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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Just wanted to share that I had a relatively nice day today. The kids in my kindergarten class behaved nicely (not counting how horribly they acted for the language teacher - for me they were good). One reason that things went so well is that I split their reading lesson in two....some of it today, some tomorrow - so we were not rushed and each group was able to take their time with whatever we were doing, making it fun. Instead of intense math today we read a groundhog story, graphed our predictions as to whether or not the groundhog would see his shadow (doesn't really matter much here in S. Florida, does it? - oh, yeah...6 more weeks of winter means 6 more weeks of the snowbirds clogging our streets and highways, creating longer lines at movies, waits at restaurants, etc). The kids enjoyed coloring and cutting out the groundhogs for the graph and another little project. Each one didn't take long, was fun, easy - sort of instant gratificiation. We have so much to to academically that we rarely have time for little projects.

After my team meeting today I did a 30 minute walk....not hard when you are listening to a book on tape, then went for my monthly hour massage. I had such knots in my neck - felt like they were the size of golf balls - but Sarina worked them out. I hated to get off the table. Then to home, got Gerry - who is feeling somewhat better as he recovers from the flu - and went to the movies. No dinner for me, so I treated myself to a Starbucks Decaf lowfat milk Latte. MMMM! and a less fat blueberry cake...MMMMMMM! We went to see Million Dollar was wonderful, but I didn't expect it to be such a tear-jerker. Bring lots of tissues. I see most movies that come out and I have to say, Hillary Swank definitely should get the Oscar. Best actor will be hard...they were all great, but I am pulling for Jaimie Foxx for Ray. Anyway, that's a discussion for another time.

Gonna try to install some programs into my new computer. Should go to sleep but it's the only time I have, so.....!


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