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Monday, February 20, 2006

A Busy Weekend

Just read my last posts and found that it didn't "take" my February 15th post. So, as a fast recap....I arrived home from school and lo and behold, there were a dozen roses from Gerry! He claimed they were not for Valentine's Day, but they were a "day after" gift. No matter....they were beautiful! I guess it's better late than never!

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What a lovely day I had yesterday. I had my nails and toenails done (in my favorite shade of match my car). Then to the mall. Ever have one of those days where you can shop and shop and you find nothing? Well, yesterday was NOT one of those days! In Ann Taylor Loft I bought three tops; at Steinmart it was buy one, get second 1/2 off (shoes) so I splurged bought two pair, plus pj's for Gerry (the pants were made for Michael Jordan, they are SOOO long); I got a great buy on a paper shredder; and treated myself to two new eyeliner pencils. At night my friend Lily and I went to dinner and then to the theater to see Wicked! I had read the book by Gregory McGuire. It was kind of strange interesting, but I got through it. The show, however, was wonderful!!! I love when a story is related to another, as this is to the Wizard of Oz, and now and then they say or do things that bring you back to the original characters or story line. If you get a chance to see it, do go!

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I finished first cable sweater. I have to say, in all humbleness, that it came out really good. It looks as if it would be so hard to do, but it really wasn't. The pattern is from Top Down for Toddlers. I used 100% Merino Wool (Vanilla), from here. So, Alison, at your request, here it is!!! I'll put it away for you-know-who!

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Today was the first day of Gerry's interferon treatment. If you have to be subjected to something that you know will be unpleasant, it's so helpful being among cheerful people. The doctor met with us first, discussing once again what Gerry should expect plus what can be done to ease the side effects. Then we went to the back of the office, to a nice sunny room with patient recliners arranged in a circle. There were several other men seated, waiting for their chemo. Everyone was very "up," sharing their stories, and encouraging. It really relaxed Gerry (he was scared to death). He had an IV inserted into his hand and the drip took about 30 minutes. He will go every day Monday through Friday for 4 weeks (for the IV). When he was finished we went to breakfast. By the end of the meal he started to feel "strange." As he put it, he felt as if he was "coming down with something." I dropped him at home, did errands, and by the time I got back he was on the couch and achy. Tonight his fever went up to 100.8, but at least it didn't reach the 103+ as was expected. I really, really hope that it doesn't get worse than this. Thank goodness for Tylenol and fluids, fluids, fluids.

And now I am excited!! I just booked a trip to Atlanta in April for my mother and I. We are going to visit Alison and Michael for a few days. To those of you whose children don't live a hop, skip and a jump away, you understand how I feel. I am thankful that Alison and I get to talk all the time on the phone, but I miss seeing her more than I do. So each time we are together it's even more special. She already told me that on this trip I will be getting lessons on knitting fair isle...."It's TIME, MOM!" Gee, she's so pushy helpful to me! And I love every minute of it, too.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Catching Up...

February 17
Last night was: Movie night! OY!!! We went to see Steve Martin in The Pink Panther. While there were many slapstick funny scenes that drew belly laughs from us, it was one of the stupidest movies we have ever seen. So unless you like dumb humor, or you are a die-hard Steve Martin fan....miss this one!

We have been paying someone working hard to get our third bedroom finished. We purchased a daybed back in December, and just got our new TV armoire last week. Gerry just has to paint a small part of the ceiling and we will almost be done.

Gerry is doing really great. He feels good, looks good and is ready to return to work....BUT....that won't happen because Monday he will begin Interferon treatment, and that, my friends, ain't too pleasant! He will have treatment Monday - Friday for 4 weeks, by IV, and then 3 times a week for the following 11 months, given by injection (either at dr office or by one of us at home). The side effects are like the flu, without congestion - aches, chills, fever, extreme fatigue. Once he is no longer getting treatment by IV those side effects should let up, with the exception of fatigue. We are hoping that since he is otherwise very healthy and in fairly good physical shape (aside from his cushy belly) he could possibly do better than most. So we will deal with it as we deal with life in day at a time! To help him through this, Alison made him a wonderful present. He had jokingly asked her to knit him a chemo cap (although he most likely will not lose his hair, and if he does, he can wear one of his ball caps). Instead she sent away to South Bend, Indiana for fleece fabric with the Notre Dame logo (Gerry's favorite college football team) and made him a blanket. When he opened the box and saw it the look on his face was priceless (he even shed a tear). He loves Alison but this was icing on the cake. He shows it very proudly to everyone who comes into the house. Thanks, Alison!

In the package was a beautiful needle roll for storing dps. Alison makes them, and she sent one as a gift to me - have heart, mothers of teens...they eventually grow up and become wonderful (well, actually, Alison always WAS wonderful when we weren't butting heads). If you want one too you can go to this site to order one. What a great home for your dps!

While reading Sarah B's blog I learned about the Preemie Project. I promptly went to the site and soon after pulled some yarn from my stash and made a pair of booties and a hat. It took no time at all and was a good feeling to know that a teeny baby would be wearing the set to help keep it warm and cozy.

