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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Today was Father's Day. Not a big deal around here since 1. Gerry's not my father 2. He's not the father of my children. However, he IS Suzzette's father, and she asked if she and Brian could come over since it was Dad's Day and soon to be my birthday (the 21st). I am going to NY on my BD so this was the only chance they'd get to see me for it. They brought this book for Gerry. It's sooo cute....

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...for example, one of the pages inside says: "When I was your age... (One of the most common isms, it's frequently followed by one of the following big fat lies:)...

1. I walked to school ten miles in the snow, uphill both ways! (remember Alison and Becca?)...we used to!

2. They didn't have indoor plumbing. We had to go outside to do our business.

3. Kids didn't speak until they were spoken to.... " and more.

For me, they brought a lovely beaded necklace and bracelet. The color is an irridescent black, taking on a dark blue hue, and the square beads are sort of gray. I rarely wear beaded things but have been trying to get more into what I call funkier jewelry. I am WAY too conservative. I have to say that when I put it on it did look really nice. Thanks, kids!!

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The last gift was from me to me. I wanted to get something for Miranda, who was a kindergarten student of mine in NYC in 2000 and is now graduating from 5th grade. I coordinated my NY trip on Wed. with her graduation (and that of the 9 ohter students still in that class). Her mom and I have become good friends over the years. In fact, her mom is an acclaimed author, Regina McBride. If you are a reader, you must read her books: The Nature of Water and Air...The Land of Women...The Marriage Bed. All are novels that will keep you engaged and wanting more. So I wanted to get Miranda something for her graduation. I looked at many shops on the Avenue in downtown Delray Beach, but didn't want anything really touristy or expensive.Then I stopped into a jewelry store with a good sale, and found this cute bracelet. It's light, pretty, silver, and because of the starfish and circle of dolphin, perhaps it will remind her of me and where I live. I also bought one for myself, to wear with other silver bracelets.

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Tomorrow I have a much needed manicure. My mom is taking me out for a BD lunch (again, because she won't see me on my actual BD). And....she called and invited me to join her and the other ladies for their Monday morning class of....water aerobics. Don't snicker, now. I joined them two years ago and let me tell you, the instructor is excellent and the movements are NOT easy to do. Oh, sure, some of those old mature ladies don't move so well, but some, especially my 81 year old mom, move better than some 35 year olds I know. I told Mom that I rarely go into the water at all, but since it will make her happy, what the heck. It wouldn't hurt for me to have some exercise either. However, I AM bringing my cell phone and keeping it closer to the pool, for I will be waiting for a VERY important call from Alison. She has a doctor appointment for an ultrasound to tell the baby's gender, now that she is 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I am convinced that she's having a girl, but if it's a boy....that will be awesome, too. I am sure she'll write all about it here. What a great BD present THAT will be!!


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