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Friday, June 30, 2006

An Addendum to the Last Post

For some reason I could not upload the last pix of items bought at Bells (Bealls). Sorry!

Grandma Got Crazy Again

It's all my cousin Ann's fault. Ok...and Alison's. I cannot be held responsible this time! Ann called and asked me to accompany her to Babies R Us the other day. She is leaving on July 19 for Russia to pick up Genia, her adopted baby, and had to get a few more things. As we were on our way Alison called and told us that there was a sale at BRU. We then got into a discussion of what she needed for the baby...newborn clothing. Since it's winter and he'll be tiny, I told her that he would mostly need kimonos (they call them nightgowns now, I think) and stretchies. When I got to BRU I didn't like the sale items as much as the regularly priced items,'s what I got: 4 kimonos, two stretchies (one in 3 month, one in 6 month), the sweater was only about $3.50 - so worth it;who could resist that baseball outfit?And that hat....he HAD to have the hat. Oh, what a cute bib...doncha just love it? Ann had a coupon for Johnson's Bath Buddies, buy one get one free, the basket it went!! After I did some damage at BRU (plus one dress that Ann loved so I got it for Genia), Ann told me that Bells Outlet had newborn items at a really cheap price. Ok....I decided to just go look. After I took Ann home I went to Bells (is it Bells or Bealls - isn't that thing in the middle a bell and not an "a" ?). Anyway...chaotic as the racks were, I found many kimonos and stretchies by Bon such an inexpensive price....I bought 4 of each! Wouldn't you?? Hope you like them Ali.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

There's No Place Like Home

Home at last, and as good as it is to go away, it's great to be home. I had a really nice time on LI with my friend Andrea. We spent Monday in Roosevelt Field, lots of shopping there. I was so good. The only thing I bought was....Starbucks coffee. Tuesday we did go to the Hamptons and wandered in and out of shops all day. I was beat by Tuesday night. I had hoped to get an earlier flight out of Lauguardia. I got there at 1 PM for a 4 PM flight....but, due to weather in surrounding areas, there were no vacancies. I did luck out, though. I was offered a flight into Ft. Lauderdale leaving an hour before my scheduled flight (I was supposed to go into West Palm Beach), for a voucher toward a future flight plus ground transportation from FLL to PBI. The flight was great, I was taken in a private car (paid for by the airline) to PBI, and as I got there my baggage was just coming around the carousel, as my original flight had just gotten in. Ger picked me up I am! It was also our third wedding anniversary. No wild celebrating though...I unpacked, we watched a little baseball and then my tired guy turned in for the night.

More Vacation

Sunday...rain again! But we were planning to stay in anyway. First, I went to a beautiful salon...Posh Nail Salon and Spa, for a nail polish change (mine was partially rubbed off on the thumb tip from bowling). Then I went food shopping...again. My sister-in-law Gloria and her friend Sal were coming over for the day. When I got back they were there. I had such a wonderful time talking and catching up with Gloria. Then Sal had us laughing as he told us stories of his family (gee, made mine seem almost normal). They stayed the entire afternoon, and now I am about to sit on the couch, work some more on that broadripple sock, and just chill out! I am done shopping (for food) and cooking. Tomorrow I head to Long Island to spend 2 1/2 days with my friend Andrea. We had planned to head to the Hamptons, but with this weather, I'll forego the bathing suit. We'll probably just do some antique-ing, maybe visit Roosevelt Field or some other good shopping area, and otherwise just schmooze. No yarn shops you say? No...keep me away...I already have more yarn than projects. I don't mind receiving as gifts, I just have to be good and not spend any more money on yarn for awhile (because I DID purchase some yarn so that when I return home I can start making the baby a sweater from Creature Comforts.

