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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wait! What's that I hear? Can it be?'s....aaahhhh....quiet! No disrespect to my guest, who were ALL wonderful, but it is nice to have the house back to ourselves, just two people, three dogs, and Steve our tenent (in his own space). I don't think it would have been bad at all if we had not gotten two guests immediately after our whirlwind weekend. But as I said before, they were really good guest,! And so with our departing guests, the next day Luckily the day was good. I had 7 students absent, so running a kindergarten class with only 14 children was HEAVEN!!! The dreaded FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test) is being given this week to grades 3 - 5, and so we do not have specials (art, music, p.e.), nor do my students have their ESOL pull-out class in the afternoon, so it afforded me the opportunity to do some mini-projects and extra writing lessons that I could not usually do.

After work I got to go to my pilates class at the gym. I weighed myself before the class started and was SO happy to see that contrary to what I had thought, I had not put on any weight over the weekend....yipee!! The pilates teacher is away so we had a "sub." She was very good, bottom felt sore when we had to balance on our buns (and believe me, I have a cushion there). When I got home and showered...OW!!! At the tip of my spine it was as if I had a rug burn. I can't even imagine how that could be...I use a yoga mat, towel, and wear undies under my workout pants. About 5 years ago I was 15 lbs. lighter (and according to those who love me, WAY too thin) and I was taking TaeKwonDo, sitting on the rug to exercise, and never had this problem (and my butt was all bones then). I think I will call up Alison and ask to borrow the cushioned pants that she wore for ice skating practice years ago.

Because I had gone to the Yanni concert on Sunday night - oh, it was FABULOUS!!!! I TIVO'd and watched the Oscars last night. What a pleasure to be able to zip right through the unexciting parts. We also watched Oprah's after the Oscars show, which was soooo good. I did well this year..I picked every one of the winners in the top categories. It wasn't easy. They were all terrific. We had seen every major movie except Being Julia, which we are going to see tomorrow night.

Today, once again, I had only 14 students, so it was another good day. I stayed at work and did grades and lesson plans, then went to my SnB group. It was really fun. I am working on broadripple socks for my SP4. I had to use 5 DP needles, but then it goes down to 2 and up to 3 after the heel flap. While at SnB I bought some really pretty mercerized cotton for my SP. I can't show the yarns here in case she reads my blog (though I doubt that she does, but hey, you never know). I am going to put her package together in a day or so and send it off. I already sent her several small packages. I am excited, too, cause I was told by the woman who has me for a SP that she was shipping my goodies out yesterday, so I should have it in a day or so.

Made some summer flight plans already. Gerry and I are going to OKC to see my dad in June for Father's Day weekend. I have been with Ger for 5 years this May and he has never met my dad. He did get to meet my brother Randy who also lives in OKC, at my mom's 80th BD party. Now he will meet Randy's family as well. The week before I am flying to AZ to visit with Alison and Michael. Alison might need knee surgery on BOTH KNEES so I told her that she might want to try to schedule the surgery for when I am there and then I can help...laundry, cooking, hand-holding (I don't do windows, tho). I was thrilled when she said that Michael had suggested that as well. Well, that's what Mom's are for, aren't they?

I am also a little sad. Alison wrote that Blue, one of her little maltese dogs, is sick and needed bloodwork and maybe x-rays. I hope he's ok. I love those little dogs (Blue's brother is called Orange...ok, so my kids are strong Gator fans). And I know it's not an easy decision to spend lots and lots of money on your pets...where do you draw the line. But Alison is taking it one step at a time, wisely, so we'll wait and see what step one results in.

Well, the bed awaits. Time to enter dreamland.


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