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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Doncha just hate it when you are feeling SOOOO good and then something comes along to frustrate the hell out of you?
I was feeling good....last night Gerry and I went on a casino cruise sponsored by his boss. Every year, sometimes twice, the boss has a business meeting at someplace special. Last year they went to a baseball game and sat in one of those air-conditioned booths complete with food and drink. They also went on a casino cruise for the evening. This time the boss invited the significant others. In spite of not winning a cent, we had a fun evening. Gerry picked me up at work, we ate at Mangos, a good restaurant on Las Olas, an "in" avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We were not sure what kind of food was being served on the boat ) we've gone before and sometimes the food is just tiny deli soll sandwiches and a little salad. So we had soup and seafood salads (I saved half of mine) before going to the boat. The food WAS good, a nice hot buffet with a pretty good selection. After their meeting we played the slots a bit and then danced the rest of the evening. When I got home, there was a package from me. I had been RAOK'd for the first time.....Joni sent me beautiful beaded stitch markers that will fit onto small needles. I was ELATED!!!! are GREAT!! In spite of getting to sleep around 2 AM, I woke before 7 to get to my LYS for a BIG sale they were having at 9 AM on winter weight yarns. When I got there (and it's not that close to home) I was told by the guard (the building wasn't open yet) that the sale is TUESDAY morning (which is a bummer cause I work). Of course, I had to call home and confirm this with Gerry, who read the sale card and....sure enough...TUESDAY!!! Ok, I thought, I will go to Costco to get some things. I was almost at the exit when I realized that I had left my card in my other wallet! Did I let it get me down...nope! There's always tomorrow, I thought. So I stopped and got wipers for my car, did a little shopping for my secret pal4 and my secret pal at work, then came home to my NEW COMPUTER to upload pictures of my RAOK stitch markers to my blog. I didn't have Hello installed on my computer, so I promptly went to the site to download it. In doing so I was notified that I already exist in their files and to just download. I did....and now it won't open. And there is no phone number to call, nor live on-line tech support to help me. So....I am FRUSTRATED!!! I hate when the computer gives me a hard time. It doesn't help that two days ago I tried to download my job's e-mail system on this computer, only to get error messages on that as well. And here I thought that with a new computer I would not have any problems, at least, not for awhile!

I am almost finished with Randy's scarf, have one more armhole to rib on mom's shell, and then can start on the sockapalooza socks. And if I can get Hello! up and running, I will be able to post the pix of the finished projects here. Now I am off to take a nap before going to a BBQ tonight. I am SOOOOO tired...don't want to get cranky too (which I almost NEVER do).


  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Joni said…

    Glad you liked the stitch markers. :) I have been frustrated with Hello, and started a photobucket account a few days ago. No software to download, and it gives you the html so you can paste it into your message rather than having to post one picture at a time from Hello and then editing to add text etc...

  • At 4:59 PM, Blogger Becky said…

    Hi Jody, I just wanted to say thanks so much for that sweet little email you sent me when I first joined RAOK. I wish that I would have known you had a blog, I would have been reading from the beginning..but don't you fret now... I will read it from now on!! ;) I really loved the time I got to knit and chat with you when you were here in Phoenix. Come and visit Alison soon so we can knit again... :) (Don't know you that she is just going to love everyone telling her mom to come out and visit her all the time!!!)


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