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Monday, February 28, 2005

I just opened my blog and saw that the last pix I put on didn't "take." So I deleted the entire post and took out the blank pix, and below is what was written on Saturday Feb 26th...

Before I frogged the sockapalooza sock that I had made (the huge one) I started to knit a pair of "consolation socks" for my sock pal, to send along with the "good pair, " in case she didn't like the "good pair." Using Wool-Ease wool blend worsted white multi I started to make my usual sock pattern (not really's from Becky in AZ).

I am excited....I received my first copy of Creative Knitting, along with the PatternWorks catalog. There are great yarns in the catalog, but truth be told, they are not really cheaper than those sold at my LYS - and there are BEAUTIFUL yarns there!!

My latest house guests are still here. They are two of Gerry's friends from Cincinnati, Ohio. They are really great guys and not difficult houseguests, but after a full week (the kids here last weekend - a true PLEASURE, I would have them here ANYTIME) and now the guys, I am ready to have my house back. It's a really small house, and Gerry and I, with the 3 dogs, are enough to fill it. Plus I had the entire morning to myself cause Gerry had to go out to work, and arghhh...after an hour of just sitting on the couch catching up on my recorded TIVO programs (Oprah got her ears pierced; watched Nicholas Cage on Inside the Actor's Studio), the guys came back from wherever they were. Now, they were outside a bit (Florida is snow), but when Dave came in and I was doing...whatever...he was there, talking to me about...whatever (and man, he can talk!). I just wanted to be here, alone, with the dogs, doing "my thing." I don't mean to sound crabby about it, but I so rarely get time to do nothing at all, all by myself. Well, I got him to watch the movie Troy, which he is doing now, and so I got to finally update this blog.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I don't have much to write about. Today was uneventful - well, that's a good thing! I was so tired, probably from the busy weekend we had. After work I went to Mom's and helped frame and hang some pix over her bed. She framed pictures that Alison took of butterflies and flowers. Let me tell you...they are GORGEOUS! You can see them at her website:A Thousand Words

and even that doesn't do them justice! I have to take a pix of the arrangement on Mom's wall and post it here. I love it!

We have more company. Gerry's 2 friends from Cinncinnati, Ohio are here till Sunday. They are great guys. So...dinner out tonight, tomorrow, Friday....argh! Doing my best to watch what I eat. I was SO good and didn't go with them tonight to Kilwin's for ice cream. I am so proud of Gerry, too...he passed up the ice cream when they went this afternoon, and he was going along just for the ride tonight.

The sockapalooza socks??? I frogged it completely!!! I am going to start knitting Broadripple socks in 100% merino wool. The original pattern calls for Cascade yarn with elasticity in it. I am sure my yarn will be fine, though.

Time to take advantage of the empty house, shower and make salad...tomorrow at work it the Black History luncheon, and we all contribute a dish. Mine is my nice, big, "chunky filled with all kinds of good stuff" salad.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

After returning to work today (yuck) I was rewarded by it being a Tuesday, which means...SnB group at The Gifting Tree. It's a really small group....just 5 of us, plus the store owner (Judy) and one employee (Susan). I really enjoy sitting and knitting with this group, chatting and learning new things along the way. Well, I didn't learn anything new tonight - unless you count the discussion about how several of us met our DH, how to lower cholesterol (gonna start taking Red Yeast Rice - herbal stuff that I was planning to use and learned that Judy does too and LOVES it!), and stuff like that. I took out and looked at my sock for my sockapalooza pal. It's SOO big looking, but when I put it on it wasn't all that bad. However, once I knitted almost to the toe and started decreasing, it looked HUGE (and it was knit to guage). I was afraid to keep would fit BIG I decided to bind off the remaining stitches, making a line across the top. BAD MOVE!! I think it looks awful. Sooooooooooooooooooo - I am putting it down (I really don't want to frog it at this point) and will knit another pair of socks using 100% merino wool - Landscape - from KnitPicks. The color is Yukon - shades of blue. Alison was making a pair of socks in the broadripple pattern - think I'll try that. It was so pretty! I hope I have better luck with this pair. If anyone reading has a better idea - let me know. I have lots of yarns suitable for making socks.

