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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Atlanta Wasn't Burning THIS Weekend!

I flew up to Atlanta for MLK weekend. My poor daughter Alison...she was SOOOOO sick. Michael had the same thing a few weeks ago and it lasted several weeks (he still wasn't fully over it). It's a virus going around. Alison didn't have fever but had chest congestion, a horrible cough, which made her throat RAW, headache, etc. She was living mostly on tea with honey and lemon. Being pregnant there isn't much she can take. I arrived earlier on Friday by taking a standby flight (which in contrast to the full flights the rest of the day, was half empty, and so I had a 3-seat row to myself). I got to enjoy Shabbat with the family - Avi is just so cute as he mimics his parents as the blessing is said. He is amazing... just 2 and before every meal he says the Hamotzi, and before bed, the Shem-a. Alison took advantage of my being there on Saturday by going out and doing a bunch of errands. Avi and I didn't care... we read, played, read, read and...yup, read some more. He also loves to look at garbage trucks and construction vehicles on the computer. Saturday night Becca arrived with a PACKED car - Phil packed every last stitch of clothing that she has, for her arrival in GA. The official move won't be for a few weeks, but Becca was starting work in two days. On Sunday Alison was worse so she stayed in bed almost all of Sunday, and Monday. Michael was wonderful and took care of most of the meals. The temperature was very low...I was FREEZING there! Since Avi had not been out for a few days I took him out on Monday. We went to the North Springs Mall where there was a carousel (which he didn't want to go on) and a "soft play" area. He played for about 30 minutes and then we had lunch - pizza, a treat for me!!! It was wonderful to have him out with Grandma for a few hours. No pix...didn't bring my camera with me this trip! BTW - Becca LOVES the new job!


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