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Friday, November 24, 2006

Ms. Procrastinator

Today I promised myself to work on a very important paper that I am doing for school. I had not worked on it in over two weeks (becoming a grandma took precidence, ya know). Gerry was going to sleep for most of the morning (today was his treatment day), so I figured I would have plenty of time to myself to get down to business. First, however, I just had to watch Grey's Anatomy that I had TIVO'd last night. Oh, it was sooo good (love Dr. McDreamy, don't you?). Then I couldn't resist watching one of the two episodes of Desperate Housewives that I had missed and TIVO'd. Of course, once that was over, I figured, "What the heck. I'll just watch the other episode, since it's less that an hour because I can speed through the commercials." By now it was almost noon. I took my shower, dressed (staying in pj's is just not conducive to getting work done) and sat down to work. About 20 minutes later, Gerry was up, kind of groggy, and hungry. Well, so was I, so I stopped to make and eat some lunch. Then it was back to the ol' grindstone. Now it doesn't help that I sit at my desk with my laptop, while facing my desktop computer and the temptations of whoever pops on line. But aside from IM'ing with two (or three) friends, I DID manage to get a lot done on the paper and was able to e-mail the draft off to my mentor, who checks it out for me. By this time, Mom, Jon, and Gianna had arrived. We all went out to dinner, then returned here to watch Keeping Up With the Steins, a very funny (and so typical) story of outdoing others when making a big affair, and family relationships. After the movie, I put on Comic Relief, which I had TIVO'd last weekend. To my disappointment:
1. the comics were not that funny
2. I didn't know it was to be on HBO, and so recorded from TBS. There were so many censored lines that we heard very little of most of the stand-up comedians. But it's really funny how they mute out the curse words, but allow the so-called jokes of other comics that are raunchy to the Nth degree, but kept in as long as they are not using the "F" word.

It's now after midnight and everyone has left. Tomorrow I am going to the beach with Jon in the morining. No water for me. It will be too early for the air temps to be right, and besides, I don't go in the water if it isn't bathtub temp. But he wants to sit on the sand, so I'll "humor" him. In the afternoon we are all going into Fort Lauderdale to the IMAX theater to see Happy Feet. Even Gerry is looking forward to it (I think he secretly wants to review it with the intent of purchasing it for future viewing by our grandson, Avi).


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