I am SOOO bummed out. I am planning a trip to OKC to see my dad. Gerry wants to go with me as they have never met. From there I am planning to fly to AZ to see Alison and Michael. Gerry has to head home - can't miss much work (I am off for the summer - yeah - a teacher perk!). I tried to get flights using frequent flyer award - no seats available. I really don't want to pay $700 for this trip, but it's not easy finding decent flights. I will have to keep working on it I guess.

Keeping this post short tonight. I am exhausted - it was a GREAT weekend! and we are expecting two of my DH's friends EARLY in the morning. They will be with us till Sunday morni
ng. Really nice guys, but there goes the quiet in the house for awhile.

What a GREAT party!!!

On Saturday we celebrated Mom's 80th Birthday with a luncheon (party) at Mon Ami, a restaurant in Boca Raton, Fl. There were 38 of us, friends and family. It was a beautiful day outside and in. Mom was THRILLED! First, on Friday night when, after an all day Mystery Bus Ride with her friends that took them to dinner at WolfGang Puck's and then to the Stars on Ice show, she was surprised when we showed up with my brother Randy, who we just picked up at the airport. She had not seen him for 4 1/2 years (he lives in Oklahoma City, OK) and she had no idea he was coming. On party day my daughter Alison called her (presumably from Arizona, where she lives) but she was really in the parking lot and as she spoke to Mom, Alison walked into the restaurant and tapped her on the shoulder! Then, not only did she have me and Gerry, my brothers Randy and Jon (from CT), my niece Gianna, Alison, husband Mike, there was my daughter Becca and hubby Phil from Ocala, and my step daughter Suzzette (showing her pregnancy) and her hubby Brian. The food was fabulous, service excellent, and the guests wonderful. My cousin Ann's husband Ray serenaded Mom with "If I Could Save Time in a Bottle" and "Happy Birthday." He has a beautiful voice. The best, the very best, though....was Alison's gift. She made a photo blanket with 60 photos of Mom's family and some friends. You can check out Alison's saga of the blanket at her blog Creative Genius.

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Me, Gerry and Mom

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My niece Gianna and Jon
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Mom and Alison with the photo quilt
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Suzzette and Brian

The rest of the day was terrific, too. We went back home to relax, and at night we went to Longhorn's for dinner (could not get reservations anywhere for 12 of us). We had a GREAT time, but, best of all....ALL the "kids" got along so well. Alison and Becca loved Suzzette (only their third meeting, as Gerry and I are only married 1 1/2 years), and visa versa, the guys got along famously, and Gerry and I were SOOOO's a wonderful family that we have together.

Alison was such a good cousin. She brought Gianna a beaded bag and yarn - Simply Soft by Caron (lavender) and a fun fur, with size 19 needles. I showed Gianna how to start a scarf and she was working on it for a good part of yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. We are hoping to create some interest there.

Randy flew out early Sunday morning. The "kids" all left Sunday afternoon. Gerry went to the Daytona 500, so I spent the rest of the day and the evening with Jon, Gianna and Mom. Today we took a ride with the convertible top down and went to Palm Beach and onto Worth Avenue, a very expensive strip....definitely not my taste...too ostentatious. I like my simple life here in Delray Beach! After a nice dinner we went to the movies to see Constantine with Keanu Reeves.....ICK!!! I am not saying that the movie was no good, but it's all about the devil, exocism, getting into heaven. That's all fine with's the depiction of those souls in hell, bugs attacking a human, weird things going on in the name of the devil....that I take exception to. I prefer a good drama or a feel-good movie like Shall We Dance or Finding Neverland, etc.

