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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hostess with the Mostess?

Tonight was the monthly Guest Party at the studio (Fred Astaire of Delray Beach). I was asked to be the Student Hostess for the evening. I was so happy that I also had several guests cousin and her friend, the office manager where I go for physical therapy (for - literally - the pain in my butt! an inflamed piriformis muscle), and a guy who was standing outside looking in a few days before and I told him to go on in and join the he did! I had a lesson just before the party, then changed into my dress for hostessing. As people entered I greeted them and gave them champagne. Eric and Nataliya (owners/instructors) then walked around and schmoozed a bit. When the general dancing started I went into the back to put on my costume for a demonstration samba.The bummer was that I missed all the general dancing due to waiting in the "wings." When I finally "went on" it was great...not perfect, but so much fun. Afterward I changed back to my dress and joined the others for Eric's demonstration dance steps lesson. And then...we were done!


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