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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Something To Do On A Rainy Day

Saturday we planned to go to the Bronx Zoo with my niece and her boyfriend Matt. The weather was horrible....rain on and off all day. So after a nice lunch at a REAL diner (only NY/NJ/ CT seem to have REAL diners...ok,so I am a NY snob), we went bowling. I have not bowled in over 15 years, and so was floored at the cost. It was $4.75 PER GAME/PER PERSON...and $4.50 for each of us to get shoes. Jon bought a family, they gave us a pitcher of cola and one thing of popcorn. However, we did get his money's worth when they made a mistake on the time allotment and reset us to play a total of 5 games. While that was a wonderful "treat," this body wasn't made to bowl 5 games...but, I did it and survived (and amazingly, didn't hurt the next day). To show you how long it's been since I bowled....I used to use pencil and paper and my brain to note the it's all computerized! Sheesh.

     We then went shopping for food and I cooked them a nice meal for dinner, got onto the couch, and knitted into the night.

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