It's been a terrific weekend. Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone. I am happy that it will be Tuesday, though, so I can go to the Gifting Tree for SnB. A day/evening of peace and then.....Gerry's 2 friends get in from Cinncinatti, staying for 5 days!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

More of my stash from my LYX

Here is the stash I acquired at my LYS  The Gifting Tree two weeks ago. Karina, 50% wool, 33% acrylic, 17% nylon - purpose - cardigan for ME; On Line Linie 73 SPOT - really funky looking and soft (the black with specks of color) - not sure what I will use this for; Debbie Bliss cotton angora - color: teal - I am going to make a "fake" cardigan with this yarn, just to throw over my shoulders for warmth; the Hand-dyed suede I used to make a belt - have to add fringe; and the ribbon yarn will be used for....hmmm, scarf? not sure yet!

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I also received my chenille from England - Sirdar WOW! in cream. Can't wait to get the time to make a cardigan out of that. And have purchased Peruvian Andes wool in various colors to make - what else? -  more socks.

I am bummed out that the socks I am making for my sockapalooza pal are not coming out as I would have liked them too - the front is way too big. I AM knitting to scale so I have no idea why they are not coming out as I think they should. I will be at SnB tomorrow night and ask for help. In the meantime I am knitting a pair of white socks using Wool-Ease worsted, as a second pair for my Sockapalooza pal (in case she hates the first pair).

So excited - I got an e-mail from my SP4. She is preparing a package to send to me. Can't wait to see what it will be.

This is the scarf that I made for my brother Randy using Baby Alpaca Brush yarn. He loved it, but....forgot it at Mom's. I can mail it to him, or...I could just wait and bring it to him when I go to OKC in June.
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Finally able to post pix

Yippee - I am finally able to post pictures...I think. Last night Alison showed me how to do this, and I took copious notes. Of course, I was also falling asleep. now she has left me on my own to figure out what she did/said last night,'s all trial and error from here on in. This is a picture of the shell that I made for my mother for her 80th birthday. She LOVED it and said that it fits her just fine.

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I am going to stop here and try to post this to see if I am doing it right. Wish me luck!!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WHAT A DAY!!! Today was field trip day and I always look forward to them, just to get us out of the classroom for a day. The trip was to Tradewinds Farm in Pompano Beach, Florida. It's an educational farm and the kids love it. When I got to work, happy, confident that all would be well, I was told that the cafeteria had no record of our going on the trip and so had not made lunches for us to take (for 85 children). The request must go in 2 weeks prior to the trip...I put it in 3 weeks prior. I gave it to the bookkeeper who handles it from there. I later found out that the bookkeeper put it into the mailbox for the cafeteria manager but she claims she never got it. Well, the AP got on the bandwagon, lunches were to be made and an office staffer would DRIVE it up to us (20 minutes away). Then the buses were late so we got there late, but thank goodness the staff at the farm is "forgiving." The children - and I - had a great time. We returned to school in time to pack up and go home. Not me, I was going to stay and do some work (which I did) and then go to my SnB group - which I didn't. Gerry called and told me that his daughter Suzzette and her hubby Brian, who were returning from Atlanta today, missed their flight and were coming in on another flight but at a different airport, and they didn't have a ride home. Now, I could have been a bitch and let Gerry drive 40 miles from home to the airport. But I work 10 min away so I said I would get them. After all, if it was for MY daughter I would drop all and run to get them. The plane was 45 min later than expected but they got here and I got them home.

Next I had to go to Publix to get chicken and salad fixin's for tomorrow night. We are having 3 of Gerry's friends in for dinner. I am making roasted chicken pieces, salad, and probably broccoli...nothing too complicated after a full day's work.

So, I never got to knit today and I had wanted to go to SnB to show the women the sock I am working on. Wish I could post a pix (soon, Boo-boo, soon). I am following the pattern to the letter, but the front of the sock from ankle to ankle looks SOOO big. Good thing my sockapalooza pal has big feet.

I am really happy, though. My SP4 got my package today and LOVED IT! I had not heard a thing from her and was worried, but it was noted on her blog.

I came home tonight and the house looked soo nice...I have a cleaning duo every other week - well worth it! Lately, though, I have had to vaccum cause Cocktail, my shepard/chow, sits outside and then comes in, bringing dead leaves and grass on his fur and leaving it all over the floors. One day I hope to have a patio he can lie on and not get dirty.

