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Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Doggone Good Weekend (mostly)

What a nice weekend! It was so good to be back from our mini-vacation, just to be able to do things around town. On Thursday afternoon I got to go with my step-daughter Suzzette to help her register at Babies R Us. She is due in August. Her mom lives in Atlanta, so I felt honored being asked to help out.

On Friday I just did errands but got alot done. Friday night we went to get Gerry's new cell phone programmed at the cell phone store. We both had a 2 yr.contract with the provision to get a $100 allowance toward a new phone at the end of the contract. Gerry had his eye on a Samsung i600 that works in conjunction with his laptop to do scheduling, etc. I love my phone but had wanted a camera phone. I hemmed and hawed, looked at all the phones (for the third time), and had the manager help with the comparisons. I started to get excited about getting a new phone and finally decided on one. When it was my turn, the woman did all the calculations and then told me that the cost was $200. With the allowance, I knew it was supposed to cost $150 (then get a $50 mail-in rebate). When I questioned the price, the woman told me that because I had switched to the FAMILY PLAN last August, only one of us gets the $100 allowance. I was NEVER told this when I switched to the family plan. I was told the only change would be the minutes and joint payment. The manager said, "we can't give you $100 allowance on a $9.95 phone" (the cost of picking up an EXTRA phone on the family plan). I did not pay $9.95....I had bought this phone two years ago. I was furious...smoke came out of my ears, I am sure I felt it. I apologized to the woman, noting that it wasn't her fault, but I felt I was being cheated. she and the manager looked at me as if to say, "sorry, there isn't a thing we can do." So I walked out (furious!!!!). I got into the car, did some deep breathing (LaMaze comes in handy even after 23 years) and called my cell phone company. I apologized up front, because I was sure my voice was upset, and then explained to the woman on the phone what my problem was. She was SOOOO nice. She listened, and then spoke to the supervisor on my behalf. Now, as I was hanging on, Gerry said, "Hon, just take the phone and you can have MY $100 allowance." But that wasn't the point...I work hard for my money and so does he and I didn't want to be cheated out of each of us getting the allowance. Now, of course, he was getting a little upset but didn't say too much. We all know that if he was in my position, HE would be furious too. The woman came back and said that I could have the phone, minus the $100 allowance, and they would take off the $50 rebate right then and there (good, I hate waiting for it in the mail). They are FEDEXing the phone to me and I should have it by Monday. The only thing I did that wasn't smart was to take myself OFF the Family would cost me so much more for minutes usage. So when I get my phone I will call up and put myself back onto the plan, this time KNOWING that in two years I do NOT get the $100 allowance (although Gerry promised to let me use his at that time as well).'s just the principle of the matter!! (Right, Alison??)

Saturday we had no plans, so I did some things around the house and then went to the gym, walking 45 minutes no the treadmill (puff, puff). We got our tax return so went out to dinner, then returned home so Gerry could set up his new toy, I mean, phone.

Today was Easter, and although I am Jewish and don't celebrate Easter, I have always gone to or made Easter dinner (having been married to and now married to ...Irishmen!). I made a delicious (if I say so myself) dinner...fresh ham, gravy, white and sweet potatoes, green beans, asparagus, & salad. Suzzette, Brian, Mom, and our friend/tenent Steve joined us. Well, not really us at first, for Gerry spent almost ALL DAY with tech support for his phone. But it was still a lovely day, ending with Gerry, Mom and I going for ice cream (no, I didn't really splurge...mine was one scoop of low fat, no sugar, but good tasting chocolate ripple. And so....back to work tomorrow...yuck!

I was so busy, I didn't knit at all this weekend. But tomorrow is another day, and so I will begin again on my WOW! chenille cardigan, and on Tuesday, at my SnB group, I can get assistance on working the sleeves on my half-sweater.

Oh, yes...this morning I made the Dog Biscuits that Karen, Alison's mother-in-law and my e-mail buddy, sent to me for Valentine's Day. It was so easy to do and they came out great. The dogs loved them! Thanks, Karen!!

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  • At 12:28 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    Hooray for you!!!! I love your perserverance! I know you will enjoy that phone even more now. Do you feel like swinging by the store when you get it just to show the salespeople?!?!Okay my immaturity is showing. My son, David says everything in this world is negotiable.
    Jody, did you buy doggie cookies to photograph? They came out so cute! It almost makes me wish I had a dog....that's almost.
    On your previous blog I enjoyed seeing B & P (and their new truck).
    Young love is so refreshing!! They make such a cute couple. Another source for goodlooking grandchildren.


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