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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm BACK!!!

Finally home from my travels - for now. December started off great.

Eva and I went to the tree lighting ceremony here in Delray Beach. We have a 100 ft. tree that is just beautiful. You can walk inside and view cute little window scenes of the holiday. They town had school children singing and dancing on stage and of course, Santa was there - arriving on a fire engine! After the tree lighting we went to dinner across the street at Taverna Eros and enjoyed several "small plates" and a salad. We completed the evening by walking down the Avenue, which was closed to traffic, went in and out of the stores/boutiques, listened to the bands that were here and there and even got to do some dancing with friends that Eva knew.

Last Friday I went to see Billy Crystal in 700 Sundays, along with Mom, her friend Evette and my friend Lois. What a GREAT SHOW!!!
This Friday night was the Disco Studio 54 Theme party at the studio. I bought a cute 1970's disco dress complete with hat and belt, accessorized a bit and was ready to go. Eric was the consummate disco guy - Afro, big gold chain, disco shirt. Nataliya was a sparkly go-go dance,Tiffany had her disco top and bell bottoms...we did the hustle and other disco dances, with a few ballroom numbers thrown in.


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