Mom's party is in 4 days...have to stop at the restaurant and note the amount and size of tables they have and then figure out flowers to get. I don't get fancy centerpieces. I like to buy at Publix or Home Depot and, if I have to, cover the pots with tissue paper and ribbon. Pretty doesn't have to mean expensive. Can't wait to see my girls and their hubbies, either. Or my two brothers, one of who is a surprise for mom.

Would love to write more but I am falling asleep. Hoping tomorrow is an easy day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

I am really excited - I have been working on my sockapalooza socks and it's not as hard as I thought it would be, working with such thin yarn and size 2 DP needles. The yarn is really neat as it is self-striping, something I never worked with before. I had a problem when starting the heel flap. I worked and frogged and worked and frogged - I just couldn't get it right. Finally I pulled out the sock pattern created by Becky in AZ. It calls for working with worsted weight yarn but I just adapted the way the pattern is worked and lo and behold - I got through the heel flap. I wish that I could put a pix of the work in progress here on my blog - have to wait till next weekend!

I found a place for my yarn stash - in a pretty basket in my bedroom (and another smaller basket on my desk shelf. I still am waiting for some chenille to arrive (ordered from England). Then I am swearing off purchasing any yarn until I work at LEAST another three projects and lesson the yarn pile.

I mentioned to my cousin's wife (from Tennasse) that I am a knitter and it opened a whole new relationship for us. Up till yesterday we would only correspond if it had something to do with a party or funeral in the family. Yesterday we had about 6 e-mails apiece b/t us (why we didn't just talk on the phone, I have no idea), and two more e-mails this morning. She told me the following story:

I like Brown Sheep for felting and for some ponchos, Love Manos, Noro, all the Berrocco yarns and LOVE Shaeffer. When we went to Santa Fe NM last summer I "made" Don take me up to Taos to LaLana (check them out on a website) which was fabulous. All their wool is locally harvested, dyed naturally and hand spun. I bought about 8 oz. and haven't used it. yet; it's too special. About 7 yrs. ago I went to a holistic, spiritual retreat off the coast of Canada/Vancouver on the island of Cortez. In their small gift shop I noticed some hand knit things that were produced by a gal living on the island. Getting directions to her home, I walked to her farm. After talking to her, she allowed me to "select" a sheep out in the herd and at the end of my week's stay she presented me with a bag of wool sheared off that sheep and spun for me! It's so special that I've used very little of it, saving it for the "perfect" thing. I may have to bite the bullet and knit it into a sleeveless vest. Earlier this year, I e-mailed her to get some more yarn off that same sheep. The sad news was that sheep are like people; they age and that sheep has turned grey, certainly not a match to the wool I have from her!! Isn't that a great story? Now SHE is a KNITTER!!!!!! I stand (ok, so I am sitting) in awe of her!! I will see her in May when we go to Georgia for her daughter's wedding. Can't wait to sit and knit with her (oh, come on KNOW we'll find time for that!).

Friday, February 11, 2005

I received an e-mail from Karen with the complaint that I have not updated my blog in a few days, so, I'm baaaaack!!
I started on my sockapalooza socks and I'm here to tell you that knitting with fingering yarn and size 2 needles isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The yarn is nice, too, in that it self-stripes. I wish I could post a pix, but as stated before, that will have to wait till next weekend. Maybe I will have at least one sock, maybe both, finished by then. The most exciting news though is that when I got home today a package was waiting for me. It was the yarn that I purchased on-line from I ordered Wool of the Andes, color Fern. It's relatively soft and a lovely shade of green; same yarn in Hyacinth - a rich shade of purple; 100% merino wool - Morning Glory - shades of blue, purple, with some yellow and green too - really soft!; 100% merino wool, Sock Landscape - Yukon - shades of blue and gray - mmm, I think I like this one the best as I am an avid jeans fan! Now I just need a place to put all of this yarn. Maybe I should as our tenent to leave so I can build shelves in his little apt....nah, he's too good a tenent and LOVES the dogs. Speaking of my dogs....has anyone seen them? They put in a short appearance in our house so they can run thru, go out the back door and then come back and run into Steve's (his apt has a door into our house). "Uncle Steve" adores the dogs and spoils them. When we leave to go out, they don't even wait for us to get all the way out of the door - they are lined up, all 3 of them, waiting to get into Steve's. Hmmm, maybe when I get the grooming and vet bills I should send them on to Steve? Just kidding...he is such a great guy, and is always eager to doggie-sit whenever we go away. It's like having built in grandparents for your kids.

