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Monday, June 05, 2006

Thanks Alot, Penny!!!

Hi  - My name is Jody and I have an addiction. It's a relatively new one, and it replaces another that I fought hard to free myself from. See, I had this THING for cookbooks. I'd see one who's title/cover looked interesting, look through it, and if there was one....just ONE recipe that I thought I'd like to make, I would buy it. Then I'd get the book home and MAYBE make that recipe and maybe not! The book would sit on my small kitchen counter for a few weeks, untouched again (except when I cleaned the counter) and then it would be lovingly placed in the cabinet over the stove, probably never to be seen again. I told myself, "Self....this is do NOT need another cookbook!" Especially since when I DO use a cookbook, it's usually the one or two that I rely on for certain standard recipes. So I mostly stopped buying cookbooks (ok, ok, so I DID buy one a few months ago but it was at an author's reading, and she was SO nice and the book had healthy, easy recipes....!). I was SO proud of myself for controlling that addiction so well, until I realized....I HAVE ANOTHER ADDICTION!!!! Knitting books! Now I don't buy every book I see, but if I see a pattern on a blog that I love, or if I hear of someone using a technique that I want to learn....yup - I go online and get that book. In all honesty, I don't have near as many knitting books as Alison does (or even as much as some of you), but I have WAY more than I need. And I am very partial to books that have patterns for baby/toddler sweaters...even though I have several hundred patterns saved on my computer.

     Well....I DID have to have Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi, didn't I? I mean...I love to make socks, and I heard how much better it is using two circs instead of dpns, sooo....I ordered it. I have not had a chance to use it though. I made sock one for my job's secret pal using dpns, so I think I'd better make the mate the same way. But I promise to make my next pair using this book (of course, I still have Catherine Wingate's two books The Sock Journal and The Sock Calendar to use).

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And here it is....summertime! This year our summer pay was worked out in some weird way by our school board and I am sure my checks will be much less than during the year. So I swore off buying any more books. After all....I have several lovely pattern books to use for making my coming grandbaby some nice garments. Then along comes Penny!!! All I did was tell her how much I loved the sweater on her blog, and what do you think? She becomes an ENABLER!!! She e-mails me and tells me the name of the book - Creature Comforts by Amy Bahrts AND that I can find it on Amazon. I closed my eyes, I fought the urge, I opened Amazon...I BOUGHT the book! I just can't help myself...and the sweaters that Penny made are just sooooo cute! Thanks alot, Penny!!!

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  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger cecily said…

    Hey Jody...just wanted to remind you that you're supposed to update once a week for your SP. :) Thanks!


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