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Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Not Quite Relaxing Day!

Saturday started out to be a relaxing day. As you can see, even Rusty, the hyper-dog, was doing his best to get some R&R on the futon.

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Then we got a phone call from Gerry's son-in-law Brian that Suzzette was at the dentist for emergency teeth extraction. We drove right over...good thing, as I was needed for support. The dentist, who as a practitioner really knew his stuff, had a serious lack of bedside manner. First, he would not give Suzzette anything orally as she is pregnant...ok, good move. But he also would not prescribe any medication as he is not her doctor. Ok - another good move BUT it took Suzzette to explain to him that all he had to do was contact her ob-gyn for that option, which he reluctantly did. Now when I go to the dentist for painful work and need a shot to numb my gums, my dentist puts a topical ointment on the gums to numb it first. Well...this @&$^ didnt' and WOW! Suzzette hit the ceiling. Of course, then I was called in to calm her down. I did so,but she didn't want him to continue and the moron kept telling her, in a quiet but gruff way that he had no time for this, he had to work while the novacaine was working, etc. All he had to do was to shut up and let me calm her, which he finally did and she calmed down. To his credit, the extraction of 2 teeth took all of 60 seconds, and the stitching took another 30 seconds. When he left the room I told his assistant that I was surprised that he didn't use the topical numb-er, and she said that she always tells him that he should but he refuses. After it was all over I went to the dentist and asked him about it...he said he injects into the "main block" and so the other stuff wouldn't work. WHATEVER!!! Poor Suzzette! And all the while I was holding her hand I was brought back in time to when my daughter Alison, at around 8 yrs old,  had a bad time with a jerk of a dentist. I wanted to rip out that guy's heart!

     After we left S & B we went to a very early dinner and then ran some errands. I got lots of knitting done in the car, and then at home after we had gone to see the movie Be Cool with John Travolta (cute movie, not great, but has some very funny parts). I finished one of the socks that I am knitting for sockapalooza. I am so thrilled with how it came out - so much nicer than the first sock I knit (the one I frogged after having completed it). I am sure I will be able to start and finish the mate to this one in time to send it out to my sock buddy.

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Laundry prevails today, as well as some computer work. A dinner date with friends has been cancelled due to illness on their part, so I think we'll take mom to the movies. I want to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I saw the coming attractions as well as watched the actors on Oprah. Looks REALLY good!

Oh - big excitement. One of my kindergarten students from the fabulous school I taught in while living up North in 2000-2001 is going to be on the Ellen Degeneres show on Thursday, March 10th. Chelsea is a very talented pianist, but also just a sweet, warm, loving 4th grader. So if you get the chance, try to catch the show.


  • At 7:53 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    I can not believe the story about the dentist and Suzzette!!!!That is how people get phobic about going to the dentist. I keep hearing about sedation dentistry here in Charlotte. Now I know she is pregnant,but he could have at least used the topical number!!What a jerk!
    Love those jazzy socks....I think they should be worn with shorts to show them off.
    Lennie has another workshop in Chapel Hill this week. But we will set up the vcr to catch the Ellen Degeneres show on Thurs night.
    Lennie is taking Fri off....time for the ACC tournament.

  • At 8:56 PM, Blogger alison said…

    Nice sock! Are you using the Broadripple pattern?


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