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Monday, March 09, 2009

To Donna S

I tried once again (for the third time) to e-mail you but keep getting it returned with error messages. So here is what I was writing to you:

hi Donna - I hope this goes through to you as I keep getting every other e-mail to you returned.

I am SO excited and on a HIGH from the race. It was GREAT!!! Of course, the car ended up costing me over $550....alternator and battery but...what the heck...stuff happens!! But the weekend was GREAT! And so was yours, huh? How is Anderson doing? I am sure that he has changed a lot since you were last there. Ok,, please!!!!

I have no idea why my e-mails to you are returned. Does anyone else have the problem I am having with your e-mail address?

(to anyone else who reads my blog...please allow me this interlude so I can contact this lovely lady).


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