February 18
Today we went to Goodwill and purchased a little chair for Gerry to use during the treatment time.

He is being thoughtful, knowing that I have to get up each day for work and should try to get some sleep. So if he is up a lot at night he plans to stay in the third BR, but wanted a chair to sit in some of the time. This one was cheap's comfortable and is a rocker, too! When we are finished with it we will give it to our tenents, two guys who could care less about where their furniture comes from.

The weather has finally gotten nice, and two of my doggies took advantage of the warmth. Here are Tiemann and Rusty, basking awhile. Not a bad life.

Tomorrow Gerry and his friend John are driving up to Daytona for the BIG RACE! It's the first NASCAR race of the season. Each year the guys attend this race (except for the year we went to AZ to visit Alison and Michael, and rained on race day, forcing the race to be cancelled).

Gerry would have missed this year's race had he started his treatment as planned, last Monday. However, we felt that a week wouldn't make a difference, and as we have no idea what next year will bring, we both felt that he needed to have go to the race and have fun. As for me....I'll be here, yippee, all alone. I have 2 tickets to see Wicked, and since Ger won't be here, I am taking my dear friend Lily. She was so thrilled with my gift that she insisted on taking me to dinner. So, after getting a manicure and pedicure in the morning, a trip to Costco, a visit to the mall and the 99 cents store, I'll be on my way to a fun evening.

Good thing we are each having a GREAT Sunday...for Monday, I'll be at Gerry's side as the yucky treatment fun begins!

Catching Up!

I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. While the intention was there, procrastination won out. So....I will back post.

February 14:

Today was, as we all know, is Valentine's Day. I had fun with my class....we did some valentine math, graphing those nasty tasting wonderful candy hearts, sharing handmade greetings, and having a party courtesy of several generous moms. I work with ESOL children (English Speakers of Other Languages). Most are from low income families. Yet I received a few gifts from my little sweeties....candy - yeah, had to give that away, a Valentine teddy bear, a cosmetic case with Este Lauder samples (good ones, though) and my two favorite gifts....two pair of bikini underpants from Victoria Secret (oh, the tags were on so I KNOW they were new, and they were just my size and style) plus a loofah mitt; and absolutely beautiful coral roses (auntie works in a flower shop).

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More than receiving the gifts, I love to see the faces of my students (kindergarten) as they hand their gift to me....they are THRILLED to get something for the teacher, and love the oohs and aahs and kisses I bestow on them.

Gerry and I were supposed to go to a nice restaurant downtown for dinner. We eat out all the time, but this restaurant is a little pricer than the ones we frequent. He called me at work and told me that he wanted to go buy a TV, so if I would go with him, we could then go to the restaurant where we had our first date. He was being so romantic appealing to my sentimentality, but I really didn't mind not going to the better restaurant as I could now stay in my jeans and sweater. Well, we never got the TV, and while it was nice to be where we had our first date, I wasn't enthralled by the meal (I think it was just me, not the meal). And it wasn't all that cheap, either! When we got home.....something was missing! There were no rings, jewels flowers. Yes, he had given me a card last night, but flowers would have been nice. When I nicely brought it up, he got on the defensive - "I took you out for dinner!!!" I tried to explain that even $5.00 flowers would have been nice. He is such a wonderful guy, but sometimes just doesn't give a thought to my sensitive romantic notions. At work, many of the staff receive flowers for special occasions. Mine has NO CLUE!! SIGH!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Seven-th Heaven!

I am SO excited!! Last night I received my first package from my Secret Pal 7. It came from Philadelphia, PA so my guess is that my SP7 is a Northern lady! And boy, oh, boy did she ever treat me right. Just look at the wonderful goodies I received:

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The picture just doesn't do the yarns justice. She sent:

10 skeins of Tivoli Linen (75%) with Cotton (25%) yarn, 50g each, purchased (according to SP&) when she was in Ireland. It's a creamy color but varies in thickness, giving it a nubby quality (but still keeps a softness).

4 skeins of Cantata Cotton Crepe DK by Fil Diamond Yarn, 50 g each. It' 100% cotton in a deep cranberry color

A bar of Badger healing Hand soap (Volcanic Pumice & Birch)...Fine Organic Soap for hardworking hands

Miss Bea's Seaside by Louisa adorable photograph filled children's story with 10 fabulous knitting patterns for simple knitwear garments from Rowan, all using Rowan Denim.

Rowan Knitting Magazine Number 31....WOW!!! What utterly beautiful patterns and they are beautifully simple in style, casual, functional....I KNOW Alison is gonna want to get her hands on some of these patterns. I will have to pick something from this magazine to knit so I can use the Tivoli Linen with Cotton yarn.

Last but definitely not least....a truly beautiful green (silk/linen?) sash, beaded and fringed.

<SIGH> Can you tell that I am thrilled? I even love the wrapping paper that was loosely wrapped around everything (it's in the background....a cute animal design).

So to you, SP7 in Philly, I thank you so VERY MUCH! And I promise I will put the yarns and instructions books to good use, and will wear the sash at the happiest of times.