a day off from school (work)! We are expecting Tropical Storm Ernesto to turn into a category 1 hurricane and so Broward County (where Fort Lauderdale is located) closed schools tomorrow (Tuesday) and might close them on Wednesday. This was to allow everyone to prepare. As I drove home today I saw lines at the gas stations. Gerry had gone out this morning and waited 1 1/2 hours in a gas line to fill his car up plus fill 4 gas containers (in case we need the generator). I had already gotten gas this morning, not because of the storm, but because I was running on fumes. I passed a gas station that had NO line....I was shocked...until I saw the bags tied around the nozzles: no gas! At Publix, our supermarket, they were out of water. I still don't get why some people pay up to $5.00 a bottle for water (that was all they had left, some kind of "designer" water) when all they need to do is fill a few pitchers or pots and either put it aside or in the fridge. So many people had the look of panic on their faces. I realize that there were people who had damage or lost their roofs last year, but most survived (and were not nearly as bad off as the poor victims in New Orleans et al from Katrina). I really don't think this will be too bad. And at least I have a day home in beautiful weather (at least it will be in the morning). What we did do, however, was put up our hurricane shutters on the front kitchen window and the big picture window in the LR. Now Gerry and I won't have to stand and hold the window as it bows in and out, as we did last year during hurricane Wilma (yes, I know...BAD thing to do!!!).

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hell Froze Over...AGAIN!

I can't believe that two "miracles" could happen in one year...within 3 months of each other. In May, my ex who had not spoken to me in six years, FINALLY came to terms with the fact that it's OK to speak to me...I mean, sheesh, we are both happily remarried and we DO have children together, and I am STILL part of HIS family (divorced the man, not the family), and his WIFE speaks to me....and so, it makes life much more comfortable for everyone (including me). But the second "miracle" was truly son, Adam, had not spoken to me in almost 6 years. While I do remember what happened the day he stopped talking to me, I never understood it. I am not going to rehash the whole thing here....and one day he and I will sit down and discuss it. But, three weeks ago we met for lunch, set up by his ex girlfriend at his request. I went there with no expectations, no high hopes, as I had gotten my hopes up in the past and been very disappointed. This time, though, it was so nice and so comfortable. After a 4 hour lunch, as we parted, I asked if I'd see him again sometime soon and he said, "Sure, steps, Mom!" which was fine with me. The next day, however, he called and we spoke for 40 minutes. The following night we had dinner together before my knitting meeting, and Adam suggested that we have dinner that coming Sunday, and he'd meet Gerry. I was delighted, as the two of them had never met, and they are both HUGE Yankee fans. Adam came over on Sunday with a friend and we went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants nearby. It was way too hot as we sat outside, but we had a nice time, and the kids came back to the house and sat and talked for a few hours more. We had rekindled our relationship (which before 6 or 7 years ago was a very close one) and I am very happy. I think that Adam is too, and I am happy about that. For those of you out there who don't know me, I am a Pollyanna...I want everyone in the world to be happy and to get along. Here is my son....he doesn't like to smile for pictures, though he should, as his whole face lights up when he does:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Proud

Here is the Lion Brand Cotton Ease sweater set, compeleted. I just love the hat, and can't wait to see it on the baby.
Now I am working on an all in one knitted vest for my friend Carla's 2 year old son, Parker. I hope to make one for her baby, Caden...both as Xmas gifts.

This week "was the best of times, it was the worst of times." School officiall began (for staff) this past Tuesday, though I went into work on Monday to get a head start on putting my classroom in order. I had it all set up, when one of my teachers showed me her set up. I liked it so much, I rearranged my room in the same way. Tuesday started with the usual first day meeting, but it wasn't usual at all. I have worked at this school since 1995 (with the exception of the one year I taught up north). I have worked for a fabulous principal and support staff. She steered her staff into becoming a family, and together we brought our school from a "D" school to an "A" school, and again, an "A" this year. Two weeks before school ended, our illustrious superintendent, in his infinite wisdom, switched our principal with one who has been in charge of a "D" school for many years. Everyone was devastated (including the other principal). Nothing could be done, everyone was unhappy. To help her with the work to be done in the other school, my principal took our entire support staff and 4 or 5 teachers to help bring up the grades in that school. So this year's start was not a happy one. In all fairness, the new people have been very nice, but not too organized, and originally set about to make big changes. Our attitude...if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I can see the staff who left our school making big changes to where they are now, as that school just wasn't working!!! But we had the formula down pat, and now...! One change directly affected me. The new principal took away my ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) class which I have taught for all but my first year at this school (10 years) so I will have a regular kindergarten class....much more difficult students than ESOL. I heard (God forbid she should give me the courtesy of an explanation) that she wants bilingual teachers in those classes....actually, not the description of an ESOL are definitely not expected to be bilingual). Anyway, didn't argue cause I don't want to be on her s**t list so early in the year. I have to be a professional and take it on the chin. I had learned a good deal of Spanish over the years to help me when giving directions, or speaking to non-English speaking parents, and had developed a good rapport with that community. Guess you can tell I'm not a happy camper. Luckily, I have lots of comrades in these feelings.

On the home front, all is well. On Friday night we went to the movies to see World Trade Center. It was pretty good, and showed another part of the tragedy, and the spunk of those who bravely went in to give help to the people trapped.

Congratulations to my daughter Becca. She has worked at Outback Steakhouse for a few years while going to school. She got her BA in May and has continued to work there. A few months back she was promoted to head server, trainer and closer. Once again she has gotten a promotion, this time to part time Front Manager, filling in as server on her other days. She would like to get into the managerial program. To quote her, "I had a foot in the door, now I have half of my body in." I am really proud of her! You go, girl!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Becca left last night after a 3 1/2 day visit. It was so nice. She and I took Mom to the movies Monday night to see Scoop. I am not a big fan of Woody Allen, but I loved Match Point so I figured this would be good. I was right. He is so funny, and if you can get past his neurotic behavior, you will really enjoy the movie. Tuesday we hung out at home all day and then Gerry and I took Becca and his daughter Suzzette to watch the Marlins play the Mets.
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Met's pitcher up at bat. We had a really good time, in spite of the Marlins beating the Mets in the bottom of the 9th inning.
Wednesday Becca and I took mom to lunch at a little Israeli restaurant in West Boca called Falafel Armon. Mom had her first falafel pita sandwich and loved it. We all reminisced about each of our ventures to Israel (seemed approriate).

Then we went to Babies R Us to buy a few little things for you-know-who.
Becca's visit was short but very, very sweet.

I finished the blue cardigan and the cotton ease pullover. I am now working on the hat to match the cotton ease sweater.
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A short stop at Tuesday Morning and I came out with this for the baby.....isn't it cute?

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I'm not sure what I'll make next. Maybe I'll pick something from my new book:
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