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Friday, January 23, 2009

I Can't Believe I Won!!

Every morning as I get ready for work I listen to the radio...Sunny 104.3 FM (S. Florida). At 6:10 AM they give "the impossible question" and I often try to call in with the answer (and often have it right) but can't get through. I had won about 6 years ago - also won by putting a raffle in the box at their booth at a street fair... as well as that beautiful basket that I won at Pretty In The City, sponsored by the same station. This morning I was listening and heard them mention an event in my city but I didn't get the date. They said you could get more info on their site, so I went to it - and, got the info. I then saw "The Impossible Question" link on the side and clicked on it. Lo and behold, there were two, I recognized as yesterday's. The other I had not heard all week so I made a mental note of it. A few minutes later they announced it on the radio. I pre-dialed my cell and had my house phone ready, too. When they gave the question I immediately made the call(s).! I GOT THROUGH!! Of course, I had the right answer, which stunned the DJ's... and when asked how I knew the answer, I had to be honest. Well, it seems that the staff was not supposed to post the answer for another 3 hours. As a "Sunny 104.3 Loyal Listener" I was able to access the window that had the early information. So... I won TWO TICKETS to see Heart in concert in Pompano on March 29th. I am taking my dear, dear friend Lily (her birthday is just 3 weeks prior to the concert). How cool is that!


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