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Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Vacation

Sunday...rain again! But we were planning to stay in anyway. First, I went to a beautiful salon...Posh Nail Salon and Spa, for a nail polish change (mine was partially rubbed off on the thumb tip from bowling). Then I went food shopping...again. My sister-in-law Gloria and her friend Sal were coming over for the day. When I got back they were there. I had such a wonderful time talking and catching up with Gloria. Then Sal had us laughing as he told us stories of his family (gee, made mine seem almost normal). They stayed the entire afternoon, and now I am about to sit on the couch, work some more on that broadripple sock, and just chill out! I am done shopping (for food) and cooking. Tomorrow I head to Long Island to spend 2 1/2 days with my friend Andrea. We had planned to head to the Hamptons, but with this weather, I'll forego the bathing suit. We'll probably just do some antique-ing, maybe visit Roosevelt Field or some other good shopping area, and otherwise just schmooze. No yarn shops you say? No...keep me away...I already have more yarn than projects. I don't mind receiving as gifts, I just have to be good and not spend any more money on yarn for awhile (because I DID purchase some yarn so that when I return home I can start making the baby a sweater from Creature Comforts.


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