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Monday, February 28, 2005

I just opened my blog and saw that the last pix I put on didn't "take." So I deleted the entire post and took out the blank pix, and below is what was written on Saturday Feb 26th...

Before I frogged the sockapalooza sock that I had made (the huge one) I started to knit a pair of "consolation socks" for my sock pal, to send along with the "good pair, " in case she didn't like the "good pair." Using Wool-Ease wool blend worsted white multi I started to make my usual sock pattern (not really's from Becky in AZ).

I am excited....I received my first copy of Creative Knitting, along with the PatternWorks catalog. There are great yarns in the catalog, but truth be told, they are not really cheaper than those sold at my LYS - and there are BEAUTIFUL yarns there!!

My latest house guests are still here. They are two of Gerry's friends from Cincinnati, Ohio. They are really great guys and not difficult houseguests, but after a full week (the kids here last weekend - a true PLEASURE, I would have them here ANYTIME) and now the guys, I am ready to have my house back. It's a really small house, and Gerry and I, with the 3 dogs, are enough to fill it. Plus I had the entire morning to myself cause Gerry had to go out to work, and arghhh...after an hour of just sitting on the couch catching up on my recorded TIVO programs (Oprah got her ears pierced; watched Nicholas Cage on Inside the Actor's Studio), the guys came back from wherever they were. Now, they were outside a bit (Florida is snow), but when Dave came in and I was doing...whatever...he was there, talking to me about...whatever (and man, he can talk!). I just wanted to be here, alone, with the dogs, doing "my thing." I don't mean to sound crabby about it, but I so rarely get time to do nothing at all, all by myself. Well, I got him to watch the movie Troy, which he is doing now, and so I got to finally update this blog.


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