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Friday, June 30, 2006

Grandma Got Crazy Again

It's all my cousin Ann's fault. Ok...and Alison's. I cannot be held responsible this time! Ann called and asked me to accompany her to Babies R Us the other day. She is leaving on July 19 for Russia to pick up Genia, her adopted baby, and had to get a few more things. As we were on our way Alison called and told us that there was a sale at BRU. We then got into a discussion of what she needed for the baby...newborn clothing. Since it's winter and he'll be tiny, I told her that he would mostly need kimonos (they call them nightgowns now, I think) and stretchies. When I got to BRU I didn't like the sale items as much as the regularly priced items,'s what I got: 4 kimonos, two stretchies (one in 3 month, one in 6 month), the sweater was only about $3.50 - so worth it;who could resist that baseball outfit?And that hat....he HAD to have the hat. Oh, what a cute bib...doncha just love it? Ann had a coupon for Johnson's Bath Buddies, buy one get one free, the basket it went!! After I did some damage at BRU (plus one dress that Ann loved so I got it for Genia), Ann told me that Bells Outlet had newborn items at a really cheap price. Ok....I decided to just go look. After I took Ann home I went to Bells (is it Bells or Bealls - isn't that thing in the middle a bell and not an "a" ?). Anyway...chaotic as the racks were, I found many kimonos and stretchies by Bon such an inexpensive price....I bought 4 of each! Wouldn't you?? Hope you like them Ali.


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