Run, don't walk to see the new Will Smith movie...Hitch! It was absolutely adorable, and so funny. I laughed so hard I thought my sides would split, and cried a few times as well - I am a big mush at the movies.

I received a lovely e-mail from my cousin Don's wife, Marcia. They live in Tennassee, we live in S. Florida. They were invited to but cannot attend Mom's 80th BD party next weekend. They are building a house in Central FL, have to fly down a few times during construction, their daughter is getting married in May, etc. When we were invited I didn't hesitate to respond yes. We do keep in touch a little, but I felt it was important to attend because 1. I like them 2. Our family is dwindling and I feel strongly that we should be there for one another, not just at funerals (as we were when Don's mom, my aunt Rose, passed away last September) but on happy occasions. So Gerry, Mom and I made plans to drive to the wedding, which is being held in Georgia. In Marcia's letter she lamented about the fact that she will have NO one from her family at the wedding...her mom is ill, she is an only child, father deceased, cousins in Colorado who she has not seen for 20 yrs. Don's brother, my cousin Bob, can't attend for religious observance reasons, our other cousins are not going, so WE are it! How sad! Her letter made me feel so very happy that we were going, because I know it's important to share your happy times with family. I also found out, through e-mailing re: the wedding, that Marcia is an obsessed knitter, too, with a major yarn stash. She was so interested in sockapalooza. I will have to get her into blogging as well.

I am getting excited. In just one week my daughter Alison and hubby Michael, my brother Jon and niece Gianna, my daugher Becca and hubby Phil, and my older brother Randy are all coming here for Mom's party. The house will be full and busy, but I am just so thrilled at all of them coming, and I especially am excited to see my girls. I love being with them so much, probably because they are really wonderful girls....I am not going to go off on a tangent about how they are just have to take my word for it for now.

Eyes closing...have to get up early and take my maltese Tiemann for a grooming....8 AM appointment, so I had better call it a night. OK - it's a NIGHT!!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is not a knitting post, so if you want to, you may skip it. This is just to vent...!
I may have mentioned in an earlier post that on the 19th, my brother and I are hosting an 80th birthday party for my mom (I made the coral shell for her). As a surprise, Alison and Michael are flying in from AZ (she probably suspects this, but I keep telling her that they can't make it). As an added surprise, my older brother Randy (gray scarf) is flying in from OKC and she has NO IDEA that he is coming. Here was the plan:
On Friday the 18th I leave work, which is 10 min from the Ft. Lauderdale airport, and pick up Alison and Michael at 4 PM, we wait till 5:30 and get my brother Jon and niece Gianna. Meanwhile, Gerry (hubby) picks up Mom and takes her to my house to await Jon and Gianna (and be surprised by A & M), and then we all have dinner. My daughter Becca and hubby Phil ar due to arrive around 10. At 9:45 PM I say that Gerry's daughter Suzzette called, is having car trouble, and then Gerry and my brother Jon go to "help her" but instead get back to the FLL airport to pick up Randy at 10:30, they get back to the house around 11:30, they enter, followed by Randy, video camera rolling, Mom crying, the rest of us crying (or laughing) and we do the kissy, huggy stuff and have fun. Randy has to sleep at Mom's, as do Jon and Gianna, as I have a small house and barely enough room for my girls and the guys (yes, Alison, you and Michael have first dibs on the futon/guest room). BUT.....isn't there ALWAYS a BUT????....
I spoke to Mom tonight. One of her friends (who is a travel agent and is attending the party) called and told her that since she (the friend) didn't know what to give Mom, she is taking her on a mystery bus trip (they have this every year). It is a great gift - they usually go to a show, dinner, and other fun stuff). "When is it?" I asked Mom. "On Firday, Feb. 18th!" said Mom. After more talking, assuring Mom that I will get and feed Jon and Gianna that evening, I called her travel agent friend and found out that they will not get back to pick-up point until 11:30 or midnight! ARRGH!! So, after much thinking (about 10 minutes) here is my NEW plan:
Earlier airport pick-ups as planned, come here for dinner, everyone is at my house (except Mom). If the girls don't wish to leave the house they can stay here with my three doggies (after all, Bex and Phil worked all day, drove 4 hours to come down, Alison and Michael flew all day from AZ), or they can come to Mom's house to await her arrival. Gerry, Jon (and me, if the girls stay home) will get Randy and take him to Mom's to wait for her, video camera in hand. Confused? Yeah, me too!! It doesn't help that Randy is leaving early Sunday morning, Alison and Michael sometime that day as well, so visit time with Mom is limited! But the party will be great and Mom will be thrilled, and she deserves it. She is a wonderful Mom (yeah, she gets me crazy at times but I do that to my daughter too - but only in HER mind, of course!) and, having lost my two dear aunts in the past three years, both 85 or under, and who had not really been sick, I cherish having a mother. I know how fragile life is and that once Mom is no longer here I will have a big void that no one can fill, so I enjoy our time together. And isn't it great to celebrate the good things in life with family and friends? Of course it is!!

