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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Am Not Above "Borrowing" Fun Ideas

I read my daughter Alison's blog and always enjoy it (you will too if you read it). Today she posted a meme, and at the end wrote "consider yourself chosen" (to personalize it, I guess), is mine (don't expect it to be as good as hers):

Seven things to do before I die (not in order of priority)
1. Travel to Asia...China, Japan, etc.
2. Parasail (hopefully soon. I DO live in Florida where it's possible to do it all year long)
3. SCUBA Dive Palau and Yap
4. Be a GRANDMA (I know you're trying hon...and I'll take whatever comes your way)
5. See my brother remarry and BE HAPPY.
6. Get a GOOD phonecall or visit from my son
7. See all the people I know and/or love be at peace with one another (ok, so THAT's a fantasy)

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Walk into a store and buy pants without trying them on
2. Sing on key (or even IN a key)
3. Play piano and sound good (I stopped those lessons WAY too early).
4. Eat cheesecake and not put on 2 lbs.
5. Knit like Alison
6. Lay on the beach, alone, for more than 10 minutes.
7. Go into a pet store and not want to go home with every puppy for sale

Seven things that attract me to my spouse:
1. He's extremely friendly
2. He's hard working
3. He's cute (tummy and all)
4. He has many friends who love and respect him.
5. He loves his family....and mine (especially my daughters).
6. He enjoys movies, Broadway musicals and the NY Yankees.
7. He is spontaneous.

Seven things I say most often:
1. Yup
2. I love you (to my hubby, kids, mom, good friends)
3. NO BARKING!!!! (no, not to Gerry)
4. Want an ice cream, honey?
5. F*ck (sorry, it's my favorite word)
6. I'll have a bread, please!
7. Decaf with cream, please!

Five books I love:
1. The Notebook
2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar (children's book)
3. Where the Wild Things Are (antoher children's book - hey - I'm a mommy & teacher)
4. Books by Anita Shreve
5. Any other book by Nicholas Sparks

Seven movies I watch over and over again:
1. Independence Day
2. You've Got Mail
3. Dave
4. Pirates of the Carribbean
5. Sleepless in Seatle
6.Sweet Home Alabama
7.An Affair to Remember (with Cary Grant - hey, it's time I watched it again)

Seven people I'm curious about that I'd like to join in:
1. Consider yourself chosen, too!


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