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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Those Freebies

Tonight we went to see a preview of Gridiron Gang, starring The Rock. Adam had given us free passes, so we invited my dear friends Lily and Pete to join us. We had to arrive about an hour before showtime, as it's a first come, first served situation. But it was worth the wait. The movie was really good. It's a true story about Sean Porter, a man who worked in a jail setting for teenage offenders. He realized that 75% of those released end up back in jail or dead, so he decided to do something about it. He started a football team! This was truly a feel good movie, and also another eye opener to the situation that many underpriviledged youth find themselves in. I highly recommend it. If you go, make sure you stay in your seats when the credits roll, because the actual people on who the movie is based, are shown.
I also recommend the movie Invincible, which we saw last weekend. It starred Mark Markham (sp?) as Vince Papale, a "regular" guy who was a major Eagles football fan. He was given the chance to tryout for the Eagles team. It's another "feel good" movie...doncha just love those?


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