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Monday, August 28, 2006

Here We Go Again

Welcome to Florida, home to late summer/early fall hurricanes, panicked people, and ....YEA! a day off from school (work)! We are expecting Tropical Storm Ernesto to turn into a category 1 hurricane and so Broward County (where Fort Lauderdale is located) closed schools tomorrow (Tuesday) and might close them on Wednesday. This was to allow everyone to prepare. As I drove home today I saw lines at the gas stations. Gerry had gone out this morning and waited 1 1/2 hours in a gas line to fill his car up plus fill 4 gas containers (in case we need the generator). I had already gotten gas this morning, not because of the storm, but because I was running on fumes. I passed a gas station that had NO line....I was shocked...until I saw the bags tied around the nozzles: no gas! At Publix, our supermarket, they were out of water. I still don't get why some people pay up to $5.00 a bottle for water (that was all they had left, some kind of "designer" water) when all they need to do is fill a few pitchers or pots and either put it aside or in the fridge. So many people had the look of panic on their faces. I realize that there were people who had damage or lost their roofs last year, but most survived (and were not nearly as bad off as the poor victims in New Orleans et al from Katrina). I really don't think this will be too bad. And at least I have a day home in beautiful weather (at least it will be in the morning). What we did do, however, was put up our hurricane shutters on the front kitchen window and the big picture window in the LR. Now Gerry and I won't have to stand and hold the window as it bows in and out, as we did last year during hurricane Wilma (yes, I know...BAD thing to do!!!).


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