Something To Do On A Rainy Day

Saturday we planned to go to the Bronx Zoo with my niece and her boyfriend Matt. The weather was horrible....rain on and off all day. So after a nice lunch at a REAL diner (only NY/NJ/ CT seem to have REAL diners...ok,so I am a NY snob), we went bowling. I have not bowled in over 15 years, and so was floored at the cost. It was $4.75 PER GAME/PER PERSON...and $4.50 for each of us to get shoes. Jon bought a family, they gave us a pitcher of cola and one thing of popcorn. However, we did get his money's worth when they made a mistake on the time allotment and reset us to play a total of 5 games. While that was a wonderful "treat," this body wasn't made to bowl 5 games...but, I did it and survived (and amazingly, didn't hurt the next day). To show you how long it's been since I bowled....I used to use pencil and paper and my brain to note the it's all computerized! Sheesh.

     We then went shopping for food and I cooked them a nice meal for dinner, got onto the couch, and knitted into the night.

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Couldn't Pass Them Up

I went to Modell's, a NY/NJ sporting goods store, and bought Gerry what I knew he would love for our wedding anniversary - hey, he's easy:
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BACK: If you can't read this, it says: Hardware: There's no better feeling than a ring on your finger. The Yankees have more rings than you can shake a SOCK at. 26 to be exact. Oh...One more thing. It won't be 86 more years before our next one.
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A true Yankee fan just HAS to have a Johnny Damon shirt (now that we love him).

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With a Mommy, grandparents, greatgrandparents,auntie and other relatives who are NYers, this baby just HAD to have this shirt!
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Now who could resist getting this???? (the circle on the front just says "infant."

Friday in Manhattan

Friday morning I woke EARLY and took the METRO (train) into Grand Central Station, then a subway up to W. 67th Street, to the Special Music School, where I taught for one year in 2000. This is a NYC public school that was started with funding from the Elaine Kaufman Foundation to help NYC students learn while getting preconservatory music training. It's the best job I ever had (yes, Alison, I remember when you said..."And you're leaving, WHY?). But I had met Gerry a month prior to moving up to NY, and we had a year of flying back and forth, with me returning to FL at the end of that school year to be with him). If I had NOT met him, I'd probably still be there. Ok...water under the bridge!! I coordinated my trip to NY with the 5th grade graduation of the students I had taught that year. I still keep in touch with some (see previous posts). The graduation was lovely, and as each of my 8 former students gave their speeches, they mentioned my name. Afterward they, and their parents, were as excited to see me as I was to see them. I stayed to help with the little party they were having, and unfortunately had to decline several invitations to join them at the Cafe Mozart for lunch, as I had already arranged to visit another friend.  (As an aside, my friend and author Regina told me that someone told her that there were MANY sites on line that mentioned her or her books, and when she googled her name and was checking out some of the sites....there was THIS site...MY BLOG....because I had written about the bracelet I was giving Miranda, her daughter!! Good thing I only had nice things to say, huh?...By the way...Miranda LOVED the bracelet).

Next I took the subway to Grand Central and went across the stree to spend 2 hours with an old friend/neighbor Leslie, at her office.

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The NYC subways have lots of entertainment. I came across a group of break dancers...I swear they were the same group that was there when I was in NYC two years ago. You can see this group as you walk to get the shuttle from Grand Central Station to Times Square.
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Some of the stations have lovely art work done in mosaic tile. This was at the 42nd street station in Manhattan, as I waited for the # 1 train.

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Then walked uptown to Fortunoff's on 5th Ave where I was sure I would find a piece of jewelry that I could buy with BD money from Gerry and Mom, but nothing caught my eye. Jon met me when I was done and we walked to Broadway (lots of walking that day...good thing I brought my flat shoes with me to change into). We ate at the Olive Garden. I was amazed at the difference in the prices from other cities...everything cost at least a third to half as much more. Next we went to see the show The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Our seats were fabulous...second row from the stage, which was seat level. It was hysterical. It's coming to FL this season and I plan to get tix to take's THAT funny. Walking AGAIN, back to Jon's office so he could get his laptop, walk to the train and home at 12:30 AM. Not bad for a "mature citizen."

