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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

After returning to work today (yuck) I was rewarded by it being a Tuesday, which means...SnB group at The Gifting Tree. It's a really small group....just 5 of us, plus the store owner (Judy) and one employee (Susan). I really enjoy sitting and knitting with this group, chatting and learning new things along the way. Well, I didn't learn anything new tonight - unless you count the discussion about how several of us met our DH, how to lower cholesterol (gonna start taking Red Yeast Rice - herbal stuff that I was planning to use and learned that Judy does too and LOVES it!), and stuff like that. I took out and looked at my sock for my sockapalooza pal. It's SOO big looking, but when I put it on it wasn't all that bad. However, once I knitted almost to the toe and started decreasing, it looked HUGE (and it was knit to guage). I was afraid to keep would fit BIG I decided to bind off the remaining stitches, making a line across the top. BAD MOVE!! I think it looks awful. Sooooooooooooooooooo - I am putting it down (I really don't want to frog it at this point) and will knit another pair of socks using 100% merino wool - Landscape - from KnitPicks. The color is Yukon - shades of blue. Alison was making a pair of socks in the broadripple pattern - think I'll try that. It was so pretty! I hope I have better luck with this pair. If anyone reading has a better idea - let me know. I have lots of yarns suitable for making socks.

I am SOOO bummed out. I am planning a trip to OKC to see my dad. Gerry wants to go with me as they have never met. From there I am planning to fly to AZ to see Alison and Michael. Gerry has to head home - can't miss much work (I am off for the summer - yeah - a teacher perk!). I tried to get flights using frequent flyer award - no seats available. I really don't want to pay $700 for this trip, but it's not easy finding decent flights. I will have to keep working on it I guess.

Keeping this post short tonight. I am exhausted - it was a GREAT weekend! and we are expecting two of my DH's friends EARLY in the morning. They will be with us till Sunday morni
ng. Really nice guys, but there goes the quiet in the house for awhile.


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