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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Finally home from my travels - for now. December started off great.

Eva and I went to the tree lighting ceremony here in Delray Beach. We have a 100 ft. tree that is just beautiful. You can walk inside and view cute little window scenes of the holiday. They town had school children singing and dancing on stage and of course, Santa was there - arriving on a fire engine! After the tree lighting we went to dinner across the street at Taverna Eros and enjoyed several "small plates" and a salad. We completed the evening by walking down the Avenue, which was closed to traffic, went in and out of the stores/boutiques, listened to the bands that were here and there and even got to do some dancing with friends that Eva knew.

Last Friday I went to see Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays, along with Mom, her friend Evette and my friend Lois. What a GREAT SHOW!!!
This Friday night was the Disco Studio 54 Theme party at the studio. I bought a cute 1970's disco dress complete with hat and belt, accessorized a bit and was ready to go. Eric was the consummate disco guy - Afro, big gold chain, disco shirt. Nataliya was a sparkly go-go dance,Tiffany had her disco top and bell bottoms...we did the hustle and other disco dances, with a few ballroom numbers thrown in.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Coming and Going!

November was SOOOO busy. I mean, I love being busy but this was nuts!
The first weekend I flew to Atlanta for Avi's 3rd birthday (and it was Phil's birthday too, though he was a little more than 3 years old). When I walked in on Thursday night, Talia and Avi were in the tub taking a bath. Avi looked up, big smile and said, "Hi, Grandma!" Talia looked up and...."WAAAAAA" cried hysterically till Alison picked her up. It took Talia a little while to get comfy with me. On Friday I went to Avi's school and spent the morning sitting in on two classes like his (3 - 6 year olds). It was interesting to see how the children worked on their own, with minimal intervention by the teachers. The room was orderly, there was no arguing among the students, everyone knew what to do and how to go about it. SIGH!!! Wish my students had the opportunity to learn in an environment like this. We are so innundated with "programs" and time constraints that it is not what kindergarten should be like. It's not as calm, the students don't have a chance to master what they are learning....yada, yada, yada. Get me off this soapbox already! On Saturday I got to go with Avi, Alison and Talia to Lowe's where Avi goes every two weeks to make a project, supplied by the store. This week he made a fire engine. They even had a fire engine on hand for the kids to sit in and meet the fire fighters, although Avi did not want to go into the truck (he is an observer).

We went to PF Changs for lunch and got to see Becca there.
The birthday party was at Lifetime Fitness, the gym that my kids belong to and where Phil and Alison work (he full-time, she one day a week). Phil ran the party. It was a hoot. They had a bounce house, he played games with the kids, and then it was time for pizza, apples and a BIG birthday cookie (instead of a cake). The kids were all so good and had a great time...I did, too! The best part, though, was getting to spend a lot of time with Avi and Talia.

The next weekend Mom and I were supposed to go to NY for a wedding. Unfortunately it was cancelled....the groom skipped out a few weeks before the date. Not only did he disappear, but it turned out that he was a USER!!! He took back the ring (which may or may not have been real), took the bride's father's credit card and charged some things on it, never paid the deposit to the DJ and catering restaurant and more...good riddance to him. We decided to keep our tickets and go to NY anyway, as we were staying with my brother in CT. On Saturday we went into Manhattan and met my friend Aileen for lunch. I had seen her for the first time in 41 years this past summer and never met her partner. He owns a butcher shop in the city - what a nice guy. Then we had lunch and good company, in spite of the rainy weather. After lunch Mom, Jon and I went to Hopewell Junction to have dinner with my best friend Rosemarie and her husband Al. Mom and I spent the night and they took us to the airport the next day.

The NEXT weekend I went with my boss/friend and several other teachers to Mt. Dora, which is north of Orlando. They go every year and this is the first time I was able to join them. We spent all of Saturday at Renningers Antique Show. It was GREAT (but oh, so hot out). I saw so many things that I remember from my childhood...old (but in great condition) appliances, dishes, lunch boxes, furniture, and books...DICK AND JANE!!! UNCLE WIGGLY (two of which I have in storage). I did get the find of the day...a beautiful gown, just my size, for a sinful price, that I will wear at the studio's Holiday Extravaganza when I do a showcase dance in December. On Sunday we went to the town of Mt.Dora to go in and out of shops and have lunch. Another fun weekend!
The following week was Thanksgiving. Mom and I flew to Atlanta to spend the holiday with the kids. Thursday morning my girls and their husbands ran the Atlanta 1/2 marathon while Mom and I watched Avi and Talia AND put the turkey in to cook. Alison had bought a fresh turkey and marinated it overnight in brine. It was the best tasting turkey I have ever had. Everything else was delicious...Becca made green bean casserole and fried broccoli, Alison made the rest and baked, I made cranberry-orange relish. On Saturday it was "Game Day!." Michael put out the Albert Gator flag (the root for U of Florida) and we had a "tailgate party" in front of the garage. They grill hot dogs and beans and we pretend we are in the parking lot of the stadium. Alison was busy earlier reconstructing a jacket to make a pouch on the back that Talis could fit into (it's open on the inside and Talia is in a carrier on Alison's back, inside the pouch...Talia LOVED it! It was another fun, fun weekend with the kids.