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The Journey Begins

What a great trip I am having!! I flew up to NYC on my birthday - June 21 (otherwise, until Gerry and I went out to dinner, I'd probably be doing laundry or some other routine chore). The flight was great. I worked on my Broadripple sock while listening to The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult on my Nano iPod. I just love toys!! My friend and former co-worker JoAnn picked me up and we went to her school (she's an AP in the Bronx). While she had a meeting, I sat in on one of the kindergarten classes, as NY school's are still in session. You would THINK that I had had enough of school, but it's always fun to visit and see how another does it. Afterward we drove to Jo's house for an evening of Chinese food for dinner and relaxation.

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Thursday morning I took the subway downtown. I never feel uneasy on the trains here. Hey, this was my home for most of my life..."I'm a New Yorker...fear's my life!" (from Rent).I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I loved the exhibit on Hatshepsut (Hat-shep-soot), the first important female ruler known to history. There were wonderful statues and jewelry on exhibit. Another exhibit that I liked was AngloMania, which focuses on British fashion from 1976 to 2006. A wide spectrum of British designers is on display. Of course, wandering through the halls and just looking at the paintings, furnishings of various periods, sitting and reflecting was just what the doctor ordered. It just brought a feeling of peace and calmness. I loved every minute of my day there. Afterward I walked, yes, walked across Central Park, and then down Central Park West to Columbus Circle, got on the train and ventured back up to the Bronx. Later that night, my brother Jon picked me up and drove me to Connecticut, where I was spending the weekend.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Big News!!!

Yes, I know this is supposed to be about knitting, but sometimes there are just more exciting things to write about. I couldn't post this until today, as I know that some of Alison's friends read my blog and I wanted her to post the news first. Now that she has, I can say:
On Monday I waited, not so patiently, for Alison to call after her doctor appointment/ultrasound. I knew she had a 10:30 AM appointment. I did go with Mom to her water aerobics class, somewhat under protest, but once I got into the water it was wonderful. The workout was tough (don't let yourself think that because it's for VERY senior people that it's easy) I know I will be hurting tomorrow. Of course, I had my phone close by, just in case it should didn't. I took it into the shower and ring! Mom took me to lunch at Pei Wei. On our way, my other daughter Becca called...had I heard anything? I told her no, but we were all so anxious! FINALLY - just as we finished lunch, Alison called to give us the news. Typically Alison, she did her best to tease and hold off, but after a very LONG 15 seconds, she told us. Mom and I were ecstatic. After we talked, and then I called Gerry (he was SOOO thrilled, as he was hoping it would be a boy), Mom and I went shopping. Just look at the cute things I couldn't pass up:

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It's blue and white seersucker....sooo sweet!

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Size 24 months - sweats from Old Navy. After is OUR thing, so the baby HAS to have baseball clothes. When I am in NY this weekend, I will be going to the official Yankee store and purchasing some Yankee garb for our wonderful future grandson!

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He just has to have this from his Florida grandparents, doesn't he?

If you want to see this darling (in utero) go here.

Thank you, Alison and made our day!!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today was Father's Day. Not a big deal around here since 1. Gerry's not my father 2. He's not the father of my children. However, he IS Suzzette's father, and she asked if she and Brian could come over since it was Dad's Day and soon to be my birthday (the 21st). I am going to NY on my BD so this was the only chance they'd get to see me for it. They brought this book for Gerry. It's sooo cute....

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...for example, one of the pages inside says: "When I was your age... (One of the most common isms, it's frequently followed by one of the following big fat lies:)...

1. I walked to school ten miles in the snow, uphill both ways! (remember Alison and Becca?)...we used to!

2. They didn't have indoor plumbing. We had to go outside to do our business.

3. Kids didn't speak until they were spoken to.... " and more.

For me, they brought a lovely beaded necklace and bracelet. The color is an irridescent black, taking on a dark blue hue, and the square beads are sort of gray. I rarely wear beaded things but have been trying to get more into what I call funkier jewelry. I am WAY too conservative. I have to say that when I put it on it did look really nice. Thanks, kids!!

