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Monday, December 26, 2005

A Very Knitty Holiday!

I must have been a VERY good girl, for Santa and Hanukkah Bubbie brought me wonderful gifts (with the help of their elf Alison). Santa (aka Gerry) and Hanukkah Bubbie (my mom) each called Alison OTO (on their own) to enlist her help, and these are the wonderful goodies that I am now the proud knitty owner of:

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  1. The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann
  2. Top Down For Toddlers
  3. 6 skeins of 100% Merino yarn - vanilla
  4. 5 skeins of Shine Twist - 60% pima cotton, 40% Modal color Harvest (green, blue and gold)
  5. yarn meter
  6. yarn swift
  7. ball winder

The yarns and most other items were from

Now who could ask for more? The one requirement, however, from Alison, is that I use the yarn to knit the Classic Cable pullover from TDFT, and the Shine Twist to knit another from the same book...for my future grandchild. MY PLEASURE!

The rest of the holiday was so nice. My homemade sauce, manicotti, antipasto and cheesecake brownie for dessert all came out great (thank goodness). There were only 7 of us (a good size crew for my little house), including my cousin Richie who was in from Houston. After everyone left, Mom, Gerry and I attempted once again to go to the movies to see Munich. We had tried Friday and Saturday nights, only to find that it was sold out (and we showed up each night 1 hr before showtime). We were almost disappointed last night as the 7 and 8:15 shows were sold out (by 6:30) but we did get tix for the 9PM show. The movie was long (almost 3 hours) but very good.

Hope your holiday was as much fun and as fruitful as mine was. Have a very knitty day!!


  • At 4:20 PM, Blogger Creative Genius? said…

    Gosh I love you but you can be a boozo.... most of the stuff is from KNIT

    Not Knitty!!!

    No matter where it came from as long as you know what to do with it!


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