OY!!! - I really lost my head tonight! Where, you might ask? At my SnB group meeting in the yarn store tonight. How could I just sit there and knit when they had yarns on sale at 30% off? I just had to have some. I can't post pix onto my blog at this time, but I'll tell you what I got and post the pix in about 1 1/2 weeks (that's when my blog guru, Alison, will be here).
Two toned gray Karina by Filtes (50% wool, 33% acrylicm 17% nylon) is for a cartigan I hope to make for me one day; Debbie Bliss cotton angora, Teal is for this sort of a wrap that you throw over your shoulders and it looks like a cardigan, only it's one side - just the back and make-believe sleeves; Deco-Ribbon Crystal Palace yarn in a sort of pinky/beige is for a scarf for...hmmm, don't know; Blue suede (smokey opal color, hand dyed yarn) is for a belt that one of the women were wearing and I just HAD to have - and, of course, that yarn wasn't on sale!! And I just HAD to have the cute little bamboo needles, perfect for making a scarf or the belt; AND....Funky looking yarn by On line...Linie 73 spot, black with speckles of color in it...I bought it....because!

- I am a danger to myself, I think!!

On the plus-er side, I started my sockapalooza socks tonight. However...I only knitted one row...I was too busy BUYING YARN!!!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

I will not be able to publish any pix to this blog until the weekend of Feb 18th. At that time Alison will be here and will get me up and running on Photobucket. Sorry! I need my tech guru to help with this one.
Back at work....Monday comes around way too fast.
Last night we watched the Patriots beat the Eagles in the Superbowl - YEA! (not that I really care all that much, but Gerry had a small wager on the game..."our" team won but we didn't - didn't make the spread). See, I never really got to love the game of football -oops, sorry Alison and Michael...GO GATORS!!. It has been explained to me several times, and while I sort of got the gist of it, I still think it goes like this....throw a ball, run and pounce, run and pounce, pat the guy on the fanny! I still like baseball the best - GO YANKEES! And now that football season is finished we can start getting excited about the NEW and IMPROVED Yankees! Ok - enough of that!

I finished Randy's scarf while watching the game. It's beautiful. I am sure he'll love it. Just a simple seed stitch but it looks classy. Now I will finish the second armhole on Mom's top and then on to the socks - how long have I been saying this? But this time I mean it. I am going to SnB tomorrow night and just can't face the other women if I have not completed the top.

