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Sunday, March 13, 2005

AH!!! I love the smell of a new car in the morning (or at any other time). yup - you guessed it....we got a new car. Gerry has been talking about getting a sedan for some time now. He owns a Ford Explorer and I own a Sunfire Convertible (red, of course). Both our cars are free and clear. He decided to keep the Explorer as we use it for trips and he needs it for work sometimes. But the new car, also to be used for work, would get better mileage than the Explorer and....feel SO good! After spending some time at a local dealer yesterday and walking out when we didn't get the deal we wanted, we went to another one today, to a friend of a friend. This dealership is where I used to bring my car for servicing a few years ago and I like them alot. Bottom line...after 6 hours there, we drove out in a 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I love the radio controls on the steering wheel (my car has that too). This car has satellite radio, so Ger can get his beloved baseball ALL THE TIME (except during Football season!

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It has OnStar tracking system - well, for a year. We'll see if we really want to keep it at the end of the year. The car is burgundy with beige leather seats, driver and front passenger seats heat (separate controls), 3.8L, 6 cylinder supercharged engine (VROOOM), driver side has power lumbar control...and we just found out that he can hook his Verizon phone up to the OnStar phone system so he will have a built-in hands free unit in the car. It was so cute to watch Gerry's face as he went thru the emotions...disappointment yesterday at not getting a car, anxiety today - should he buy it now or wait till summer?...excitement in test driving the car....frustration during the wait at the dealership....elation as he drove out with his new toy...I mean, car! I would like to take this mood, bottle it and save it for use one day in the future when he is not so cheery. To celebrate, we went to dinner (to Roadhouse - don't order hamburgers there...they are NOT as good as the steaks), then drove to show off the new toy to Suzzette, Gerry's daughter, and to our dear friends John and Melinda. Gerry has already decided that the car needs "breaking in," so we are taking it on the drive to Orlando next weekend for our little Spring break trip. One other good outcome from being at the dealer for all those hours...I almost finished the broadripple sock! I didn't waste one minute by just sitting there....kept my hands busy all the time!

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  • At 9:21 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    Wow!!! What a beautiful,snazzy, knock out of a car! Mazel tov! I hope you will both just love riding in it. There is something magical that happens to our psyche when we get a new car. I think it is different than just about all other purchases.
    Are you sure Orlando is far enough.....maybe consider a ride to NC.


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