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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Can't Help Myself

I KNOW it's REALLY grandchild isn't due till November, but I couldn't help myself. I was in Tuesday Morning on Saturday and was just looking around...really I was...and I saw this cute little bib & burp cloth. So I said to myself, "Self....this is quite inexpensive, you should buy it." So I picked it up and instead of being smart & walking out looked some more, and I found this beautiful, soft, absolutely have to have blanket. After all, Alison DID mention that she MIGHT make the baby's room blue and green, and I DID try to call her and ask her opinion, but she wasn't answering her phones, soooo....! I can already tell that I will have a MAJOR addiction when it comes to items for the baby. But after all, isn't that what Grandmas are supposed to be like?

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Saturday night Gerry took Mom and I to dinner and then to see The DaVinci Code. Just to be safe, I purchased the tix earlier in the day. The movie was good. I won't lie and say it's the best movie I have ever seen, but I really enjoyed it. I read the book several years ago and didn't remember the ins and outs of the story, which made the movie even better as I was surprised by some of the twists and turns of the plot and characters. All this hype and religious outcrying is ridiculous, though.'s a NOVEL!!!! It's a MOVIE!!!! not a documentary. Sheesh!!

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As for knitting....I am trying to get it in. Still working on the broadripple sock for my friend. I really hope to get at least one finished by Wednesday, and I will "owe" her the other one.

OH, oh, oh...almost forgot....BIG excitement here Friday night. We heard lots of sirens going by our corner and thought nothing of it. Then we heard helicopters overhead. When we went outside you could smell something, as if a pot handle was burning. So we threw on shoes and walked to the corner...4 police cars were driving down the street. We turned the corner and were stunned at all the police cars from here and neighboring towns, troopers cars, lights flashing, helicopter circling. We walked as far we we could (another two blocks) up to the yellow police tape. Seems there was a high speed shootout on the interstate b/t the police and the perpetrators, with bullets flying while they were speeding along. The perps got off at the exit just above my house, came down the street at our corner, followed by the police, and finally crashed into a hedge about 4 blocks from my house. The perp opened fire and the police returned the fire, eventually killing the perp. WOW!!!! Lot's of excitement for this part of the neighborhood, which is usually very quiet. Luckily the perp didn't end up 5 more blocks down the street, where our downtown area is, complete with people dining out, going into shops, etc. The Avenue is a very popular spot for nightlife.


  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger Heather said…

    Such cute baby things! I love little baby stuff. Quite the excitement in your neighborhood! I hope everyone was ok.

    We saw the movie last night. I really liked it. I hadn't read the book, so it was really interesting. I'm with you on the controversary. It's a freaking FICTION novel. Get a grip. There are signs at all the local churches inviting people to come in for special meetings to "learn the truth". Oh Brother.

  • At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Secret Pal said…

    Sounds like exciting doings on your street! That happened to us a few months ago. We came home and the street was filled with fire trucks. The house across from us caught fire. It was scary until we realized it wasn't our house. It's definitely a good chance to meet the neighbors though!

    Cute baby clothes!


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