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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

HE'S HOME!!! YEA!!! Today Gerry came home from the hospital. He called at work and since I already had an all-day sub ('cause I was to be in a meeting all day) I was able to "fly" out of there. He's doing great, looks terrific, just tires easily and walks a little slower. I know he has a long way to go to build up his strength again and get back to normal...will take several weeks, even a few months, but oh, how nice to have him here. The staff at the hospital was so nice (the food was good too) and so aside from the exhaustion of being there every minute that I wasn't working or sleeping, it wasn't a bad experience (well, not for sternum is in tact). Next week we'll see the dr and he'll tell us what Gerry needs to do as a follow up treatment. Now, I'll tell you...a little knowledge isn't all that helpful. I have been reading various sites on-line to know more about internal melanomas. Hmmm....not a good thing, even though the dr said he got the whole mass and good margins. So we know that Gerry will most likely need chemo. What bothered me was that after surgery the dr. told me that Gerry should probably see an oncologist. When I said that we have one near home that we would like to use, he was fine with that. Two days later, in talking to Gerry in the hospital before I got there, he suggested that we go to a cancer center that specializes in melanomas, perhaps Balitimore or Texas. Then he said he'd talk to us some more when we go to his office. So, while I am not one to get nuts ahead of time, I really am a little more than concerned that this isn't over by a long shot. I day at a time. I am the optimist who definitely sees the cup as half full.....just trying to stay like that!

I am so happy that after tomorrow I have a 4 day weekend. Just a small group for, Mom, Gerry's daughter Suzzette and hubby Brian, and our two tenents from the cottage. Shhhhh - don't tell, but I am cheating this year. I decided that with Ger just out of the hospital, I didn't want to spend all my time in the kitchen, so I ordered dinner from Publix Supermarket. I'll make the salad and apple pie, but they are making the rest. I even ordered a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey...I always have to throw the legs and wings away anyway.

I am almost finished with Phil's sweater. I just have about two inches to knit on the sleeves, attach them to the body and make the hood. I also am halfway through a Sugar N Cream cotton facecloth (gift for coworker) and finally got more yarn to finish Mom's shrug. Can't wait to get all three off the needles. Then I will make two or three more facecloths and get onto something new.

OH....just a little aside....did I tell you that I have the two best daughters in the world? Well, I do....Becca....the one who set the ball rolling by talking to her cousin and getting us up to Ocala, gave us her home for a week and then a few days more, and was very supportive of Dad D and me. If it weren't for her we'd just be in the middle of the tests and not up to surgery, and now that part's all behind us. Alison...what can I say? She made me laugh, held my hand and wiped my tears(through the phone), listened to me vent, and was my sounding board through this whole thing. And lest I mom....80 looks like 65 thinks like 45. With me through it all, gave me good advice, cried with me, stayed with me through the surgery and spent a day - ALL DAY into the night - in the hospital with us, did her mom/nursing thing for Gerry (even helped me give him a sponge bath - but I got the "good parts") and is not just a wonderful mother but a wonderful friend! Who can deny that I am a lucky, lucky woman?

Hmmm - think I'll go join the patient for a nice nap. Gotta keep up my strength, too. That couch is beginning to look REAL good to me.


  • At 12:08 PM, Blogger Heather said…

    Welcome home, Gerry! Take care of you, too, Jody. Lots of hugs and prayers coming your way.


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