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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's really hard coming back to work after 3 days and a weekend off. It's not really because of having so many days off, but when you are a teacher and your room has been infiltrated by a sub, it takes that much longer to get the room back in order. I am not saying that the sub wrecked the room....not at all. But I had to get my (teacher edition) books back in order, update my calendar and other things hanging around the room that change daily, but most of all....rein in the kids. On top of this...I have no break on Mondays, had lots of computer and paperwork to take care of, etc. I had planned to do some work, leave by 3:45 and make it to my 4:30 Pilates class. Best laid plans...! I worked at school until 5:15, then headed home. No problem, I thought. After dinner Gerry and I will take a power walk or bike ride. WRONG!!! Gerry was feeling poorly, so we ate and relaxed and then I played on my new computer (did I say that on Sunday we purchased a brand new HP Pavaillion desktop with 17" flatscreen monitor and lots of bells and whistles. I spent most of Sunday moving files and programs, then we gave my old - 3 1/2 yrs - to Suzzette and Brian). Soooo . - no exercise or knitting on Monday.

Today I worked my butt off once again. It's the 100th day of school here and so, beside the regular curriculum that needed to be done, we did 100 days activities. In the end, the kids loked cute walking out after school with their 100 shaped glasses and their paper ties with 10 grous of 10 ovals on them. Stayed till 5 today, and then did one of my favorite things...I went to SnB at The Gifting Tree. There isn't an over abundance of women there but it's still fun. There seem to be a core of about 5 or 6 of us, and others come, stay and knit awhile and then leave. It's dangerous being in this shop as Judy stocks such wonderful fibers to knit or crochet with. I am not buying anything because I have to finish my projects. I worked on Mom's shell, completing the neckline and one armhole. Then I did several lines on Randy's scarf. Hopefully, both will be finished by the weekend.

Came home after the meeting and there is poor Gerry - he has the flu. We will do our best not to let him breath on me. I should not say it too loudly, but I am lucky in that I seem to have immunities built up, most likely from working with kids for so long. It could also be all the vitamins that I take. But I am not taking any kissing for a few days (what a bummer!).
I have not heard anymore from my secret pal 4 other than a greeting card on line. Of course, I still have not mailed mine anything... been busy, but will do so on the weekend.

Time to close out and get a little (and I mean, little) sleep. It's getting chilly again here and I love being under the covers. Just wish that I could stay under till at least 10 tomorrow!! Doncha love a fantasy?


  • At 8:12 PM, Blogger Orris said…

    Hang in there. 100 Day is tough. Subs are tough. YOU are tougher.
    In better news, apparently periodic training in random intervals is better for you than steady same thing every day exercise. So this was your "long rest period" in your periodic training. Yeah, that's it.
    *hides her mound o marking under her desk* Everyone needs a break sometime. This is a coupon comment that allows you to enjoy, free of guilt THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS of no exercise beyond pacing, bending, walking, leaning, tying shoes, walking, yard duty, etc.


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