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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bad Start to a Good Weekend

We teachers all look forward to Fridays, especially at this time of year. With just two more weeks to our school term, we are inundated with record keeping, filing, paperwork, packing up, end of the year festivities and more. We can't wait to get out and go home to enjoy whatever it is we do on the weekend (hopefully, not school related). This weekend is a special one, too, being Mother's Day (although I'll probably still do laundry). So when they called a meeting right after school on Friday, we were a bit miffed. Then we supposed it was to do something special for us, for Teacher Appreciation Week (since we had only received a few little token items in our mailboxes this week...address book, keychain, drink cozy). The entire staff was called in. First our APDr. Rosina greeted us with "Happy Teacher Appreciation Week" and her nice words for all we have done. Then the requisite words re: report cards, test scores, etc. Then Mrs. Vega, our principal, took the floor. Now I have to stop here and tell all who are reading that I LOVE our administrators. They are wonderful women, different in personalities and approach to life, but equally fair, caring, great educators and more. Ok - back to the meeing...Just as Mrs. V was about to speak, my good friend Lily came and sat by me. Lily and I worked together in NY for 6 years and here in Florida for 10 (she got me the initial interview with Mrs. V when I arrived in town). Then, Mrs. V spoke...she was being transferred to another school and that school's principal was being sent to us. I cannot tell you the feeling of shock that went through me and everyone else. I couldn't believe it. I knew that in 5 years she would retire and that for the following 5 (as I have 10 left) I would hope for the best, but I never thought she's leave while still working. I began to cry, turned to Lily who was crying too, along with about 2/3 of those present. I have never seen Dr. R cry, but her nose and eyes were red. I immediately thought, "Well, then I will transfer and go with Mrs. V," as she had stated that each principal was taking some staff with them. But Lily said to me, "You don't want to go to _______school. There is a reason why they are an "F" school!" (We brought ourselves up from an "F" to an "A" school over the past 5 years). When I mentioned this to Mrs. V, she agreed with me. But I was and still am stunned. My second thought was that I would stay the year and if I am unhappy, I can apply for a transfer to a school closer to home, as I now drive 30 miles each way to work. I have since learned that this incoming principal will only be with us for one year and then she retires, that she isn't a very nice person, she has definite prejudices against some groups of people (we have several teachers on our staff who left that school because of her). Other factors affecting any decisions I make are that I am going to be working on a very intense program for a certification, and since several other teachers on our staff are too, it would be best for me to stay and work with them. PLUS....we are a Title One school, which means that IF I am lucky enough to pass the certification, I would get twice the amount of money that I would get in a non-Title One school. So for now I will maintain the status quo, stay put, hope for the best, and try to get over this pain in my heart. Mrs. V is more than a boss...she has become family, friend and mentor not just to me, but to most of those on our staff. Oh, I am just SOOOO sad!!!


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