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The last gift was from me to me. I wanted to get something for Miranda, who was a kindergarten student of mine in NYC in 2000 and is now graduating from 5th grade. I coordinated my NY trip on Wed. with her graduation (and that of the 9 ohter students still in that class). Her mom and I have become good friends over the years. In fact, her mom is an acclaimed author, Regina McBride. If you are a reader, you must read her books: The Nature of Water and Air...The Land of Women...The Marriage Bed. All are novels that will keep you engaged and wanting more. So I wanted to get Miranda something for her graduation. I looked at many shops on the Avenue in downtown Delray Beach, but didn't want anything really touristy or expensive.Then I stopped into a jewelry store with a good sale, and found this cute bracelet. It's light, pretty, silver, and because of the starfish and circle of dolphin, perhaps it will remind her of me and where I live. I also bought one for myself, to wear with other silver bracelets.

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Tomorrow I have a much needed manicure. My mom is taking me out for a BD lunch (again, because she won't see me on my actual BD). And....she called and invited me to join her and the other ladies for their Monday morning class of....water aerobics. Don't snicker, now. I joined them two years ago and let me tell you, the instructor is excellent and the movements are NOT easy to do. Oh, sure, some of those old mature ladies don't move so well, but some, especially my 81 year old mom, move better than some 35 year olds I know. I told Mom that I rarely go into the water at all, but since it will make her happy, what the heck. It wouldn't hurt for me to have some exercise either. However, I AM bringing my cell phone and keeping it closer to the pool, for I will be waiting for a VERY important call from Alison. She has a doctor appointment for an ultrasound to tell the baby's gender, now that she is 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I am convinced that she's having a girl, but if it's a boy....that will be awesome, too. I am sure she'll write all about it here. What a great BD present THAT will be!!

Movie Reviews

I know, I know...what in heaven's name would make me go to see a movie titled Nacho Libre. And I had seen the previews, which really looked d-u-m-b. But...we are big movie goers and thought, perhaps, maybe....this might turn out to be a few laughs. UGH, GAG, P-U!!! This movie was so bad, so inane, so lousy that Gerry and I walked out in the middle of it. We have only done that once before...when we went to see Aquatics with Bill Murry. We SHOULD have also walked out on The Royal Tennenbaums, which is right up there as one of our most disliked movies. So take it from me, if your kids beg to see this movie, be excellent parents and say NO, NO, NO!!!! Hopefully it will go away and be!

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Before we shamed ourselves went to see that horrible movie we spent a lovely afternoon at home. Gerry's daughter Suzzette and hubby Brian came over for dinner to celebrate Father's Day and my BD, which is on Wednesday. We watched The Greatest Game Ever Played. THAT was such a good movie.It's a good, sweet true story of a young man from the bottom of the class totem pole who opens up the prospect of playing golf for the rest of the non-upper class world.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Just stuff

OK - so I am a romantic at heart. Tonight we went to see The Lake House, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. This was a lovely movie, PG, for those who enjoy a nice love story with a little fantasy thrown in. I am so happy that I don't listen to the critics, who didn't seem to like it too much. Too bad they are not a sentimentalist like I am. So if you want to enjoy a sweet love story, I recommend it.

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Last night I FINALLY finished the crocheted project that I have been working on for several weeks. I cannot post a pix of it yet (can you guess WHO it's for??). But if I say so myself, it turned out GREAT and I am very proud of it. I am now (finally) working on the second sock in the broadripple pattern, using Landscape yarn (I think - if not, it's Sock Garden) by Knit Picks. I pulled another DPN from my stash and am using 5 again.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vacations & Frustrations

Gerry and I went on a mini-vacation Sunday thru today (Tuesday). For $99, we went to Marco Island, which is on the west coast of Florida, about 2 1/2 hours from where we live in Delray Beach (east coast). For this price, we had to sit through a presentation re: a Vacation Club (yes, it is sort of a timeshare deal, but worked a little differently). We were not worried about being suckered into buying anything, as we already own a timeshare that we have trouble using. So we took advantage of the offer with no worries. The presentation was at/for Sunset Cove, a lovely new building with beautiful apts. I won't go into the whole thing, but it was nice. The young salesman was very sweet, definitely soft sell and having been told from the gitgo that we were not buying, he just spent the time going over any questions I happened to ask. It really was a decent experience.

