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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Works of Art

Last night after dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Maya, my friend Eva and I went to an art gallery in Fort Lauderdale to view a showing called "Portraits in Blue." A friend of Eva's, Robin White, was exhibiting some of her art. It was very nice - there were many people but not overly crowded. We met Robin and saw her painting, which, she said, was of her mother as a young woman. There were all genres of art. We met and spoke to an artist named Lena Luckey (Luckey is her married name but very appropriate, I think). She is from Czechoslovakia, as is Eva. Lena's art is beautiful, very serene, calm - you can feel inner peace in each one. A bit later we met two of Eva's cronies from dancing and spent a few minutes talking to them. It was a really nice evening. Here are some other works that were at the exhibit, though I apologize for not knowing the artists:


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