I sent my first package to my SP4 - not too extravagant, but I think she'll get a kick out of it. Can't tell you more, just in case she reads my blog. But...I got a wonderful RAOK today, and it ws from someone NOT on the FiberRAOK group. It was from Karen, my son-in-law's mother. She and I have struck up a nice friendship on-line, since we live a few states away from one another. I find myself looking forward to her e-mails. Alison, my daughter, has sparked the knitting bug in Karen and so we share what we are doing, how our projects are coming along, as well as family stuff - don't worry, Alison, we NEVER discuss anything personal about you guys, we just have a mutual admiration society going for you and Michael. So - as I mentioned above, to my delight I received a package from Karen. The note inside said that she knows that Gerry will take care of me for Valentine's Day (he'd better), so, since "every dog has his day" she sent my dogs a Valentine's gift. It was in a Clifford Valentine's bag....a package of Dog Biscuit Mix with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter. Isn't that an adorable gift? I was tickled pink! I can't wait to get to the weekend so I can make the biscuits for my 3 "boys." Thank you so much, Karen!!!

I also received a lovely comment to this blog from Becky. Becky is Alison's friend whose sock pattern I love and have made over and over, using Wool Ease Wool Blend wool. Oh, and Becky - let's not tell Alison that you have sort of invited me to come out to visit. That will be our little secret! I do plan to come out in the summer, as I usually do, since I am off of work for several weeks. I make it a long weekend, but will have Alison bring me to the SnB so I can see you and Illana.Oh, and Becky - please send me YOUR blog address!

After work today I went to the gym for the Pilates class...ow!!!! Today it hurt, but I know in time I will get these soft stomach muscles into shape.

Well, have to get off and put the finishing touches on my WIP. I just HAVE to be working on the socks when I go to SnB tomorrow evening.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Doncha just hate it when you are feeling SOOOO good and then something comes along to frustrate the hell out of you?
I was feeling good....last night Gerry and I went on a casino cruise sponsored by his boss. Every year, sometimes twice, the boss has a business meeting at someplace special. Last year they went to a baseball game and sat in one of those air-conditioned booths complete with food and drink. They also went on a casino cruise for the evening. This time the boss invited the significant others. In spite of not winning a cent, we had a fun evening. Gerry picked me up at work, we ate at Mangos, a good restaurant on Las Olas, an "in" avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We were not sure what kind of food was being served on the boat ) we've gone before and sometimes the food is just tiny deli soll sandwiches and a little salad. So we had soup and seafood salads (I saved half of mine) before going to the boat. The food WAS good, a nice hot buffet with a pretty good selection. After their meeting we played the slots a bit and then danced the rest of the evening. When I got home, there was a package from me. I had been RAOK'd for the first time.....Joni sent me beautiful beaded stitch markers that will fit onto small needles. I was ELATED!!!! are GREAT!! In spite of getting to sleep around 2 AM, I woke before 7 to get to my LYS for a BIG sale they were having at 9 AM on winter weight yarns. When I got there (and it's not that close to home) I was told by the guard (the building wasn't open yet) that the sale is TUESDAY morning (which is a bummer cause I work). Of course, I had to call home and confirm this with Gerry, who read the sale card and....sure enough...TUESDAY!!! Ok, I thought, I will go to Costco to get some things. I was almost at the exit when I realized that I had left my card in my other wallet! Did I let it get me down...nope! There's always tomorrow, I thought. So I stopped and got wipers for my car, did a little shopping for my secret pal4 and my secret pal at work, then came home to my NEW COMPUTER to upload pictures of my RAOK stitch markers to my blog. I didn't have Hello installed on my computer, so I promptly went to the site to download it. In doing so I was notified that I already exist in their files and to just download. I did....and now it won't open. And there is no phone number to call, nor live on-line tech support to help me. So....I am FRUSTRATED!!! I hate when the computer gives me a hard time. It doesn't help that two days ago I tried to download my job's e-mail system on this computer, only to get error messages on that as well. And here I thought that with a new computer I would not have any problems, at least, not for awhile!