Sunset CovePhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For our $99 and the patience to sit through the presentation, we were given several perks: we stayed at the lovely

We were also given a voucher for either a Sunset Dinner Cruise (in the rain and wind - I don't think so!) or dinner at one of 3 restaurants for up to $100 (we chose a very casual, on the water (but indoors) seafood restaurant - Snook Inn, down the block from our Inn); and either championship golf for two or two GC's to a spa...again, too nasty for golf so I had a 1/2 hour massage yesterday and a lovely pedicure today. Not a bad deal, huh?

Tonight I picked up Mom and took her to my knitting group. Since I am off in the summer and go from home, it's a nice way for us to spend some time together, and she really enjoys the ladies there. Would you believe it, she is even getting the urge to knit. My mom doesn't have great eyes....the light bothers her and they often spasm shut, but she wants to give it a try. So I promised to get out my big needles and get her some nice yarn so she can just knit up a scarf in garter stitch! How cool is that!!! But tonight was otherwise frustrating...I got to the group and realized I only had a little yarn for my project, having forgotten the new skein at home. No matter...I also left the pattern in Gerry's car (the one we used for the trip home). So, I decided to begin the second broadripple sock to complete the set I was making for a coworker...and, I had lost one of the DPNs. Finally I decided to use 4 instead of 5, but because of all the chatting and helping each other, I kept losing my place in the pattern. FINALLY I did get to complete 6 rows before it was time to go home.

I did get a new book today - yes, another new book. I don't know if I am too thrilled with this one. I love patterns. This book, while ti's the way I like to knit - Knitting from the Top (by Barbara G. Walker) actually instructs you on HOW TO make various pieces knitting from the top. I prefer patterns that tell you how, not where I have to calculate the sizing and shaping for myself and then sort of design it myself as well, but I'll put the book away and when I am done making the projects I have planned I can pick it up and TRY!

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A quick congratulations to Susan of my knitting group. Susan lost her job in a bakery last week and was very upset. I told her that everything happens for a reason, and now we know what it is: tomorrow Susan starts work at Great Balls of Yarn, one of a group of yarn stores in South Florida. She will be in the Boca Raton store 3 days a week. She gets to touch all the yarn, help others with their projects, and be in the atmosphere that makes her happy....knitting!!! Best of luck, Susan!

Oh - I DID finish the pink baby sweater and gave it to my cousin Ann at her baby shower on Saturday....everyone loved it. I don't think Genia will be able to wear it for another two years or came out so big, but she'll have something to look forward to. The shower was a huge success and Ann was just so happy. Now I am looking forward to Alison's baby shower in September. But even more exciting is next Monday, June 19th, when Alison and Michael, and then the rest of us, will find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Of course, we all want a healthy, happy baby, but that aside, while I will love whatever it is, I truly think that I'll be making a pink sweater next!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Thanks Alot, Penny!!!

Hi  - My name is Jody and I have an addiction. It's a relatively new one, and it replaces another that I fought hard to free myself from. See, I had this THING for cookbooks. I'd see one who's title/cover looked interesting, look through it, and if there was one....just ONE recipe that I thought I'd like to make, I would buy it. Then I'd get the book home and MAYBE make that recipe and maybe not! The book would sit on my small kitchen counter for a few weeks, untouched again (except when I cleaned the counter) and then it would be lovingly placed in the cabinet over the stove, probably never to be seen again. I told myself, "Self....this is do NOT need another cookbook!" Especially since when I DO use a cookbook, it's usually the one or two that I rely on for certain standard recipes. So I mostly stopped buying cookbooks (ok, ok, so I DID buy one a few months ago but it was at an author's reading, and she was SO nice and the book had healthy, easy recipes....!). I was SO proud of myself for controlling that addiction so well, until I realized....I HAVE ANOTHER ADDICTION!!!! Knitting books! Now I don't buy every book I see, but if I see a pattern on a blog that I love, or if I hear of someone using a technique that I want to learn....yup - I go online and get that book. In all honesty, I don't have near as many knitting books as Alison does (or even as much as some of you), but I have WAY more than I need. And I am very partial to books that have patterns for baby/toddler sweaters...even though I have several hundred patterns saved on my computer.

