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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

This is not a knitting post, so if you want to, you may skip it. This is just to vent...!
I may have mentioned in an earlier post that on the 19th, my brother and I are hosting an 80th birthday party for my mom (I made the coral shell for her). As a surprise, Alison and Michael are flying in from AZ (she probably suspects this, but I keep telling her that they can't make it). As an added surprise, my older brother Randy (gray scarf) is flying in from OKC and she has NO IDEA that he is coming. Here was the plan:
On Friday the 18th I leave work, which is 10 min from the Ft. Lauderdale airport, and pick up Alison and Michael at 4 PM, we wait till 5:30 and get my brother Jon and niece Gianna. Meanwhile, Gerry (hubby) picks up Mom and takes her to my house to await Jon and Gianna (and be surprised by A & M), and then we all have dinner. My daughter Becca and hubby Phil ar due to arrive around 10. At 9:45 PM I say that Gerry's daughter Suzzette called, is having car trouble, and then Gerry and my brother Jon go to "help her" but instead get back to the FLL airport to pick up Randy at 10:30, they get back to the house around 11:30, they enter, followed by Randy, video camera rolling, Mom crying, the rest of us crying (or laughing) and we do the kissy, huggy stuff and have fun. Randy has to sleep at Mom's, as do Jon and Gianna, as I have a small house and barely enough room for my girls and the guys (yes, Alison, you and Michael have first dibs on the futon/guest room). BUT.....isn't there ALWAYS a BUT????....
I spoke to Mom tonight. One of her friends (who is a travel agent and is attending the party) called and told her that since she (the friend) didn't know what to give Mom, she is taking her on a mystery bus trip (they have this every year). It is a great gift - they usually go to a show, dinner, and other fun stuff). "When is it?" I asked Mom. "On Firday, Feb. 18th!" said Mom. After more talking, assuring Mom that I will get and feed Jon and Gianna that evening, I called her travel agent friend and found out that they will not get back to pick-up point until 11:30 or midnight! ARRGH!! So, after much thinking (about 10 minutes) here is my NEW plan:
Earlier airport pick-ups as planned, come here for dinner, everyone is at my house (except Mom). If the girls don't wish to leave the house they can stay here with my three doggies (after all, Bex and Phil worked all day, drove 4 hours to come down, Alison and Michael flew all day from AZ), or they can come to Mom's house to await her arrival. Gerry, Jon (and me, if the girls stay home) will get Randy and take him to Mom's to wait for her, video camera in hand. Confused? Yeah, me too!! It doesn't help that Randy is leaving early Sunday morning, Alison and Michael sometime that day as well, so visit time with Mom is limited! But the party will be great and Mom will be thrilled, and she deserves it. She is a wonderful Mom (yeah, she gets me crazy at times but I do that to my daughter too - but only in HER mind, of course!) and, having lost my two dear aunts in the past three years, both 85 or under, and who had not really been sick, I cherish having a mother. I know how fragile life is and that once Mom is no longer here I will have a big void that no one can fill, so I enjoy our time together. And isn't it great to celebrate the good things in life with family and friends? Of course it is!!


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