I am almost finished with Randy's scarf, have one more armhole to rib on mom's shell, and then can start on the sockapalooza socks. And if I can get Hello! up and running, I will be able to post the pix of the finished projects here. Now I am off to take a nap before going to a BBQ tonight. I am SOOOOO tired...don't want to get cranky too (which I almost NEVER do).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just wanted to share that I had a relatively nice day today. The kids in my kindergarten class behaved nicely (not counting how horribly they acted for the language teacher - for me they were good). One reason that things went so well is that I split their reading lesson in two....some of it today, some tomorrow - so we were not rushed and each group was able to take their time with whatever we were doing, making it fun. Instead of intense math today we read a groundhog story, graphed our predictions as to whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow (doesn't really matter much here in S. Florida, does it? - oh, yeah...6 more weeks of winter means 6 more weeks of the snowbirds clogging our streets and highways, creating longer lines at movies, waits at restaurants, etc). The kids enjoyed coloring and cutting out the groundhogs for the graph and another little project. Each one didn't take long, was fun, easy - sort of instant gratificiation. We have so much to to academically that we rarely have time for little projects.

After my team meeting today I did a 30 minute walk....not hard when you are listening to a book on tape, then went for my monthly hour massage. I had such knots in my neck - felt like they were the size of golf balls - but Sarina worked them out. I hated to get off the table. Then to home, got Gerry - who is feeling somewhat better as he recovers from the flu - and went to the movies. No dinner for me, so I treated myself to a Starbucks Decaf lowfat milk Latte. MMMM! and a less fat blueberry cake...MMMMMMM! We went to see Million Dollar was wonderful, but I didn't expect it to be such a tear-jerker. Bring lots of tissues. I see most movies that come out and I have to say, Hillary Swank definitely should get the Oscar. Best actor will be hard...they were all great, but I am pulling for Jaimie Foxx for Ray. Anyway, that's a discussion for another time.

Gonna try to install some programs into my new computer. Should go to sleep but it's the only time I have, so.....!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's really hard coming back to work after 3 days and a weekend off. It's not really because of having so many days off, but when you are a teacher and your room has been infiltrated by a sub, it takes that much longer to get the room back in order. I am not saying that the sub wrecked the room....not at all. But I had to get my (teacher edition) books back in order, update my calendar and other things hanging around the room that change daily, but most of all....rein in the kids. On top of this...I have no break on Mondays, had lots of computer and paperwork to take care of, etc. I had planned to do some work, leave by 3:45 and make it to my 4:30 Pilates class. Best laid plans...! I worked at school until 5:15, then headed home. No problem, I thought. After dinner Gerry and I will take a power walk or bike ride. WRONG!!! Gerry was feeling poorly, so we ate and relaxed and then I played on my new computer (did I say that on Sunday we purchased a brand new HP Pavaillion desktop with 17" flatscreen monitor and lots of bells and whistles. I spent most of Sunday moving files and programs, then we gave my old - 3 1/2 yrs - to Suzzette and Brian). Soooo . - no exercise or knitting on Monday.

Today I worked my butt off once again. It's the 100th day of school here and so, beside the regular curriculum that needed to be done, we did 100 days activities. In the end, the kids loked cute walking out after school with their 100 shaped glasses and their paper ties with 10 grous of 10 ovals on them. Stayed till 5 today, and then did one of my favorite things...I went to SnB at The Gifting Tree. There isn't an over abundance of women there but it's still fun. There seem to be a core of about 5 or 6 of us, and others come, stay and knit awhile and then leave. It's dangerous being in this shop as Judy stocks such wonderful fibers to knit or crochet with. I am not buying anything because I have to finish my projects. I worked on Mom's shell, completing the neckline and one armhole. Then I did several lines on Randy's scarf. Hopefully, both will be finished by the weekend.

Came home after the meeting and there is poor Gerry - he has the flu. We will do our best not to let him breath on me. I should not say it too loudly, but I am lucky in that I seem to have immunities built up, most likely from working with kids for so long. It could also be all the vitamins that I take. But I am not taking any kissing for a few days (what a bummer!).
I have not heard anymore from my secret pal 4 other than a greeting card on line. Of course, I still have not mailed mine anything... been busy, but will do so on the weekend.

Time to close out and get a little (and I mean, little) sleep. It's getting chilly again here and I love being under the covers. Just wish that I could stay under till at least 10 tomorrow!! Doncha love a fantasy?