     Well....I DID have to have Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi, didn't I? I mean...I love to make socks, and I heard how much better it is using two circs instead of dpns, sooo....I ordered it. I have not had a chance to use it though. I made sock one for my job's secret pal using dpns, so I think I'd better make the mate the same way. But I promise to make my next pair using this book (of course, I still have Catherine Wingate's two books The Sock Journal and The Sock Calendar to use).

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And here it is....summertime! This year our summer pay was worked out in some weird way by our school board and I am sure my checks will be much less than during the year. So I swore off buying any more books. After all....I have several lovely pattern books to use for making my coming grandbaby some nice garments. Then along comes Penny!!! All I did was tell her how much I loved the sweater on her blog, and what do you think? She becomes an ENABLER!!! She e-mails me and tells me the name of the book - Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrts AND that I can find it on Amazon. I closed my eyes, I fought the urge, I opened Amazon...I BOUGHT the book! I just can't help myself...and the sweaters that Penny made are just sooooo cute! Thanks alot, Penny!!!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Thinking of Babies

This has been a "thinking about babies" week. Last Friday my cousin Ann called to tell me that she and her husband Ray had just returned from 6 nights in Russia, where they met the baby girl that they are adopting. They sent me photos, but I went over there Monday and saw a video of the baby. She is so adorable. She's 16 months old and they are keeping her name as she is called in the orphanage...Genia (pronounced Jenya) - it's short for Eugenia. The baby took to them immediatly, and when I look at pictures of the three of them together, there is no denying that this is their baby. And as cute as Genia is, looking at Ann and Ray's faces is priceless.  I decided to make Ann a baby shower...after all, she's a first time Mommy, isn't she? We had to rush it because Ann and Ray will be notified soon to return to Russia  to make the adoption final and to bring Genia home. So we are having it at her Dad's house on June 10th....nothing too fancy...Costco to the rescue. Just finger foods and a nice cake/cookies.Tuesday night before knitting Mom and I went to Babies R Us (where they are registered) and purchased our shower gifts. Then we went to knitting and Mom had a really nice time. She doesn't knit,but she came in very handy - I had her fold all the invitations and stuff the envelopes. Speaking of....Babies R Us gives cute invites. The previous night I filled out all 36 envelopes and the insides of ALL the cards...and then realized that I had used Ann's maiden name. So I printed out my own invites, using American Greetings, and then had to get new envelopes as the original ones were 1/4" too small. I started knitting a top down cardigan using Simply Soft by Caron, in white. However, when I got home and looked at it, for some reason it looked huge (but the gauge was correct). I frogged it and started again, using Bernat Softee in pink. I almost have the yoke done and then can divide for the sleeves, using dpn's to complete them.

On Thursday Ann called and asked if I would meet her at Babies R Us. I had free time so I did. It was fun to watch her enthusiasm for everything baby! This is so wonderful for her. She is 45 yrs old, first marriage and first child!!! While walking thru the store I came across the shoes below and couldn't resist them. These "ugs" are for MY grandchild. Look Alison...aren't they precious??? Now you can take the baby along when you and Michael go hiking. It's never too early to get 'em started!

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Before meeting Ann I stopped at Penelope's, a wonderful shop that sells gifts, toys, yarns, breads, teaches weaving, etc. They were originally located a few blocks from my house, but relocated about 1/2 mile away. They are not doing well there at all and are closing at the end of July. Right now they have a 35% sale. I bought these cute booties, below, and some things for my SP. Hoepfully they will eventually go to 50% + and still have some goodies left.

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