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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fixed but Still Frustrated

The AT&T technician arrived tonight. He looked at all the connections and announced that the original installer must have been in a rush for he left several unresolved issues. The original installer had been here for SIX HOURS - definitely not a rush job but I guess he didn't know what he was doing when he set up my system. Anyway, the TVs all work but I still called Directv and set up a date to switch to their service. Now I want to 'bundle' my internet and phone with Directv's TV package. When I called to do so I found out that they only use one provided in my area for these services...yup...AT&T! "Hmmm," I thought..."I had no issue with the internet or phone, ok, I can do this!" WRONG! According to Directv, in order to be on THEIR bundles program I would have to cancel the AT&T service I have now BEFORE ordering through them, which would leave me w/o service for a week or so. So then I called AT&T...and was told that if I use Directv's internet service (through AT&T) 1. I would STILL have to order it directly through AT&T 2. the internet would drop from 18 megabytes (speed-wise) to 6 megabytes (Directv told me that through them it would be only 3 megabytes). Being so connected to my computer as I am I want the 18 megabytes that I have now, which I can only get through being part of Uverse, which I have now. So, bottom line...I can just drop the TV part of my Uverse plan, keep the phone and internet, and pay more than I would if I went through Directv but had a much slower internet speed! Then Mom suggested that I cancel my home phone line and just stick with my cell phone since I rarely use my home phone and even transfer it to my cell when I am at work or away. I can't explain why, but this is hard for me. This has been Gerry's home phone number since the late 90's and I almost feel guilty giving it up...stupid, huh? It truly makes sense to cancel it, giving me a $45 plus tax/fees savings each month. Of course, it would mean not having my fax line either but really...I only use it MAYBE once a month, for which I can go to Kinkos to fax or learn how to fax using the scanner and computer. Have you figured out that I am a pain in the butt when it comes to certain decisions? It took me almost a year to decide to cut my hair back in 1998, driving my then spouse nuts till he said, "Cut it or shut up about it!", I cut it (cut him out too, but not because of that incident for he was right). So, on Sept. 19 I will be switched to Directv and by then I should have decided to cut the home phone and fax out, too!


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