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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

OY!!! - I really lost my head tonight! Where, you might ask? At my SnB group meeting in the yarn store tonight. How could I just sit there and knit when they had yarns on sale at 30% off? I just had to have some. I can't post pix onto my blog at this time, but I'll tell you what I got and post the pix in about 1 1/2 weeks (that's when my blog guru, Alison, will be here).
Two toned gray Karina by Filtes (50% wool, 33% acrylicm 17% nylon) is for a cartigan I hope to make for me one day; Debbie Bliss cotton angora, Teal is for this sort of a wrap that you throw over your shoulders and it looks like a cardigan, only it's one side - just the back and make-believe sleeves; Deco-Ribbon Crystal Palace yarn in a sort of pinky/beige is for a scarf for...hmmm, don't know; Blue suede (smokey opal color, hand dyed yarn) is for a belt that one of the women were wearing and I just HAD to have - and, of course, that yarn wasn't on sale!! And I just HAD to have the cute little bamboo needles, perfect for making a scarf or the belt; AND....Funky looking yarn by On line...Linie 73 spot, black with speckles of color in it...I bought it....because!

- I am a danger to myself, I think!!

On the plus-er side, I started my sockapalooza socks tonight. However...I only knitted one row...I was too busy BUYING YARN!!!!


  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger illanna said…

    Welcome to the obsessed knitters club! You won't have to buy more yarn for at LEAST another week now... just kidding. Everything you got sounds beautiful- enjoy knitting!


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