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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

What a lovely Thanksgiving Day we had, and so much to be thankful for!
Last night my brother Jon and my niece Gianna arrived from CT. It's always a treat to have them here, and I am always amazed at how lovely Gianna is - plus - she's sweet, smart and well behaved - amazing for a 15 year old!

So #1 - I am thankful that they came down to visit (and they stayed with Mom, which made my Friday do-able, but more on that later). Before picking them up at the airport I had time to make cranberry-orange relish (tastes SO much better than canned cranberry sauce), two apple pies (one for Thanksgiving dessert and one for my DH), and Alison's recipe for maple-pecan pie - mmmm, it was fabulous!

This morning I got up and watched the Macy's TG Day parade on TV. It's a habit I've had for many years. I always reminice about the years when I took my kids downtown to see the parade in person. While watching I got in some family/friends phone calls and sewed the sleeves onto the blue Fisherman's Rib sweater that I am finally almost finished with (for Avi, of course).

In the afternoon we all went to my cousin Ann's house (with her hubby Ray) for dinner. Already there were my Aunt and Uncle and of course, Ann and Ray's little girl, Genia. They adopted Genia from Russia this past summer. She is simply wonderful. She is pretty, very well behaved, loving, entertains herself, and smart as a whip. We all enjoyed watching her as she took apart and put together her puzzles, tried to lace up my Uncle's shoes, and enjoyed dipping the crackers into the cheese. She's almost two so she captures everyone's attention. #2 - I am thankful that Ann and Ray were able to become the parents of this darling little girl, opening their home and their hearts to her. They are a beautiful family!
Ann had made a delicious dinner. Gerry, my DH, made a toast of gratitude, thanking all for their prayers and support during this past year (re: his bout with cancer), and gave his thanks to me for being there for him through it all. #3 - I am thankful that Gerry is now cancer free!WOOHOO! We also gave thanks #4 for the birth of our beautiful and healthy grandson, Avi, who has already found a place deep within our hearts.

After dinner Gerry went home and Mom, Jon, Gianna and I (with my aunt along 'cause Jon was driving her home) went to the Holiday Inn where my son Adam tends bar part time. When speaking to him that morning, I said that I was sorry he couldn't join us at Ann's (though I didn't think he would have come even if he wasn't working). He had been estranged from my mom and brother for over 6 years. Adam said, "Stop by on your way home from Ann's." I was shocked that he said that, as he knew I'd be with Mom and Jon. So....we did, and he was friendly to all. I know it was strange for Mom and Jon, but at the same time they welcomed the opportunity to finally have Adam receptive to them. When I came home, Gerry suggested that Adam join us all for breakfast Sunday morning (when I asked Adam, he happily agreed). #5 - Happy to have my family on good terms at last. I am such a Pollyanna, I just want EVERYONE to get along and be happy.


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