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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Full October

The month started with a road trip to Tampa with my friend Lois to see the NY Yankees play the Tampa Bay Rays. She and I have never taken a trip together before and we found that we are good travel companions (oh, that makes us sound so old). We drove up on a Friday night, spent Saturday at a big but not so great flea market (although I did buy a pair of pallazzo pants for dance. That evening we had early dinner with friends of Lois's and then headed to the game. It was a good game, except for the Rays fans clanging their COW BELLS in our ears (however, they people there were very nice - it was all in fun). We lost that game but had fun. I used my Garmin GPS for the first time. It got us there with no problem...but...took us home through the middle of nowhere. That was ok though...Lois and I had no trouble filling the time with endless conversation!

In the middle of the month we had the Harvest Moon Dance at Fred Astaire studio. As always, it was so much fun. We danced and laughed and some of us students showcased our dances. I did a Samba that was a big hit!

Robin Williams came to SFLA and did a great concert...and I was there! He was so hysterical my stomach ached from laughing.

Yesterday we had a Halloween party at the studio. I dressed as a "Naughty School Girl" and won first place for the "sexiest" costume...not bad for a chick gal...well...over! I don't think my kids liked my outfit too much, but hey...that's THEIR hang-up!

After the party some of us went to Il Bacio in Delray Beach for dancing. It was a lot of fun, except I don't have dance shoes that I can wear outside. I had stayed in costume ONLY because Eric, my dance instructor/partner, said he was too (as were a few others). Well, Eric didn't but I wasn't the only one in costume. I did have to put on sandals that had a strap, which looked a bit ridiculous with the outfit I had on, but no one seemed to care but me, so I guess it was okay.
Tonight my friend Eva and I dined on the Avenue and then went (again) to Il Bacio where it was packed with people (mostly 20's and 30's) in costume...and I mean...GREAT costumes. There was to be a costume party at midnight. We sat and enjoyed the evening, eventually getting up to dance, but at 12:30 AM with no judging starting, we made our leave. What a fun month it was!