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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

WHAT A DAY!!! Today was field trip day and I always look forward to them, just to get us out of the classroom for a day. The trip was to Tradewinds Farm in Pompano Beach, Florida. It's an educational farm and the kids love it. When I got to work, happy, confident that all would be well, I was told that the cafeteria had no record of our going on the trip and so had not made lunches for us to take (for 85 children). The request must go in 2 weeks prior to the trip...I put it in 3 weeks prior. I gave it to the bookkeeper who handles it from there. I later found out that the bookkeeper put it into the mailbox for the cafeteria manager but she claims she never got it. Well, the AP got on the bandwagon, lunches were to be made and an office staffer would DRIVE it up to us (20 minutes away). Then the buses were late so we got there late, but thank goodness the staff at the farm is "forgiving." The children - and I - had a great time. We returned to school in time to pack up and go home. Not me, I was going to stay and do some work (which I did) and then go to my SnB group - which I didn't. Gerry called and told me that his daughter Suzzette and her hubby Brian, who were returning from Atlanta today, missed their flight and were coming in on another flight but at a different airport, and they didn't have a ride home. Now, I could have been a bitch and let Gerry drive 40 miles from home to the airport. But I work 10 min away so I said I would get them. After all, if it was for MY daughter I would drop all and run to get them. The plane was 45 min later than expected but they got here and I got them home.

Next I had to go to Publix to get chicken and salad fixin's for tomorrow night. We are having 3 of Gerry's friends in for dinner. I am making roasted chicken pieces, salad, and probably broccoli...nothing too complicated after a full day's work.

So, I never got to knit today and I had wanted to go to SnB to show the women the sock I am working on. Wish I could post a pix (soon, Boo-boo, soon). I am following the pattern to the letter, but the front of the sock from ankle to ankle looks SOOO big. Good thing my sockapalooza pal has big feet.

I am really happy, though. My SP4 got my package today and LOVED IT! I had not heard a thing from her and was worried, but it was noted on her blog.

I came home tonight and the house looked soo nice...I have a cleaning duo every other week - well worth it! Lately, though, I have had to vaccum cause Cocktail, my shepard/chow, sits outside and then comes in, bringing dead leaves and grass on his fur and leaving it all over the floors. One day I hope to have a patio he can lie on and not get dirty.

Mom's party is in 4 days...have to stop at the restaurant and note the amount and size of tables they have and then figure out flowers to get. I don't get fancy centerpieces. I like to buy at Publix or Home Depot and, if I have to, cover the pots with tissue paper and ribbon. Pretty doesn't have to mean expensive. Can't wait to see my girls and their hubbies, either. Or my two brothers, one of who is a surprise for mom.

Would love to write more but I am falling asleep. Hoping tomorrow is an easy day!!


  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous karen said…

    I'm glad that your field trip turned out to be successful and the cafeteria got their act together. Would I have been so lucky?!?!
    I know Gerry appreciated your help at the end of your workday. I hope his back is doing better. Tomorrow starts his airport runs...turn around is FAIR play!!!


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