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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I don't have much to write about. Today was uneventful - well, that's a good thing! I was so tired, probably from the busy weekend we had. After work I went to Mom's and helped frame and hang some pix over her bed. She framed pictures that Alison took of butterflies and flowers. Let me tell you...they are GORGEOUS! You can see them at her website:A Thousand Words

and even that doesn't do them justice! I have to take a pix of the arrangement on Mom's wall and post it here. I love it!

We have more company. Gerry's 2 friends from Cinncinnati, Ohio are here till Sunday. They are great guys. So...dinner out tonight, tomorrow, Friday....argh! Doing my best to watch what I eat. I was SO good and didn't go with them tonight to Kilwin's for ice cream. I am so proud of Gerry, too...he passed up the ice cream when they went this afternoon, and he was going along just for the ride tonight.

The sockapalooza socks??? I frogged it completely!!! I am going to start knitting Broadripple socks in 100% merino wool. The original pattern calls for Cascade yarn with elasticity in it. I am sure my yarn will be fine, though.

Time to take advantage of the empty house, shower and make salad...tomorrow at work it the Black History luncheon, and we all contribute a dish. Mine is my nice, big, "chunky filled with all kinds of good stuff" salad.


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