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Friday, December 23, 2005

Phil, It's Finally Finished!!

Today I finished the sweater that I was making for my terrific British son-in-law Phil (Becca's hubby). I started it in early November, knitting through Gerry's dr. visits, the surgery and hospital stay. Phil turned 30 in November so I thought it fitting that his Mum-in-law knit him a sweater in his team colors...he roots for the Liverpool soccer football team (the color is just red, but clothing items have either white or black, too). The pattern is by Lion Brand - Hooded Knit Sweaters. Instead of Homespun yarn, I used Plymouth Encore Chunky, and had to alter the needle size to 10 and 11. The pattern was easy until I came to finishing the hood...the pattern says to "sew rib/roll Front at center neck, overlapping center fronts." I jsut couldn't get the right cross over, so I stitched the two front ends to make a full closure under the chin. Here is Gerry modeling the sweater - that white t-shirt really makes his tummy stand out, doesn't it? Gerry had the sweater on for all of 2 minutes and said it was too hot....Phil will need that warmth, as Ocala gets pretty nippy in the wintertime.

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